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Super Easy Halloween Pencil Toppers

Updated on October 5, 2012

Spook Out Your Pencils

Looking for an alternative to handing out candy this Halloween? Maybe you need a quick craft or an easy to make favor for your child's Halloween party. Pencil toppers can fill the bill.

Pencil toppers are quick and fun to make. You can easily make a dozen in one hour, or more if you get your kids involved. The materials are inexpensive and can be found online, in stores that sell stationary, and in craft and discount stores. Pencil toppers also make practical take-home favors for parties. Trick or Treaters will be surprised when you drop one in their bag.

Everything you need to know about making this super easy craft is in this lens. You can also adapt them to other holidays, birthday party themes, charity bazaar booths, or Sunday School project. They make great give-aways at fund-raisers. So put your crafting hat on have some fun!

Pencil clip art.

Step by step photos taken by me.


Things You Need

The materials you need can be purchased in packs and most come in a variety of colors.

1 pack of crafting foam sheets, thin sheets work best, pack should include black, white and orange colors

1 pack of rainbow-colored or black and orange pipe cleaners (12 or more in a pack)

1 dozen yellow or Halloween decorated pencils, unsharpened

Tacky glue or craft glue

Invisible tape

Magic Markers or 1 pack of small wiggle eyes if your guests are older than 4 years old


Make this craft faster and easier. Use precut foam Halloween characters.



Construct your pencil toppers like an assembly line and you will be able to make more faster.

1. Use the templates below to trace ghosts on white foam sheets, pumpkins on orange foam sheets, and bats on black foam sheets. You will need 1 character per pencil. If you want your character to have a back and front, you will need 2 characters per pencil. (12 pencils=12 characters or 12 pencils=24 characters). Just make sure you are matching the sides up correctly.

2. Cut out all the characters and lay them flat on a table.

3. Take a pipe cleaner and twist it tightly around a pencil, leaving a straight end sticking up above the eraser. Put a line of glue down the center of a ghost and place the straight end of the pipe cleaner on the glue. Place a strip of tape across the pipe cleaner to hold it in place. Press the ends of the tape down firmly against the ghost. Do the same for the bat and pumpkin.

4. If you are adding a back to the ghost, outline the ghost with glue as close to the edge as you can get without the glue leaking out the seam. Make sure you run the glue over the pipe cleaner.

Place the back on the ghost and gently press down all the edges. Wipe away any excess glue.

(If your foam is curling up, lay a weight such as a glass or book on the character until it is dry.)

5. After the glue has dried, add eyes to your character. If you are not using wiggle eyes, draw two circle eyes and a circle mouth with black magic markers onto the ghost. For the bat, cut tear shapes from the scraps of white foam. Glue them on the bat, pointed end up. Make a Jack-O-Lantern face on the pumpkin or just draw lines down the pumpkin.

Ta,Da! You are finished! Wasn't that easy?

When printing templates, make them no smaller than 1 1/2 x 1 1/12 inches and no larger than 2 x 2 inches.

To Give Pencil Toppers or Not To Give.


Do you think Trick or Treaters will like to receive pencil toppers?

See results

Pumpkin Template



Ghost Template



Cutters make crafting easy and can be used on fabric, paper, and foam. The different shapes are great for this project.

Get Creative. Use different colors of foam for your characters. Outline characters in glitter glue or glow-in-the-dark fabric paint.


Bat Template


These spooky pencil toppers will wiggle when you write.

These spooky pencil toppers will wiggle when you write.
These spooky pencil toppers will wiggle when you write.

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Kids have a lot of fun with those pencils.They shine in dark.