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Star Makeup Tips, Tutorials, Designs and Ideas

Updated on August 21, 2015

Star Makeup Tips

In this article we'll look at tips and tutorials on how to apply a start makeup look.

So there is no confusion from the beginning, some people think of a star makeup look as that which would be worn by a celebrity; which in most cases is the application of a smoky eye look. But these are tips on how to create a makeup look using the figure of a star as part of the design, not of a female star you may see on the big or small screen.

Makeup designs based upon star as the major theme incorporate many looks, including a lot of glitter which creates a starry night effect, or the actual figure of a star strategically placed around the eyes, and sometimes forehead, temple and cheeks.

All of the looks we glance at in this article will always include a figure of a star. Since glitter can represent a number of things, we don't want to confuse in any way exactly what is is that is being conveyed.

We will look at a Kat Von D look later on, including those famous stars on the side of her head. You'll learn how to do that if that is of interest to you.

There will also be looks that are made specifically for Halloween or another costume event. Most women using star figures as part of their makeup will surely have a specific and special event in mind in order to use the bold look.

Now let's look at some makeup looks with stars as part of the theme.

Stars Surrounding Smoky Eyes

Sometimes what is considered a smoky eye look with a touch of glitter is called by some "Starry Night" makeup. That's part of what we have here, with the exception of the additional stars to enhance the overall look.

The way the blue and dark grey or black work together around the eye looks fantastic, as do the stars sitting out in the dark sky the look is meant to represent. Very nice.


Captain America Eye Makeup with Stars

Captain America has been an all-American hero for decades, and in celebration of his appearance on the big screen, Karita Brun created a collection of eye makeup looks based upon not only Captain America, but other members of the Avenger's team.

This one is awesome, and could be used in any type of patriotic social situation, or as a celebration of America's Independence Day. It's a very cute look.


Starry Eyes with Silver and Copper Shadow

Similar to the first example of starry eyes, this image has silver as part of the expression of the night skies, along with a nice copper color to complement it. It look great with the wonderful sky full of stars.

The color choice for the lips works terrific with the eyes, not taking away from them being the focus.


Star Makeup Video Tutorials

Next is a group of star makeup video tutorials to show how other women have applied the design theme to their faces.

Each of them is very different, but attractive in their own right. My favorite is probably the one taking on the look of Kat Von D. I've always enjoyed the unique look of Kat, and so enjoyed seeing it reproduced on another women.

Star Makeup

Shooting Star Eye Makeup

Kat Von D Inspired Look

Starry Night Makeup Look

Vibrant Blue Star Eye Makeup

Here we have a very different makeup look incorporating stars, this time with the clear, blue sky of the day used as the representation of location of the stars. It's an interesting effect in that almost all stars (with a few exceptions) are seen at night.

As for this look, it's extremely loud, and would really attract attention because of the strength of the blue hue choice to reveal the sky. The stars finish off the very unique look. It shows you don't have to be elaborate with the design of the stars to design a compelling image.


Shooting Star Makeup

Of the variety of star makeup options I've seen, the two most popular I've found are the starry night look shown earlier in the article, and this shooting star design, which goes off the edge of the eye like, well, a shooting star, as you see in the image.

I think this is a wonderful idea, and it could be used as a great conversation starter in certain social settings, as well as a part of a Halloween costume or other party makeup look.


Star Makeup Designs

Stars are a fantastic makeup choice, as they represent, among many things, the beauty and wonder of a night sky, something you can change into for a bit of mystery.

And as in the patriotic look as expressed in the Captain America eyes, you can see how easily that can be adapted for a variety of patriotic expressions.

Overall, there is a lot of latitude that can be taken with stars, as shown by the decision to have either a night or day sky as part of the backdrop to present the stars.

Either way, stars can be used in many ways, and this is only a small sampling of how some women chose to design them.


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      minababe 5 years ago

      Wow, really love these designs, especially the Captain America one!