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Stress-free Holidays Come In Packages

Updated on April 29, 2014

Pre-Holiday Stress

In the past, trying to co-ordinate a holiday could be a cause for a headache. There are so many things to consider when arranging a holiday; from flights and transport to hotels and food options, it can often be an overwhelming and daunting task especially when accounting for more than one person. Comprehensive holiday check-lists can help to organize yourself. You can plan in advance how to travel,where to go and arrange special requirements like pets. Of course the most common list are about what to take - clothing, toilet bag, provisions for the road. However, in recent years travel organisations have realized how stressful organizing holidays can be for people and have come up with an interesting idea, package holidays.


Increasing Popularity

Package holidays are created and assembled by travel agencies to offer you affordable, convenient and exciting holidays so that you are free from the burden of organizing a trip and you can simply enjoy every minute. Cheap package holidays are gaining increasing popularity because flights, hotels, insurance and transportation are sorted out by the travel agency and help is provided if anything goes wrong (such as delayed or cancelled flights). It takes the potential 'worry' factor from holidays, meaning that you can have a stress-free and enjoyable time. Package holidays have proved so popular with British people that in 2012, almost 48% of the population booked a package holiday up from 37% in 2010. The trend is still going strong.

But there is also a downside. Usually package holidays do not allow you to travel with the same freedom. Exploring on one's own account or the possibilities to take advantage of situations is limited because of a tight schedule. The order of events the package includes often hardly leaves space for spontaneity. But luckily the providers seem to have this on their radar.

(Annecy France)
(Annecy France) | Source

Tailor-Made Packages

To have the best of both worlds you need to look for package holidays that allow individual options for everybody. From those who wish to make their own plans on holiday to organised sightseeing tours - some travel agencies offer package holidays to cater to anyone's needs. This is perfect if you want to be adventurous and explore the local culture, but you don't want to worry about mundane, trivial things such as travel insurance and transportation. A further advantage of package holidays is that they are generally cheaper than if you were to book each aspect of your holiday individually. This is because travel agencies buy contingent; this flexibility ensures that package holiday prices can be competitive.

Package holidays are perfect for those who want to be safe knowing that everything is secure and organised. Packages can be found to suit anyone's needs, allowing you as much or as little flexibility as you like. Well prepared they could definitely be your passport to a stress-free, exciting holiday.

Especially during summer holidays plenty of education plus leisure activity packages are offered. This gives kids the chance to enjoy their holidays in summer camps while learning a new language. Some of these programs even offer winter sport activities.

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    • profile image

      Jenny Smolls 4 years ago

      I personally do not consider these package offers. Basically because I wouldn't trust in the tour operators courtesy. I guess they will rather offer what is the best for them ($$$), not for us..