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Starter Charm Bracelets for Tween Girls

Updated on April 4, 2013

Starter Charm Bracelets for Tweens

If you love symbolic gifts, then you recognize the value and fun of a charm bracelet. Many of us had the fun bracelets in our childhood and still enjoy the significance of various charms added at important points in time. Starter charm bracelets for tweens are wonderful for birthday gifts, but the work well for holidays or graduations as well. There are a couple of predominant choices in a starter bracelet for a tween, and your preference in charms will really determine which type of starter design to select. Some of the recent choices are really fun because they are bright and colorful. Featured here are the main types of starter charm bracelet styles, along with links to resources relating to various types of charms. If you are looking for a beginning pre-teen charm bracelet, you will definitely want to explore cute charms as well.

Find this colorful CHARM IT! Rainbow Link Chain Bracelet

Metal Link Starter Charm Bracelets

CHARM IT! Chain Bracelet
CHARM IT! Chain Bracelet

If you are looking for an inexpensive link bracelet to start your tween out, this is perfect. Charm it has many Cute Charm Bracelets for Tweens in link style. This provides a fun opportunity for her to explore the concept. If she takes to it well, you can upgrade later and if it doesn't hold her attention, you haven't invested a ton of money.


Starter Charm Bead Bracelets for Pre-Teens

Snake Chain Master Bracelet for Large Hole Beads (3mm) by A-Ha (B413)
Snake Chain Master Bracelet for Large Hole Beads (3mm) by A-Ha (B413)

Your daughter may love the charm bead concept, and with good reason. It's a fun twist on beading, with the charms being clever in design and depiction of characters and themes. The design pictured is an inexpensive version, not a bad choice for the pre-teen that is a bit flighty in her likes and dislikes. If she develops a good collection of charms, a more costly bracelet is a great choice for a later gift, but if your daughter is responsible and likes pretty things, a sterling charm bracelet is a wonderful token.


Heart Link Style Charm Bracelet for Tweens

CHARM IT! Rainbow Heart Link Charm Bracelet
CHARM IT! Rainbow Heart Link Charm Bracelet

This is one of the most clever charm bracelet designs for girls that I've seen. I really love this for a birthday gift or Valentines Day charm bracelet for a pre-teen. The design is from Charm It!, making it cute and inexpensive. If you are just looking for an inexpensive starter charm bracelet for a girl, this one captures the essence of Tween perfectly.


Find Starter Charm Bracelets for Tweens and Teens

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