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Star Face Painting for Children: Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 25, 2014

Face Painting Using Stars

Stars are a very popular image used in face painting, sometimes used as a standalone design, or in many cases, used in conjunction with other elements to create various interesting scenes or looks on the face.

Some of those star designs seen most include a shooting star or stars, star groupings, stars with rainbows or clouds, stars with scrolling lines included, stars and the moon, and sometimes a big star placed over one eye.

Whatever the choice, children love stars, and they're also a favorite of parents because they're not very difficult to make, and once they're in place additional design elements can be added if you choose.

Now we'll look at a number of different star designs to give you some ideas on the way you can use them throughout the year, whether at Halloween, Fourth of July festivals, or any number of other events that lend themselves to face painting.

Face Painting with Rainbow and Stars on Little Girl

We'll look first at a fun and simple face painting of a little girl and with stars and a rainbow.

As you can see, it can look very cute even with a minimum of skill such as with the star placed in the middle of the eyes. The smaller star on the side of the face is a good example of how to create a star with a twinkle effect.

The rainbow is also fairly easy to design, as colors are usually applied to a sponge and then dragged or pulled across the face. You could create the rainbow design and color it in, but it's much easier using the sponge method.

Star and Rainbow Face Painting


Face Painting with Stars, Clouds and Rainbows

For those who want to tap into their inner artist, here is an example of how complex you can get with face painting, with the face being used as a canvass for an entire scene.

In this case the stars are being used as complementary pieces to the rainbow and clouds, which dominate the image. The rainbow colors are applied first in this case, with the clouds and stars added later.

These aren't as difficult to design as it may first look. It's all about laying the right foundation for these types of face painting designs. Once it's in place then you can do whatever else over it you want to.

Star and Rainbow Face Painting


Rainbow and Stars Face Painting

The way this rainbow and stars face painting is designed looks great. I like the way it starts on the side of the face with a narrow line and enlarges in diameter as it flows up the temple to the forehead.

It's also a very nice job doing the same with the stars as well. The inclusion of the black lines on the white stars is a cool touch, helping them to stand out in the midst of the pretty rainbow.

Cascading Stars Face Painting


Face Painting Video Tutorials with a Star Theme

In this next section of the article there are several face painting video tutorials with a different look for each one.

Especially interesting is the way the stars can be made in a completely different manner, and how the star image is used to interact with and/or complement the rest of the design.

When choosing a star theme for face painting, the key is to have an idea in your head before you start, and them being your work.

Shooting Star Face Painting Tutorial

Star Face Painting Tutorial & Design

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Easy Face Painting Tutorial

Face Painting of Blue Stars and Yellow Moon

Here's a fun example of how a grouping of stars looks on one side of the face with the man in the moon on the other. The two always go together well for face painting purposes.

The stars are self-explanatory, but I did want to point out a cool look with the moon. Did you notice how the mouth of the moon was designed in a way that coincides with the side of the mouth of the little boy? And the brow of the moon is designed in a similar fashion, creating a very cool look.

For the mouth, when the boy smiles the mouth of the moon appears to smile as well.

Star and Moon Face Painting on Child


Scrolling Stars Face Painting

This is assuredly a face painting during a celebration of the Fourth of July in America, otherwise known as Independence Day. That's why the red, white and blue colors were used, as they're the colors of our national flag.

But I included this particular star face painting to show how nice scrolling works with stars. This can be done for any occasion, and the colors changed as needed. For example, you could change the colors to orange and black for Halloween, or green and red for Christmas. The color of the stars could be changed as well.

Red, White and Blue Face Painting Stars


Patriotic Face Painting

I really like this beautiful face painting job on this little girl. It would be easy to standalone by itself at any appropriate social function, but the colors and design of the image point to it being one that was made to celebrate the Fourth of July.

This has a little bit of everything included in the design. There are the numerous stars placed wonderfully around the face, complementing the rest of the image. Also included is the nice scrolling on the temples and cheeks, and of course the dark blue color over the eyes. Really cute look.

Again, just change celebrations and colors and you have another great look for the day or season you're celebrating.

Face Painting with Multiple Stars


Face Painting Using a Star Theme

Using stars as the major element of a face painting design works extremely well, and can be used in a number of different circumstances, as stars can be applied to many different occasions and seasons, making them a great choice for parents for their children.

Stars can also be used in a complementary fashion to blend and accentuate another theme. An example of that is the rainbow and cloud design with the small stars scattered about it.

So when thinking of what to do for your child or children on the next special occasion, a star may be just the right place to start.


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    • idigwebsites profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      I love to do this on my nieces! Now I know about the materials in making face painting. Thanks for posting :)


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