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Christmas Day

Updated on December 22, 2010

Feast of the Nativity

People celebrate Christmas on December 25, which make reference to the traditional birthday of Jesus Christ. It’s also a public and federal holiday in the United States. This is a worldwide special event for Christians and for non-Christians. During that holiday, people listen Christmas songs, exchange present, decorate houses with tinsel.


There are different ways of decorating your house for Christmas. First, you could decorate the Christmas tree with Christmas light of various shapes and sizes, adorn it with rings, bells, candies and stockings. Use the same method to decorate the interior of your home with drapes, flowers, lights and gifts. Simple things can easily transform your home.

Santa Claus

Also known as Father Christmas and the Christian Saint Nicholas. He was considered as an emblematic figure of Christmas. Father Christmas, usually dressed in red, travel from home to home to bring gifts to children during the evening of Christmas Eve (day before Christmas day), December 24. In fact, without Santa Claus, Christmas isn’t really Christmas.


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    • diawo profile image

      diawo 7 years ago

      Happy new year too lately!

    • profile image

      ojanoma 7 years ago from WARRI

      Hello every one my name us ojanoma i just want to wish all of you a merry christmass and a prosperous new year.