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St. Patrick's Day Wedding Gifts

Updated on January 14, 2016

We are invited to a wedding on St. Patty's Day!

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Sunday this year. My husband and I have been invited to a wedding on that afternoon! I know that the groom is of Irish descent, and I hear that green beer will be served at the reception. I can't wait to see whether the bridesmaids will be wearing green. I've heard an old wives' tale that it's bad luck to wear green to a wedding, but I have seen plenty of people wear green to weddings, including green bridesmaid dresses in a summer wedding a couple of years ago. I don't put much stock in old wives' tales anyway, but I would think a wedding on St. Patty's Day would be an exception to the superstition in any case!

But back to the point, I started thinking about buying an appropriate gift for an Irish couple celebrating their nuptials on March 17. Let's find some Irish-flavored gifts to make the happy couple tickled pink- er, green!

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The Irish Wedding Song - Let's get into the right mood!

Before shopping for the St. Patrick's Day wedding couple, pause and watch this video of the lovely "Irish Wedding Song." Sing along, if you know it! Think of the special couple for whom you are seeking a gift, and it will put you in the right frame of mind for finding the perfect present.

Irish Wedding Customs

Bagpipes: The first one that comes to my mind is the playing of bagpipes at the ceremony. When I was in my twenties, I attended a small wedding in a small church in a small town. The bride and groom were Scots-Irish and thought it would be nice to have bagpipes at the ceremony. Well, the bagpiper entered from the back of the church, ahead of the bride. Not many people knew that he was back there and was getting ready to blast us right out of that little church with the pipes. When he began, it took everyone by surprise so much that several people gasped. The sound so filled the little church sanctuary, that I fully expected to see crumbling pieces of the old ceiling falling on our heads. It was a shock, and it was loud, to say the least. But all said and done, it was nice for my friends to have the bagpipes at their wedding. I think they were pleased, and that's really all that matters!

Aside from that one humorous experience, I have to say that I think bagpipes are a really nice addition to a wedding.

Kilts: Yes, just like the Scots, Irish have kilts, too! The Irish stopped wearing their kilts long ago, but they are now regaining popularity for special occasions.

The Claddagh Ring: The Claddagh ring can be used for engagement (with crown facing the wrist) or for a wedding ring (crown facing the tip of the finger). See one of the links below for more information on the history of this beautiful design, which was named after a village in Western Ireland.

The Toast: It's customary for wedding guests to toast the happy couple with Irish mead. There is a toast that is recited, and a sentence for the other guests to respond.

From the Groom to the Bride

The Claddagh Ring is, traditionally, not supposed to be purchased for oneself. It is meant to be received as a gift. They used to be passed down from mother to daughter, but used for engagement and nuptials. However, I have known Irish grooms to give their brides this ring in modern times.

Ladies 10k Yellow Gold Claddagh Ring with Trinity Band (13.5)
Ladies 10k Yellow Gold Claddagh Ring with Trinity Band (13.5)

If gold is more your loved one's style than silver, this selection in 10K makes a splendid choice.


Go green! (Environmentally speaking)

When we think of “wearing ‘o the green,” it doesn’t necessarily inspire more modern images of “going green!” But why not? If the Celtic couple is outdoorsy at all or believes in taking “green” to the next level, surprise them with a gift to help them “go green” in their new home together. Think of recycling, gardening, and maximizing use of natural resources. Rain barrels or a compost bin are really only appropriate if the "green" couple has a yard. But if they live in an apartment or condo, you can still think about green gifts for the indoors.

Finding something they will appreciate.

Or something more meaningful.

Were you searching for a St. Patrick's Day wedding gift? If so, I hope I have given you some good ideas! In the end, couples who are getting married appreciate the thought, no matter what. If you don't want to burden them with more "stuff," consider donating to their favorite charity or cause in honor of their wedding. During a time when everyone is giving them boxes and bags of stuff to open, it may be a refreshing change for them if you pay homage to their nuptials with something more symbolic. Almost everyone loves presents and receiving things they need, but sometimes a thought is more meaningful than a knick-knack.

Oh, and guess what else is green? CASH!! It's hard to go wrong with that gift. Young couples who are just starting out in life always appreciate monetary gifts.

Have you ever been to a St. Patrick's Day Wedding?

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    • CamelliaPenny profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from South Carolina

      @anonymous: Thank you, Tipi!! Thanks for the blessing!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "....may God bless this couple who marry today..", what a sweet song to set the tone for this lovely creation by you...nicely set in Celebrate green! I love the bagpipe story and your enthusiasm shines here, you have me smiling! :)


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