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Ten Gifts for "Hard to Buy For" People

Updated on April 6, 2013

Best Gift Ideas for "Hard to Buy For" People

I am one of those people who takes pride in giving a totally perfect gift. By this I mean, I consider it an enjoyable challenge to get gifts for people that they not only will like right when they open it, but they will continue to like for long periods of time after-a gift that will make them stop and say "Oh my God-this is so awesome!" throughout the year or possibly for years to come. It's not even for my ego, per se-I just take the concept of gift-giving as an opportunity to make someone's life better in a small way on a daily basis, and I take it very seriously. I think I got this from my mom, who was an extremely considerate gift-giver.


Your best gift option this season? The gift.....of gnomes.

Cool and Unique Gifts for Any Season, Part I

I'm not just talking about the holidays (mostly because once I know I've gotten someone a gift that's awesome, I can't usually wait for the holiday, so I just end up sending it to them). Here are a few gifts that I have received and have considered awesome, a few I've found to be very successful when I've given them, and a few that have been recommended by my friends. Hopefully this will make it so you never have to agonize over one of those "hard to buy for" people again.

Great Gift # 1:  Pink Floyd Gift Pack

Know a Pink Floyd fan?  This is officially the coolest gift you will ever get them.   Brought to you by the "Wines That Rock" company (they also have other kinds of wine that I've included on this list), this gift pack includes two bottles of the "Dark Side of the Moon" Cabernet, a Pink Floyd hat, pins, and some other groovy swag, plus it all comes in a sleek black box that feels very "rock star."  Open up the gift pack, turn on "Dark Side of the Moon," and blow your father in law's mind with the fact that you have just given him the coolest gift of all time.  'Nuff said.

Great Gift # 2:  Rock-inspired wine

Wines That Rock.

Yes, I know-- I mentioned this in Great Gift # 1, but I feel  I would be remiss if I didn't at least give a shout-out to the four OTHER unique wines this company has, all of which I have tried while listening to the music that inspired them (I am relentless in my pursuit of the perfect gift, I tell you!).  Each one of these wines tastes good, is reasonably priced, and represents a different iconic album.  With The Police (Synchronicity red wine blend), the Rolling Stones (Forty Licks merlot) and Woodstock  (Chardonnay) covered as well as the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet, I am seriously contending that you could knock several people off of your gift list at one time over on this website.   Please bookmark this lens so you can come back later and tell me how this went over.

Great Gift # 3:  Gnomes

Three words, people: customized garden gnomes.  Do you think I am joking?   I am not.  If you have rabid sports fans in your family, this might very well be the gift that people will be talking about (and buying for each other) for years to come. You would be very surprised how many people have gnomes in their family, especially gnomes that are New York Giants themed.  I am serious. You would be surprised.

Great Gift # 4:   Warhol Pop Art Pet Portrait

Yes, I know-- this is one of those gifts that you would have to get for someone that you know it would be perfect for, as it is large, but for a die-hard pet enthusiast who is also into art or has an eclectic personality, this is the kind of "slam dunk" gift they can put in their office and look at every day. In fact, that is where I originally saw this-- in the office of someone who looks at it every single day.

Great Gifts, Part II

Great Gift # 5:  The Gift...of Meat

I would say this is a perfect gift for a guy, but someone gave it to me once, and I absolutely loved it and thought nice things about that person every time I cooked up a filet and sat down to dinner.  Organic, fresh, and delivered in dry ice, Chicago Steak Company puts together a bunch of awesome gift packs that might even appeal to the non steak lover in your family.  Fudge cake, anyone?

But also, this probably is a perfect gift for a guy.  

As a side note, if you're into a food-related gift but the person you're buying for is organic/ vegan/ veggie, the gift of fruit is just as thoughtful:

Great Gift # 6:  Personalized Bobble Head

>Remember when Angela got Dwight one of these on The Office?    A personalized Bobble Head isn't cheap, but it is a fact-- people love personalized gifts, and with a little effort (and an accurate photo), these guys can make a bobble head that will sit on the recipient's desk for all eternity, elicits cries of "Oh my God-- that is so funny!  Who got you that?" thereby keeping you in the forefront of their good thoughts forever and ever.   That's the ultimate goal of gift giving, am I right? I did in fact order one of these for one of my family members this Christmas.

In case a customized bobble head is too time-consuming or costly, what about a bobble head from your favorite tv show. Dexter in his kill outfit, maybe?

Great Gift # 7:  Funny and Irreverent Gift Items

Cafe Press is a great place to find mousepads, bags, t-shirts, baby bibs, and just about anything else you can think of. Here's a store filled with funny things!

Great Gift # 8:  The Fiverr Backup Method

Do you know about Fiverr?  It's a completely awesome website where people list things they'll do for $ 5.  If you don't have the cash (or the inclination) to spend a bunch of money on a gift, might I suggest that you go over to Fiverr and pay someone $5 to make a "Happy Birthday" video with that person's name written on their forehead, or to call them and leave a "Merry Christmas" message on their voicemail using a Christopher Walken voice?  Fiverr:  efficient and amusing, all in one.  You can probably also get your website fixed and your taxes done while you're there!!

Great Gift # 9: Amazon Gift Card With Email Delivery

I know, I know-- you're like 'gift cards are so impersonal, blah blah blah," but admit it-- after all the time and money you spend on holidays, sometimes it's nice to just get money (or Amazon credit) so you can buy some stuff you really need. The "email delivery" option makes this gift especially appealing, because it goes to the recipient right away, and then it's off your list. Never underestimate the gift card!

Great Gift # 10: The Gift of Music

If you know a music fan, Sirius XM is just about the most awesome gift you can get them. Hundreds of specialty channels, no commercials, and since they've now added apps for your phone and can be played right from your computer, you don't even have to buy the actual radio or have it installed in their car. I got this for my dad a few years ago, someone bought it for me two years ago, and now my whole family is completely obsessed. Sirius XM all the way!

What's the Best Gift You've Ever Received?

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