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Take A Spooky Halloween Hike

Updated on March 8, 2013

Have a Fun Family Adventure This Halloween

Interested in having fun with your kids this Halloween?Looking for something creative and different to do with your kids? Rather than send them off to trick or treat for unhealthy sugar filled candy, get the family together for a goolish and ghostly Halloween hike. With a little effort and a lot of creativity, you can create the most memorable Halloween experience your little ones will be talking about all year long.

image and many more for use as Halloween cards can be found here

Planning And Set Up For Your Halloween Hike

Location, Location, Location: Finding the perfect spot for your Halloween hike is key. If you live in an area that is forested this is ideal. Select a spot that has a reasonable trail for the age of children you plan to take along. Trees make great backdrops and hiding places for ghosts and ghouls, witches or faries to hike or wait and also for hanging decorations. If you are not near a forested area, select an urban park that has some dense foliage, trees and shrubs along a path that your kids are not too familiar with.

Mark The Trail: Use as many Jack O' Lanterns as you possiby can to line the trail your spooky Halloween hike will take. At key locations along the trail where the children are to stop for a riddle, question or activity, use a ghost marker hung from a tree or shrub.

Select A Task: Create a task that the children must do upon their hike, a puzzle or mystery to solve. The task or puzzle to solve will depend upon the age of the children involved.

Selection Of A task For Your Halloween Hike

Ideas For Older Children: Let your imagination run with this and be creative. Here is one suggestion:

*The wicked witch has stolen some treats, you must find them.

Ideas For Younger Children: Younger children with shorter attention spans and less Halloween experience, need a task they can relate too, preferably one that is not scary in nature. Here is one suggestion:

* Help the good witch find her missing hat and wand.

Get What You Need To Make the Best Jack O'Lanters And Ghost Markers Here

You can easily create an outrageous path for your little ones to hike along as they carry out their main Halloween hike task. Special kits abound with which you can carve the most amazing Jack O'Lanterns. Making a Ghost marker using sheets tied over sticks works well or purchase already made inflatable or hanging ghosts.

Activities, Fun And Games Along Your Halloween Hike

So you have set up the trail and selected a task. Now its time to create activities, riddles or games for your little ones to do along the way. Each ghost marker marks a spot where the kids are to stop for the fun. Here are a few suggestions:

* Bobbing for apples

* A flour blow - cover small toys such as ghost rings, spooky superballs and halloween pencils with flour. Your kids will love getting turning white as they blow into the flour to reveal a toy.

* Sneak up on an old troll who will reveal clues if you answer a riddle

* Encounter some forest creatures such as the wise old owl or a fluttery bat who reveal the ways in which they live (throw in an educational aspect, why not?) and dispense sage advice on how to finnd the treats or return the wand and hat.

* Listen to a short ghostly tale told by an actual ghost.

Eventually the children reach a 'den' where the good witch is hiding and the kids can go in and return her want and hat. The happy witch rewards them with glow sticks and wands of their very own.

* OR *

If doing the wicked witch and stolen treats scenario, you can have the wicked witch pop out at various spots along the hike shreeking that the stolen treats will never be found, or just at the site of the final hike location guarding the stolen treats treats. In order for the witch to give out the treats, she needs to hear a few magic words that were learned along the way.

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