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How to Reduce Wedding Expenses

Updated on June 28, 2013
Weddings need not to be very expensive!
Weddings need not to be very expensive!

The Wedding

 After the "Yes" answer to "Will you marry me?" question, it's the start of an engagement relationship wherein two persons agreed to be both committed to be wed to each other, for better and worse.  While in this engagement relationship, the wedding preparation also starts...and this is where the pressure also starts to heighten.  This is because the wedding is one of the most celebrated event in all cultures, in different parts of the world.  It must be a joyous and memorable one...because, hey, it's the day where one would be given blessing to lawfully and legally be with the one he or she loves for the rest of his or her life.

And most of the time, "joyous" and "memorable" are equivalent to "expensive".  Just imagine how "joyous" the event should be--- with lots of guests (so imagine how many wagons of food you should have on the day to feed those guests), lots of party accessories that would make the say extra special (like blooming flowers, balloons, fireworks, etc.), a good music to keep the guests awake (how much does a sound system and a band cost?), and of course, having nice photos and videos after the event to always remember the special day.

So, just listing the things needed to implement the wedding sounds exhausting already?  Can you already foresee the cost of all the things you just listed?  Sounds expensive?

Well, wedding celebrations need not to be very expensive at all.  If you wanted to get married but tight on budget, do not worry.  This article would provide you tips on how to reduce wedding expenses, but still get your dream wedding event!

The Real Meaning of experience

 My dream wedding was to have it on 2010 in Tagaytay, Philippines (a city in the Philippines known to it's cool and refreshing environment, which is on top of mountain, and surrounded by nature like trees and lake).  I wanted to have the wedding reception overviewing the scenery of the small but majestic Taal volcano.  It is really a dream destination for two lovers to have their wedding memories.  When I calculated the cost of having a wedding in that place, with expected guests of almost 200, it all adds up to 300,000 Php (where will my fiancé and I get 300,000 Php in a year!!!!).

I didn't have the dream wedding in Tagaytay, because my fiancé and I couldn't wait anymore.  We had our wedding last January 2009 at a quiet church and reception venue near our home. I didn't have the Tagaytay dream wedding but I still had my dream wedding.  Because I spent it with my fiance (now my husband), and with my close family relatives and friends, as well (we just had an expected guest of 150, but only 120 I know who really our friends are! hehe.). 

And we just spend half of our original estimated cost when we planned to have it in Tagaytay!

I had heard stories of acquaintances (and also big stars!) who had an extravagant wedding celebration.  I have nothing against extravagance (because I also dreamed of having an extravagant wedding before).  But if we really can't afford the cost, we can have the event simple (or just less extravagant) and meaningful.  That's right...meaningful.  Because it's all that matters in a wedding-- that it should be meaningful for the couple and inspiring for the guests.

Tips to reduce wedding expenses

1. Find the best bargain. Do not stick into one supplier. Find as many suppliers you can find and then choose which you think has the best price. Best price means affordable price but with quality. You can find wedding suppliers (catering, venue, cakes, flowers, gown, etc) at bridal fairs or from referrals of friends.

2. Review wedding packages and decide on which items or services you would really need or those not needed at all. For example, in a wedding photography package, we decided not to have a tarpaulin because we didn't want our faces hanging outside the reception venue. Then we asked the supplier to give us discount or reduce the cost.

3. If you have a friend who has an "American Idol" voice, you can ask her to sing a song or two for the ceremony or in the reception. You don't have to hire wedding band or singer!

4. If you have a friend who has hosting abilities, request him to host for you wedding program during reception.

5. If you have a relative or friend who is super organized and willing to help you in your wedding preparation, give him or her an assignment in coordinating with suppliers or you can have him or her to do a program flow for the reception.

6. Are you a computer wizard? Know how to create your own audio-visual presentation (AVP) of you and your sweetheart's childhood pictures. My husband did our own AVP of our travel pictures.

7. Homemade invitations. Be more creative and stylish! All you need are handicraft papers and accessories, as well as a printer. You can also have your invitations emailed. That's what we did because most of our friends are from different towns.

8. Invite your family, close relatives, and close friends. Remember that even you have expected guests, not everybody will come, even though they had replied to RSVP. So you need not be pressured in inviting your neighborhood or all your circle of friends. Just pick those who would have a higher percetage to arrive at your wedding.

9. A place nearer to you and your future hubby's home is a better venue to hold the wedding. It's also good to have it where the guests can easily locate it (hey, if I had the wedding at Tagaytay, I'm sure that more guests would NOT come because it's very far from their place). In this case, you won't need to book them in a hotel.

10. Decide on which part of the wedding you may want to put extra effort (and money, too) but keeping other things in budget. If you love eating, then add some services from the caterer like a chocoloate fountain or a dessert bar. If memories is what you value, then create an interview AVP with the videographer or upgrade photo-video package. For my husband and I, we would like the guests to stay happy during the wedding, that's why we just created a short program (a very long program bores the guests to death) but a very lively one. We also added in the photography package a guestbook made from our pre nuptial pictures because we value the warm greetings of our guests (and well, the guests loved the pre nuptial photos!).

Happy Wedding!

Those are just some of the tips wherein you can reduce wedding expenses. If you have other tips for the readers aside from the ones listed, please share it with us at the comments corner.

Wedding is an event that should be celebrated because it's the sacred moment wherein two people inlove with each other enters the stage of matrimony. It should be celebrated to give the couple positive energy and fruitful future together. It should be celebrated in any way, extravagant or simple...but the most important is should be celebrated because it's a joyous and memorable event of person's lives. :)

For those who will get married, congratulations and best wishes from the author! :)


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