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Tealight Candles

Updated on November 3, 2015


Tealight candles, or in the marjority of cases are simply called 'tealights,' are the same thing, and are among the more popular group of candles out there.

The small size and way they can be placed strategically and easily all over the area you want to light up with candles, makes them very attractive to candle lovers. They are used as much for decorative purposes as they are for being placed in strategic places in case of loss of electricity.

Commercially, as many of you probably know, they can be used under containers in restaurants to keep the food warm.

Another attractive part of the popularity of tealight candles are they are extremely inexpensive, and can be bought in large lots at a time for very little money, as you'll see below.

Even though tealight candles are normally encased in a metal cup, they can get extremely hot and be a potential fire hazard. So it's better to place the candles on a fire-resistant surface like tile or stone, which limits the possible hazard. Glass and ceramics can also hold a tealight candle.

For those concerned about risks connected to tealight candles, you can buy LED candles which can look pretty decent, and include in some cases realistic flickering candles to mimic real ones.

As long as you're careful and watch regular tealight candles, you should be okay. You just have to remember to keep them away from anywhere where the heat has the potential to start a fire..

Basic Tealight Candles

If you don't know what tealight candles are, all you have to do is look below to immediately know and recognize them. Probably all of us have seen these types of tealights, but some aren't aware that is what they are called. They are simple but very efficient in their looks and use.

Tealight Candles

Seashell Tealight Candles

As with all candles, even when you get the most basic shapes and sizes, all you have to do is add some creative element and it can turn into a compelling work of art. That's what these wonderful seashell tealight candles do, and they look fantastic.

Tealight Seashell

Beautiful Lavender Tealight Candles

Talk about an extraordinary candle for a little tealight. This not only has the beautiful lavender flower on the candle, but also has a subtle touch of the smell of lavender as well. Great tealight candle.

Lavender Candle

Ladybug Tealight Candles

Talk about a winsome and fun tealight candle! These little ladybugs are gorgeous and put a smile on your face. Who wouldn't want to light up these for all to enjoy. There are quite a few situations they would fit in nicely.

Ladybug Tealights

Tealight Candles with Clear Cup

I wanted to include the photo below of tealight candles for a couple of reasons. First, to show you that there are all sorts of colors out there, and you can get just about any color you want if you search around a little.

More important, I wanted to show you the unique acrylic, clear cups used to hold the tealight candles. These acrylic cups can endure a hot temperature, and are preferred by people who want to enjoy the color of their candle, especially when they get beyond the basic white.

Tealight Clear Cup Candles

Tealight Candles with Fairy Sitting on Moon

I thought I would finish off this look at tealight candles with this beautiful scene of a fairy sitting on the moon with her feet set between the two flowers which contain tealight candles. Wonderful candle holder scene.

Fairy Tealight Candles

Amazing Tealight Candles

I don't think we'll ever think about tealight candles like we did before after seeing these fantastic designs. Many people don't go beyond thinking about the usual flat, white tealight candles, but as you can see from these photos, there are an extraordinary diversity within the overall tealight candle sector, and are as beautiful and compelling as any candle type out there.


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