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Superhero Capes for Kids - Whoosh!

Updated on December 9, 2013

Superhero Capes for Kids Halloween Costumes and Role play

A collection of superhero capes for kids. Capes for little kids and bigger kids in a variety of fabrics - options for boys and girls. Quality capes that will last and cheap superhero capes for occasional use at Halloween or a fancy dress party.

Add an extra layer to your Halloween costume for a little extra warmth and a cool effect. Or choose a cape for year round role play adventures. Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, a cape adds something to all little superheroes.

I love to see a little boy or girl swooshing around with their cape, very cute! And a cape works to great effect on an older child's costume too.

Don't miss the Custom Superhero Capes with your child's initial.

Superman Flying Right by Superman

Image available on products at Zazzle

Capes are strongly associated with superheroes. Batman wore a cape and so did Superman and Supergirl. And the currently popular Thor was also a cape-wearer. The image to the left of superman flying with his cape trailing behind is iconic and lots of kids want to practice the pose and reproduce it.

On a cold October evening it's reasonable for any small superhero to wear a cape to keep a little warmer and to charm their audience. Capes are wonderful for role play too. Kids love to run around in a cape and pretend to fly.

Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Super Why Role Play Kit

@ Amazon


Learning Curve Brands Super Why - Princess Presto Role Play Kit

@ Amazon


These kids roleplay sets from the popular Super Why kids TV show include a cape, an electronic Why Writer wand and Wyatt gets a mask and princess presto gets a tiara. The capes are toddler sized so little kids won't trip up on them.


Little Adventures Superhero Capes - For Boys and Girls Age 3-8

Little Adventures Superhero capes are fully lined velvet capes. Great for adding an extra layer to a Halloween costume for warmth and detail, and great quality for the dressing up box. These capes are washable too. Each cape measures 24" from neckline to hem and fits most children from age 3 to 8.

The American Hero style of this cape with a cross would work well over a Captain America costume.

Creative Education's Reversible Bat-Spider Cape and Hood


I love this luxury velvet reversible velvet cape and hood. You can be Spiderman or Batman. I love the ears on the Batman hood. Suitable for preschoolers, around age 3-4. Little kids will love to swish around in this costume.

Creative Education's Reversible Spider/Bat Cape

@ Amazon


Creative Education's Reversible Bat-Spider Hood (One Size)

@ Amazon


Reversible RED Superman Batman Superhero Cape Costume with Mask

@ Amazon


These reversible superhero capes are something special. They are homemade with care and attention to detail. They are made from a durable cotton poly-blend material with felt logos - Bat on one side and an S on the other.

These capes are 30" long so they will work for taller children than some of the other capes (many are 24" long). The recommended age range is up to 10 years. This cape is a really nice item that kids will get lots of use from and is sure to impress. The reversible feature makes it great value for money.

Reversible Supergirl Batgirl Superhero Pink Cape Costume with Mask

@ Amazon


The pink version of the superhero cloak above for supergirls and girl superheroes. The pink cape is reversible with a bat logo on one side and an S logo on the other. The capes are washable, just in case.


Plain Capes

Basic Long Colored Superhero Capes

These plain superhero capes are versatile and can be used for various superheroes. They are 28 inches long and an inexpensive budget choice. Great for kids who want to have a well-stocked dressing up box and be a different hero every day! Or to pop over a costume for a one off event.

What color for which superhero:

Red: Superman, Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Supergirl

Green: Green Lantern

Blue: Batman, Spiderman

Black: Batman, Zorro, Catwoman, Harry Potter (well that's probably called a cloak), Vampires like Dracula.

These are also available in pink, yellow and white - just click on any color and you can choose your preferred option.

Other Superhero Capes

Batman the Brave & Bold Child Mask & Cape Set

@ Amazon


This Batman the Brave & Bold Child Mask & Cape Set ties in with the TV Series.

Custom Superhero Capes for Kids - Capes with Child's Initial

These custom superhero capes are lovely. You get to choose all the details of the cape including color, detail (star, lightening bolt, etc) and the best detail of all, their initial! Turn your child into their very own superhero!

The capes are homemade so you need to allow 7-10 days to ship. If you are ordering for Halloween, birthday or Christmas allow plenty of time. These are made by a Mom and are designed to be easy to use and are washable.

Secret Pocket Capes - Insert your own logo

These Secret Pocket Super Hero Capes have extra details for added play value. There are pockets inside for storing treasures and secret items and there's a big pocket on the back with a changeable insignia, you can make your own design if you like.

These capes are 24" long and suitable for kids age 3 to 8.

Cape for Captain America Costume

A large US flag makes a good alternative to a cape for a Captain America costume. You're sure to get lots of use out of a good quality American flag on other occasions too.

Annin Nyl-Glo Outdoor United States Flag - 3' x 5'

@ Amazon



Make your Own Superhero Cape

Kwik Sew Unisex Children's Capes Pattern

Make your own Superhero Cape

These patterns are great if you are good at sewing and have left enough time before you need your superhero cape.

Kwik Sew Unisex Children's Capes Pattern By The Each

@ Amazon


Supervise Little Kids Wearing Capes

Modern children's capes are designed with safety in mind and most have an attachment that is designed for easy release. Don't let kids sleep in their capes and do keep an eye on them.

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Superhero capes for kids

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      Buchamar 6 years ago

      My grandson loves to play super here, he has all the gear, great lens.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      You forgot us! We have gorgeous custom children's capes that come with a story book and good behavior charts to release the potential power in your family fun.

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      @EMangl: haha, thank you for the link to SuperSquid :-)

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      someone should create SuperSquid

    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 6 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      great lens and great ideas

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      SandyPeaks 6 years ago

      Loved capes as a child - had to mind the door handles though!