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Super Why Party Supplies

Updated on July 24, 2013

Super Why Party Ideas

Who Looks into Books for the Answers We Need? Super Why! But when it comes to looking online for great ideas for the perfect party, this is the only place to go as you'll find Super Why party supplies and Ideas perfect for putting together this fun theme.

Super Why is a great show for kids because it teaches them all about the fun of reading and helps them at any stage of their reading ability. If your child is a Super Why fan then there is nothing better than encouraging them with a Super fun Super Why party.

Super Why Party Supplies Packs

Super Why party packs are available to purchase from Birthday Express and other online retailers. So if your looking for licensed items for say setting up your party table you'll find everything from plates, cups, napkins and more. Decorations and favors can also be orderd in a pack. Party packs are a good time saver if you have the budget and look great and it's a sure fire way to make things official.

Super Why Party Invitations

For Super Why invitations you can find some great personalized options on ebay and Etsy. Yassy Invites has a great option that allows you to incorporate your child's photo (invites featured below).

PBS also offer free Super Why Printable invites which you can download, print off and fill in before sending it to guests.

If you want to make your own then head over to Life's Little Miracle, where one mom created invitations that look just like the super computer! To make these invitations you just need some red construction paper or cardstock. Cut out the accents from computer paper or construction paper to make all the buttons on the computer. Next you will need to create your invitations on the computer or hand write them out. For the wording you can pull sayings right from the show. "Calling all SuperReaders! We need your help to make sure ______ has the best birthday ever!"

Super Why Decorations

For decorations, you probably guessed what the theme will be, Letters! You can do all sorts of letters, like wooden ones for Pig's alphabet or purple glitter ones for Princess Pea. However, don't forget to have some red sparkly super letters. You can have the super letters spell out a secret message or just have them spell out your child's name, either way the kids will have fun finding the super letters and learning what the Super Story Answer is!

You will also want to make sure to use plenty of primary colors in streamers and balloons. However, if you are planning a party for a little girl you can pull purples from Princess Pea or reds for Red Riding Hood to make the party suit your daughter. Birthday Express has some great GIGANTIC wall decals that will not only completely add the Super Why characters into your party but they can double as a great present for your child. They will love having the Super Why character permanently inhabit their room! If you really want to go all out and be ambitious, Life's Little Miracle turned the entire room into Storybook village! This time consuming project took plenty of rolls of paper and lots of delicate work with construction paper but it will definitely make a big impact on your party.

Super Why Wall Decals

Super Why Room Decor - Giant Wall Decals
Super Why Room Decor - Giant Wall Decals

Stick these Super Why! GIANT wall decals around the room. It will feel like the characters are right there with the birthday boy/girl at the party.

Super Why Room Decor - Removable Wall Decorations
Super Why Room Decor - Removable Wall Decorations

Just like the decals featured above these Super Why decals are easy to apply and adjust as needed and can be used to create a fun and colorful room where the party will be held. These are smaller than the ones featured above but include more of a variety of stickers like the characters accessories.


Super Why Balloons

Super Why Party Supplies - Foil Balloon
Super Why Party Supplies - Foil Balloon

No party is complete without balloons...Pick up some blue and green latex balloons from the dollar store and include one or two of these foil balloons featuring Super Why and other characters such as princess pea, pig and little red riding hood. fill them with helium or air and tie them together with ribbon to make bouquets. Stick or leave hanging party room.


Super Why Party Food Ideas

When it comes to food you have several options. Super Why always offers healthy eating choices so it is a good idea to keep with that theme and offer plenty of fruits for snacks. Recipes for Super Why themed party foods like Super letters and Super Hero Sandwiches can be found on PBS.

You can also add in some brightly colored candies or treats to fill out the table. Also add in plenty of your child's favorite foods too, because it is fun and what a party is all about. To keep with the theme you can decorate the table with Super Why characters and use plenty of primary colors in the place settings.

Super Why Birthday Cake Ideas

For the cake you are somewhat limited in your options. You can of course have a professional cake decorator make a great cake. If you want something that you can do at home then you can find some great Super Why cake toppers that will make your job much easier. This cake topper from EBay is not only personalized but it features all of the characters from the show. If you want to make your job even easier you can have your local grocery store bake the cake and then add in the edible decal for you.

You could also make a Super Why face birthday cake by following the tutorial available on PBS. They offer a step by step guide offering recipe and instuctions there so check it out.

Super Why Party Favor Boxes

For your Super Why party favors, a favorite option is the party favor box from Birthday Express. It offers toys, games, stickers and even a glow stick, which makes it almost like a birthday present for all the kids. They will love all the different toys and activities and it will certainly make your life easy.

Super Why Party Favor Ideas

Sister Dipity had the idea to make her own goody bags by putting Super Why printouts onto colored paper bags. She filled the bags with reading themed prizes, like bookmarks and Scrabble Jr. Cheez-its.

To add into your goody bag make your own Super Why face masks. With a mask template, some green felt and elastic you can make adorable green masks for guests to wear during the party or take home with them for playtime at home.

Colored bookmarks templates are available from PBS and to download and print and would make suiting favors for the theme which would encourage a young hero's to continue the healthy habit of reading.

Super Why Party Games and Activities

When it comes to Super Why party activities the best part is that all of them can be educational. They will be fun, fit the theme and the kids will practice their reading skills at the same time! has some great ideas including Wonder Red's Freeze Dance Rhyming Game. For this game you simply write some -ALL words on note cards and then write plenty of other words that fit the party theme. Mix the cards together and put them in Wonder Red's basket. Have the kids start dancing. Tell them that when they hear or see (depending on their age) an -ALL word they should stop dancing. When they hear or see a word that is not an -ALL word they should keep dancing. You can keep playing until the kids get tired of the game and let them know that they are all Wonderrific!

Another game from the PBS website is Letter Sounds Basketball. For this game you need letters printed out on several pieces of paper. Then lay out an area to be the basketball court and get a wastebasket or other container to be the basket. Next put a few letters on the floor near the basket. To play the game, ask the kids what letter makes a certain sound. Choose a child to play first and ask them what letter goes with the letter sound you made. Once they make a choice they show it to all the kids at the party and ask them if the letter is the right one. If it is, they get to crumple the paper and toss it into the basket. If not, then they get to try again until they get the right one.

Super Why Party Note

You’ve got the power to give your child the best Super Why party ever, all you need is to know where to look to find the best elements for your party and bring them all together.

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