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Superior Drinkwell Platinum Pet Watering Fountain

Updated on March 25, 2013

Gift Your Pet With Safe Drinking Fountain

Keep your pet hydrated without messy spills, with the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain. It solves the problems of worrying whether you remembered to put out the day's water supply for your animal.

The Platinum Fountain's sleek design looks fine in your kitchen or pet room. It's fully portable. Unobtrusive, and self-contained.

This water source provides fresh - not utility - water, so your pets will no longer seek out standing bathroom water.

Cats will no longer jump on counters to access dripping faucet water. They can perch on the cover and drink from the spout.

Your Dog Will Quickly Take to the Drinkwell

Proper hydration is a lifesaver for all types of pets. Dogs, especially like running water. They are attracted to the five inches of free-falling aerated water, satisfying their hydration needs.

Superior Features of the Drinkwell Platinum

Pets enjoy superior water quality from this attractive self-contained fountain. Fill it and close it and leave it. No need to connect it to a faucet.

Five inches of falling water allow for continuous oxygenation.

Carbon filters remove bad tastes and odors from your water.

Tiny motor runs quietly. You set it at the speed you choose.

Unlike other fountains, cats love drinking from both the bottom tray and the stream origin, at the top.

Fully washable, even use the dishwasher. Disassemble the whole fountain for cleaning.

Cats Drink From Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Happy Cats benefit from the freshly aerated water served up in the Drinkwell Fountain. Cats love this fresh water source, and you will too.

Video Review of The Superior Pet Water Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Get Your Drinkwell Dog or Cat Fountain Here

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain, 168 oz.
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain, 168 oz.

The nicest thing for you is the assurance that your pet drinks fresh oxygenated water.


Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit
Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit

Make cleaning simple and easy with this accessory kit.


The Platinum Fountain Floor Tray

Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Mat, MAT-D2
Drinkwell Platinum Fountain Mat, MAT-D2

If your dog laps in gulps, use the floor tray to catch extra water drops.


Which Way Do You Stand?

Are fountain systems superior to water bowls?

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