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Team Umizoomi Party Supplies

Updated on February 3, 2014

Team Umizoomi Birthday Party Ideas

Team Umizoomi is just one of those shows that I love letting my son watch. He gets excited to help count and match patterns and just experience the fun of the show. Although licensed Team Umizoomi party supplies are scarce, If you want to throw a Team Umizoomi birthday party for your little one... I have some great ideas that are going to make your party planning easy and fun for everyone.

Team Umizoomi features, Milli, Geo and Bot (robot) and not only gives your child hours of educational fun, but also leaves you with many Mighty Math Power tools to build your theme on.

Featured here are ideas and supplies for Team umizoomi invitations, cakes,decorations, party games and much more.

Team Umizoomi Party Invitations

The first thing that you need to do is let everyone know about the party. This is typically done through invitations, and you may already be thinking that there are no Team Umizoomi birthday invitations at the store. Well NickJr (you might just want to keep that website open I'll mention it A LOT!) is nice enough to offer free printable Umizoomi invitations. All you have to do is print them out (preferably on cardstock) and then fill out your information.

Another great option is to have some invitations custom designed for you. EBay is just one place to find great invitations that will be designed with your child's picture. These invitations are just digital files that you will still have to print on your own computer. They range in prices so if you find one that is out of your budget there are plenty more that you can look into. I like to create my own on the computer but if you don't want to try learning that process, getting one designed is a great choice.

Number 3 Shaped Balloon
Number 3 Shaped Balloon

Team Umizoomi Party Decorations

The next step is to turn your home into an Umizoomi playland. Decorations are one of my favorite parts of party planning but they can also be very frustrating because my vision rarely comes out the way I plan. Now once again NickJr has come to the rescue and there is actually two different party themes that they offer. One is for girls and features Milli and plenty of pink, and the other features all your favorite Umizoomi characters. You will find placemats, hanging decorations, table toppers and more. So it is a great start to your party planning and it is all free.

Another easy and fun decoration idea is to pick up some Team Umizoomi wall decals. These are not only cute additions to your party but they can be reused in your child's room after the party. I love decorations and ideas that serve dual purposes! You can also add some fun decorations by just placing patterns and numbers around the house. For balloon decorations consider using solid colored blue, green and yellow balloons (a color to represent each character) and adding a few number shaped foil balloons for extra decorations and fun. My son loves balloons so we never have a party without plenty of them around.

As there are not many Team Umizoomi posters you could make your own by simply printing of coloring pages, coloring them in and then putting them around the room. To complete decorations you could simply use party streamers in the same colors as the balloons and sprinkle some numbered confetti on places like the party table.

Team Umizoomi Wall Decals

RoomMates RMK1916SCS Team Umizoomi Peel and Stick Wall Decals
RoomMates RMK1916SCS Team Umizoomi Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Team Umizoomi wall decals are great for decorating dull spaces on the walls of the party room and will have any fan wildly excited when they first set eyes on it. Once applied they are easy to peel of and reapply somewhere else so after the party they can be used to decorate your childs room.

Team umizoomi cake by Wrightbrosfan
Team umizoomi cake by Wrightbrosfan

Team Umizoomi Birthday Cake

For the cake you can have one made by a professional which gives you the best end result and the least work, but for me it can be hard to justify (as much as I'd love to have a professionally made cake).

Another option if you have some decorating skills are the cake recipes provided by NickJr. They have instructions for how to make a Bot, Milli, Geo and even an UmiCar cake. These may be a little unnerving for someone who doesn't have a great deal of experience with cake decorating but they do look so tempting to try. I really want to attempt them but then it would probably involve plenty of cursing and whining, and a less than perfect outcome.

Then comes the easy option which is ordering an edible cake topper off EBay. These can be added to a cake that you bake or a cake that you buy from the store. It looks great, it's personalized and it's easy!

As a simply extra touch, you could use number shaped candles rather than traditional birthday candles to have everything matching the theme and your little one will get to say their age out loud before they blow the flame out.

