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16 Awesome Sweet Sixteen Party Themes

Updated on April 4, 2013

Plan a Sweet Sixteen Party with the Perfect Theme

A Sweet Sixteen birthday party can be one of the most memorable events for a teenage girl. It should be celebrated in style, complete with a theme, party favors and lots of friends. Pick a theme and then get matching invitations in the mail to all the guests at least 6-8 weeks before the party date.

1. Pretty in Pink

Finding pink themed party decorations, clothes and food is easy and fun. Almost every young lady has clothing that will work well with this theme.

2. Chocolate Lover

Rent a giant chocolate fountain and have cut fruit or other treats to dunk and eat, use all the different colors and flavors of chocolate for the food options, and have chocolate d├ęcor and dress.

3. Karaoke, Rock Band or Guitar Hero

Set up a screen, lights, speakers and have a championship show. You can think of themed prizes for the tournament.

4. Oscar Red Carpet

Encourage guests to come as their favorite celebrity and walk the red carpet. Decorate the venue like a movie set and have an award ceremony.

5. Movie Party

Pick your favorite film, and use that as the theme for your party including costumes, decorations, foods and music. Have a screening of the movie before the party to help guests get ideas for their costumes.

6. Fortune Teller

Hire a fortune teller, palm reader and Tarot card reader for the party. Have guests come dressed as a zodiac sign or a gypsy or some other way that fits the theme. Decorate accordingly. Hand out personalized fortune cookies.

7. High Tea

Have an elegant afternoon tea party, complete with Victorian dress, white tablecloths and fine china. Serve classic tea party food such as scones, tarts, petit fours and tea time sandwiches.

8. Alice in Wonderland

Guests come dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland and join the guest of honor (the Queen of Hearts, of course!) for tea and snacks. Play croquet on the lawn using pink flamingos as mallets.

9. Cinderella Debutante Ball

Choose your favorite fairy tale and have a debutante ball in that theme.Celebrate the end of childhood in a classic fashion.

10. Club 16 Disco

Hire a DJ or have every guest bring a mix CD of favorite dance music. Rent mirror ball lights and strobes, and set up a live disco. Maybe a dance contest is also in order?

11. Spa Party

Party guests and the birthday girl spend the day getting pampered at a local spa. Include mani-pedis, massages, facials and aromatherapy treatments along with special spa themed take-home gifts.

12. Caribbean Beach

Have the party at the local water park, pool, or at a real beach if you live near one. Have water games and activities, do the limbo to reggae music and serve classic beach grill food.

13. Hawaiian Luau

Guests wear Hawaiian shirts or beach wear. Have a hula contest and lots of tiki torches with your food and fruity drinks.

14. Night Club

Set up a classy semi-formal night club, complete with red velvet rope lines. Everyone can dress to impress, and perhaps limos could drop off guests for the VIP line?

15. Diamonds and Denim

Dress down and up at the same time with blinged-up denim and western flair.

16. Glow Sticks and Black Lights

Everyone wears glow items throughout the evening plus clothing that will be funky under the black lights.

Is there a theme that you like?

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