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Star Wars themed Halloween costumes

Updated on March 1, 2015

Star Wars Halloween costumes

It's never too early to start thinking about your Halloween costume. This year, how about Star Wars? There are so many recognizable characters from both the films and the expanded universe that the only problem will be choosing who to dress up as. Will you go as a Jedi such as Obi Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker, or as an evil Sith Lord like Darth Vader or Darth Maul? Maybe you would prefer to dress up as a droid or one of the many great non-Jedi characters such as Han Solo or Chewbacca. Whichever you choose, I hope this article helps you find that perfect costume.

Photo of Anakin Skywalker costume courtesy of popculturegeek - wikimedia commons

Qui-Gon Jinn costume
Qui-Gon Jinn costume

Jedi Knights

The Jedi are the guardians of peace and justice in the Galaxy, drawing upon the Force to help guide them and aid them when fighting danger. The Jedi's weapon of choice is the lightsaber, used like a sword and also capable of deflecting blaster bolts.

A Jedi costume is a fairly simple one to make and changes depending upon whether you are aiming to dress as a specific character or just going for the generic Jedi look. For generic Jedi you will need:

1. Light brown, loose fitting trousers and top.

2. A dark brown, hooded cloak (this is optional).

3. Dark belt (from which to hang your light sabre).

4. Brown boots.

5. A lightsaber.

An example of these can be seen in the photo here. In this example the man is dressed as Qui-Gon Jinn (Obi-Wan's master, played by Liam Neeson in Episode 1).

Various things can be done to customise further. For example, a beard is required for Qui-Gon or Obi-Wan, and make sure to check which colour lightsabre your chosen Jedi uses.

Photo of Qui-Gon Jinn Jedi costume courtesy of M@rcello - wikimedia commons

Jedi Halloween costume ideas on Amazon

Star Wars 2012 Roleplay Toy Basic Lightsaber ObiWan Kenobi
Star Wars 2012 Roleplay Toy Basic Lightsaber ObiWan Kenobi

The blue lightsaber as used by Obi-Wan Kenobi. Other characters' lightsabers can also be found on Amazon.


Favourite Jedi knight

Many Jedi knights are featured throughout the films and expanded universe. But who is your favourite Jedi from the films?

Who is your favourite Jedi? (from Epsiodes 1-6)

See results

Sith lords Halloween costumes

The Sith are the enemies of the Jedi. Dedicated to the dark side of the Force, there can only be two Sith at a time; a master and an apprentice. Notable Sith include Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Darth Sidious and Darth Tyranus from the films and Darth Bane and Darth Plagueis from the Expanded Universe.

It's always fun dressing up as a Sith lord. My favourite are Darth Vader with his heavy breathing and deep voice, and Darth Maul because he has a double-bladed lightsaber.

Sith Lords costumes on Amazon

Darth Maul Costume Kit - Mask with Attached Hood and Cape
Darth Maul Costume Kit - Mask with Attached Hood and Cape

A great mask and hooded cape to start off your Darth Maul costume. The dual-bladed lightsaber can also be found on Amazon.

Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader Deluxe Adult Costume.
Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader Deluxe Adult Costume.

A full Darth Vader costume, with front-on face mask.


Jedi or Sith?

Would you rather dress-up as a Jedi or Sith?

Star Wars music

Get in the mood for your Star Wars night out with some epic Star Wars music.

Other Star Wars characters

There are many great characters in the Star Wars universe beyond the Jedi and the Sith and most of them make for great costumes. How about trying out one of the following?:

Princess Leia

Han Solo




Princess Amidala

Jar Jar Binks (ok, not all of the Star Wars characters are great)

Boba Fett

General Grievous

Star Wars halloween costumes for women

Secret Wishes Star Wars Sexy Princess Leia Costume, White, L (10)
Secret Wishes Star Wars Sexy Princess Leia Costume, White, L (10)

Princess Leia in her white costume. Her golden bikini costume can also be found on Amazon.


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