Team Umizoomi Cupcake Toppers

Here are some custom made Umizoomi cupcake toppers which would look great on frosted cupcakes and cupcake rings which can be used to decorate your cupcake and be a party favor for kids to wear as rings on their fingers.

Photo credit: number cookies by avlxyz
Photo credit: number cookies by avlxyz

Team Umizoomi Party Food Ideas

When it comes to Team Umizoomi party food the best idea is to try to find healthy snacks and make them fun. You could make rainbow skewers by simply cutting up several colorful fruits like strawberries, pineapple, oranges, grapes and sliding them onto skewer sticks. These are great because they are not only a colorful pattern but they encourage kids to eat all sorts of healthy fruits.

If you are not afraid of a little mess and you have children that are old enough you can also include dipping chocolate and different toppings. The kids will love making their own chocolate covered fruit.

Another fun idea would be to get number shaped cookie cutters. These can of course be used for making tasty number shaped cookies but will also work well for cutting number shaped cheese and sandwiches. You could also use a set of geometric shaped cookie cutters to make a few square, triangle and circle shapes.

Team umizoomi coloring pages
Team umizoomi coloring pages

Team Umizoomi Party Games and Activities

There are some fun Team Umizoomi activities that you can do and they come right from the NickJr website again. They have instructions for how to make Geo's Shape Belt and Milli's Ponytails. This is a great activity that allows the kids to model their favorite character and be creative.

You can also create little adventures for the kids that models after their favorite episodes. The kids can count objects, match patterns or solve puzzles in order to help get across the yard or across the house.

Another fun activity would be to let the kids play with a set of tangrams. Give them a picture that they need to recreate and then they can switch with the other children when they are done. This is great if they have also created Geo's Shape Belt!

Print off some Team umizoomi coloring pages and have some crayons and coloring pencils in a bowl for kids to use for coloring in their favorite characters.

Team Umizoomi Pinata

Team Umizoomi Milli Pinata available @ TheFabPartyShop etsy
Team Umizoomi Milli Pinata available @ TheFabPartyShop etsy

For a game of pinata this Team Umizoomi Milli pinata would be perfect. The pinata is available from the TheFabPartyShop on but there are other cute Umizoomi themed pinatas there from other sellers so if this is not to your taste check out what's in stock here.

Team umizoomi stickers
Team umizoomi stickers

Team Umizoomi Party Favors

For party favors there are several fun options that will let the kids continue the fun at home. The first would be to let the kids take home the tangrams (and a set of pictures) so that they could continue making pictures at home.

Another idea is to make your own fun goody bags from printing off a Team Umizoomi image online, cutting it to size and sticking it on paper lunch bags. You can fill it with easy to find favors, things like a bouncy ball, a box of crayons, puzzles. You can even make a coloring pack from the coloring pages and include that in favors rather than have it as an activity. also has some great Umizoomi inspired favors like bubble wands, candy bar wrappers, bottlecap necklaces featuring Umizoomi characters. There are even personalized Team umizoomi favor boxes perfect for storing all these goodies and more.

Team Umizoomi Stickers

Team Umizoomi Stickers - 100 Per Pack
Team Umizoomi Stickers - 100 Per Pack

Fun, colorful, sticky and the perfect party favor. Kids will love opening up their favor boxes to see these waiting for them. In total there a 5 different Umizoomi themed sticker designs - you receive 75 stickers in total so there will be copies. I would recommend sharing out stickers equally into favor boxes, according to designs.


Custom Team Umizoomi Party Favors

From looking around a little I've found a few items online that you can include as part of your favors. I must mention that most of these items are custom made and not licensed Umizoomi items but they are ideal as themed extras in an a Umizoomi themed goody bag .

Team Umizoomi Party Note

Let your imagination flow to see what else you can come up with.

Give your little one a fun Team Umizoomi party this year. It won't only be a day filled with fabulous fun, but it will make a lasting memory they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Happy Planning!

I love hearing from you... So please feel free to leave a note to let me know you stopped by

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