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Find a Super Why Costume and Accessories

Updated on December 12, 2013

Wyatt, Princess Presto, Red and Alpha Pig Costumes

Are you looking for a Super Why costume? We've got Whyatt, Princess Presto, Red and even Alpha Pig Superwhy costumes and accessories.

Dress up as your favorite Super Why character for Halloween, a Super Why party or just for fun.

I've included videos to remind you what the characters look like and some quotes to practice saying.

Whyatt Beanstalk's Super Why Costume - SUPER WHY! | Super Why's The Power to Read Music Video

Let's take a look at Whyatt Beanstalk's Super Why costume.

- Green Jumpsuit with blue underpants and yellow belt

- Blue Cape

- Green Eyemask

- Blue and white turbo sneakers

- Why writer

- Book logo on jumpsuit and cape

Come on! To the Book Club!

Super Why

@ Amazon


Wyatt Beanstalk is Super Why! This official Super Why costume comes in sizes Toddler, 3-4T and 4-6. The mask and cape are included.

Add Super Why's Why Writer and a pair of blue sneakers and your ready for the book club. Or a rescue mission.

Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Zap and Learn Why Writer

@ Amazon


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lo Top Little Kids Navy size 11.5@ Amazon


Cue the sparkles! Cue the music! Princess Presto to the rescue!

Princess Presto's Super Why Costume - SUPER WHY! | Princess Presto's I Love to Spell HICCUP Music Video

Princess Pea turns into superhero Princess Presto, let's see how she dresses up:

- Pretty Pink Dress

- Sparkly Tiara

- Net cape

- Star Wand

- Pink Satin gloves

- Princess slippers or shoes

Princess Presto - Size: 3T-4T

@ Amazon


This official Princess Presto Costume includes a pretty princess dress, a Super Why cape and a pink tiara.

You can also add a Princess Presto magic star wand and don't forget some pretty princess shoes - if you're going out for Halloween then choose pretty but practical shoes or pumps.

Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Wave and Learn Magic Spelling Wand

@ Amazon


Kenneth Cole REACTION Beat Rose On 2 Mary Jane (Toddler/Little Kid),Fuchsia Little Kid@ Amazon


Super Why Red's Costume - SUPER WHY! | Wonder Reds STUMP/BUMP game

Red is Little Red Riding Hood from the Fairy Tail. In her superhero form, Red wears:

- Short purple jumpsuit

- Red cape

- Red flat cap

- Blue roller skates

- Protective knee pads and gloves

Wonder Red to the rescue!

Wonder Red - Size: Child L(4-6X)

@ Amazon


It's Wonder Red! The costume includes a short jumpsuit with a cape and cap.

Child Roller Skates

If you want to go for the authentic roller skating look then please practice before Halloween, or the party, and wear a helmet.

Super Why Alpha Pig's Costume - SUPER WHY! | Alpha Pigs Pumpkin game

Pig turns into Alpha Pig! Alpha Pig wears:

- Purple Short Jumpsuit

- Orange Cap

- Orange Sneakers

- Yellow Cape

P is for Pig!

GREEN CAPE Wonder Pets Pet Cape Ming Ming GREEN CAPE

@ Amazon


Child Animal Hood & Nose - Piglet

@ Amazon


Children's Toddler Pig Halloween Costume (Size:4T)

@ Amazon


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