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Superman Gifts for Men for Every Season

Updated on October 7, 2016

Gifts for Men for your superhero

Superman gifts for men are presents that are fun to give for Christmas, a birthday, or father's day. I can remember some of the Superman gifts I purchased over the years. There was the one I bought for my dad that t-shirt or the one I gave to my husband before we were married. Some of these gifts are always good for a laugh by both the gift giver and the recipient. Those are just the t-shirt I gave. There are other gifts available not just t-shirts some are practical while others are just for fun.

I recently bought my nephew the S pendant and chain set. He loved it and wears it everyday he love the gifts I have given him over the years. Some of my gifts include DVD's and videos, pill boxes, lunch boxes and backpacks. I have quite a few nieces and nephew who enjoy the movies and the cartoons. They even like the old black and white films I have in my personal collection. Superhero gifts are some of the best things I look for when choosing a special gift. Planning this party for my husband has been a lot of fun for me and his sisters who are helping pull everything together.

My husband has been a fan since childhood and I'm sure that he will enjoy the new gift I purchased for his birthday. I bought him a baseball cap with the S symbol on the front and an apron for him to barbeque in for his birthday party. I also have the special paper plates, napkins and a cake ordered with a lifelike picture of his favorite character from the 3rd movie. I even have t-shirts for all the guests I think he will get a real kick out of that idea. I enjoy catering to his fascination and love for his childhood hero. I can't wait to see the look on his face this year when he opens his Superhero gifts. This should prove to be a super party for my Superman

The Superman Motion Picture Anthology, 1978-2006 [Blu-ray]
The Superman Motion Picture Anthology, 1978-2006 [Blu-ray]

Superman the anthology all the movies in one convenient package.

Superman Distressed Printed Logo Royal Blue T-shirt Tee (XXL)
Superman Distressed Printed Logo Royal Blue T-shirt Tee (XXL)

T-shirt are a man best friend. Who wouldn't want one?

Vandor Superman 18-Ounce Acrylic Travel Cup with Lid and Straw, Blue
Vandor Superman 18-Ounce Acrylic Travel Cup with Lid and Straw, Blue

A travel cup for your Superman. He'll think of you all day.


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    • FrenchKitten profile image

      FrenchKitten 4 years ago

      My brother is a huge superhero fan so I'm always picking up related stuff for him wherever I go! My favourite ones that he has are the huge Bagman, Superman and Spider-man figurines and also the Batsuit costume!