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Stand out Halloween costume and fun ideas

Updated on January 20, 2013

Come Halloween every year, it is the time and the chance to dress up according to your fancy. Dracula, Harry Potter and Pink Panther are some of the Halloween costumes that have been way over done over the past few years.So no matter how many variations of costume that are based on these characters, these are just getting boring.

Halloween has revolutionized into coming up with the most unexpected Halloween costumes.So if you are going to be the characters mentioned earlier during this Halloween, you won’t stand out. Why not consider the few costume ideas below to make your next Halloween special and unique. Included are some fun ideas that goes with it too.

Standout Halloween Costume Ideas

Trying to achieve lifelike precision is one of the great Halloween ideas that you should try out. If you are going to dress up as the Hulk, better have the "real" and green muscle to pull it off.

Most costumes are usually trying to copy another human being or fictional character. You could go off the grid with something non-animate objects such as an iPhone or a Laundry basket!

When choosing a character to depict with a Halloween costume, try to pick something that is not too obvious but definitely understandable. For instance rather than dressing as the zebra in Madagascar (people won’t get it), you could try the zebra dressed like a circus horse.

Irony is also greatly appreciated when it comes to Halloween ideas. Creativity can involve taking two extremely opposite scenarios and turning them into a great costume such as dressing a toddler as an extremely old person.

The possibilities are endless as far as your imaginations for costumes ideas. Themes like Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolves, Star Wars can be stand out costume ideas during Halloween.

Some more Fun Ideas For Halloween

Enough on the costumes, now, have some fun doing decoration or doing something with a group of friends could also be a great idea. When it comes to hallowed decor, carving out pumpkins has gone to whole new level of artistic precision, even if you do it yourself.

There are also various home craft Halloween ideas that you could try out. You can use old containers and fabrics to come up with some creative pieces.

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you may not need to decorate your entire home but you could have a Halloween display with a single table and some party flavors.

Planning themed parties for Halloween can really bring out the creativity in your friends. You could also have a Halloween costumes competition at your Halloween party to see who captures the best depiction of their costume.

The Ultimate Idea – Getting The Whole Neighbourhood Involved

Why not get the whole neighborhood involved? If the plan is exciting, this could work. You could turn your neighborhood into any suitable Halloween themes that all of you agreed on.

For example, you could have the Walking Death theme and all of you can dress up as walking dead or zombies characters. This would be a great prank to pull off for the whole neighborhood and a great time to be remembered.


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    • CZCZCZ profile image

      CZCZCZ 4 years ago from Oregon

      It is never too early to start thinking about a great Halloween costume. Some of the best take significant planning to execute well, great advice for some fun ideas for next fall.