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Teen Zombie Costumes for Girls

Updated on September 15, 2014

Ghastly zombie costumes for a teen girl

Zombie make for the best Halloween costume. These days with the Walking Dead becoming so popular and movies being released about them, zombies now have more attention than ever.

These zombie costumes have come a long way in recent years. They really look realistic, particularly given the cool makeup effects you can apply. There are tons of You Tube videos showing you how to add the right zombie makeup to give your costume choice a realistic look for a Halloween party or even trick-or-treating.

There are parties for Halloween that are dedicated solely for zombie costumes. People come dressed as their favorite zombie whether it is in pajamas, police uniform or a doctor. There are tons of options and really you are only limited by your imagination. The zombie apocalypse is truly an equal opportunity profession infection. This zombie little girl costume is simple and looks great for a teen at Halloween. They are easy to accessorize and your teen will love how they look. It gives the kids a chance to try out their makeup techniques for cool zombie special effects.

With the popularity of The Walking Dead and a new season beginning just before Halloween, zombie costumes are a favorite.

The Walking Dead - Pajama Zombie Teen Costume

Ah yea, The Walking Dead. The most popular zombie show ever on TV. What a great show. This pajama girl zombie costume is officially licensed from The Walking Dead so you know you are getting a quality costume.

This ghastly costume features a blood stained pink robe with attached shirt, and a pair of matching shorts. You will also love the included pair of white blood stained bunny slippers. With the right makeup you will really turn some heads at your Halloween party.

Dearly Departed Bride Teen Costume
Dearly Departed Bride Teen Costume

Dearly Departed Bride Teen Costume

Poor bride became a zombie on her wedding day! This is a cool costume that gives you plenty of opportunity to also use your imagination and add fun accessories. Find a really great video like the one below on zombie makeup and you will be the perfect undead zombie bride.

The costume is a little goth too so you can portray both a zombie and a goth princess. This costume will surely turn heads your way at Halloween.

This breezy zombie costume includes the dress with gauze wrap detail and matching veil head piece. You will love how this costume looks for your Halloween party.

Living Dead Teen Costume
Living Dead Teen Costume

Living Dead Teen Costume

This is a cute and spooky costume for a teen girl. It is age appropriate and looks like a tattered remains of a stylish high school coed. With the right zombie makeup you will look ghastly wearing this costume.

You will love brown and black tattered dress. It also includes black tattered footless tights. The costume is easy and comfortable and will be fun to wear to a Halloween party.

Night Zombie Teen Costume
Night Zombie Teen Costume

Night Zombie Teen Costume

This zombie costume is mindful of a teen queen who happened to find herself one of the infected. So the idea is a young girl went to a party dressed in her stylish little black dress only to find herself returning home as one of the undead. Cool!

The costume features a black dress with a jagged-hem. Included with the dress are and tattered, distressed zombie leggings. A fashionable zombie if I've ever saw one!

Rocked Out Zombie Tween Costume
Rocked Out Zombie Tween Costume

Rocked Out Zombie Tween Costume

I really dig this zombie rocker costume. It features two things that are fun; being a rock-n-roller and zombies. Too bad for the lead guitarist turning into a zombie but she still looks cool.

This costume set features a ripped blood splattered top, a black faux leather mini jacket, blue distressed leggings. It also includes a cool black belt with skull buckle. You supply the guitar and get creative with some cool makeup and a groovy wig. Or have some fun and create some big hair for yourself. The only thing stopping you with groovy costume is imagination, right?

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    • halloweennut profile image

      halloweennut 5 years ago

      Spooky costumes and just cute enough for girls too

    • profile image

      christineallen 5 years ago

      Really cool costumes. I like the walking dead pyjama girl best. Great lens

    • fitsara profile image

      fitsara 5 years ago

      Cool costumes. I really like all these zombie shows, movies and costumes!

    • profile image

      halloweenprops 5 years ago

      Pajama girl is freaky!

    • profile image

      SuzyShopping 5 years ago

      To be honest I think they're awful,lol, but I know teenage girls will LOVE them!