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Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids Under 10 In 2014

Updated on September 24, 2014
stocking stuffer for kids under 10
stocking stuffer for kids under 10

Under $10.00 Dollars for Under 10 Year Olds

Here's the challenge: You want to buy great and useful stocking stuffers for kids, but you also want them to be inexpensive.

You don't have to settle with cheap gifts that easily break (or are not exciting at all). There are many stocking stuffers for kids under 10 (years old) that are also under $10.00 dollars.

Here are my top ten ideas for this year.

Stocking Stuffer For Kids Who Love Science

Volcano Making Kit

We've made toy volcanoes at home, but they have never been easy to recreate or to make. We've tried molding flour, we've tried small bottles, big bottles, but they've never been quite right.

This volcano making kit is going to make that science experiment much easier. This kit has a mold to make the perfect volcano. Now when your child wants to see a volcano erupt right in your own house, he already has a volcano to play with.

One Direction Necklace

For The Girl Who's A Fan

One Direction - They're the greatest boy band at this time and many girls under 10 years old are big fans. If your child is a fan, then this One Direction stainless steel necklace is going to be very well received indeed. Just expect a bit of squealing to happen when she opens this stocking stuffer -- the whole neighborhood would think that Santa just came by for a visit.


This has been one of the bestselling toys in the past few years and it's going to be a great addition to a stocking stuffer.

This is a great starter set for the kid who likes these type of toys.

Even More Scientific Experiments

Books that make a difference

Give this to your child and the next time he/she asks about gravity, air or space, refer him/her to this book. Any kid is going to love this book full of Scientific experiments that she can do at home. The experiments on this book allows a young kid to explore the world around him with activities like making acid rain, water balloon toss, animal camouflage and more.

Etekcity Colorful LED Finger Lights Light-up Rings Gadgets Toys for Kids Parties Christmas and other Festival Days(80 pcs)
Etekcity Colorful LED Finger Lights Light-up Rings Gadgets Toys for Kids Parties Christmas and other Festival Days(80 pcs)

This particular one is over 80 pieces for less than $10. So not a bad deal at all. And if you're buying stocking stuffers for many different kids, then you've got it all sorted. :-)


Another Cool Stocking Stuffer For Kids Under $10

For camping, lights off or just having fun

Your child will have fun playing with this finger flashlights. In fact, any child or anyone who's young at heart is going to love these lights. The set itself has over 40 different lights for just a little over $5! So it's a great gift at a reasonable price.

I gave this to my son last year and I gotta say there were a lot of times when we ventured out into the night just to test out these led lights with him. He had so much fun and many of the kids in the neighborhood were amazed by it too.

A Stocking Stuffer For Boys

Under $10 and all loads of fun

In our house, we have tried very hard not to introduce any toys which are "violent" (right term?) by nature. But as many parents of boys probably already know, sooner or later, their little boy minds will find a way to make weapons. It could be a stick, the chopsticks, hard cardboard made into swords...

So if you've got a boy under 10 years old, you already know that boys will be boys and frankly, these foam sling shots are loads of fun. These are good quality sling shots. Take your kids out in the woods, shoot some cans and perhaps teach him a Physics lesson or too? Or perhaps they can do their very own version of Angry Birds?

Roommates Rmk1586Scs Star Wars Classic Peel And Stick Wall Decals
Roommates Rmk1586Scs Star Wars Classic Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Over 31 different Star Wars characters which can be easily stuck on plain wall surfaces.


Stocking Stuffers For Kids From Their Favorite Movie

Star Wars Stuff & Trinkets are always a big hit

Star Wars is one without a doubt one of those movies that have stood the test of time. Kids at this time still get quite excited by the Star Wars movies. If you have a child who is a fan, then any trinkets be they toys or clothes are going to be very well received indeed.

These Star Wars wall decals are great for a bedroom decorations. The light sabers glow in the dark and include images of many kids favorite characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, R2D2, and more. These are good quality wall decals that are both easy to apply and remove.

A Game For A Stocking Stuffer For Kids - Japanese game -- great toy

This is Kendamas. A classic Japanese game that helps develop hand eye coordination. It's quite popular in many schools nowadays.

Christmas morning will surely be spend learning how to play this fun game and before you know it, she/he will be showing you some tricks.

Watch The Kendama

Just check out how Kendama is such a fun toy for kids under 10.

UNO Hello Kitty Games Hello Kitty

Forget the whole "surprise" this year when Hello Kitty revealed that she isn't actually a real cat. Surprise...Surprise.

Whatever that whole thing was, it still seems that children around the world still loves Sanrio's Hello Kitty.

So here's one that has an older kids appeal and yet still with the Hello Kitty image - Uno. Many kids and adults continue to love this game so Christmas game day should have Uno Hello Kitty too!

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