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25 Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas Under $25

Updated on November 14, 2015

Looking for Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas but don’t have much more than a pretty penny to spare? Then you've come to the right page!

Thanksgiving hostesses deserve so much more than what we normally give back in return. She was slaving over the stove all morning and afternoon to bring the perfect Thanksgiving turkey dinner to the table for you and the rest of the family to enjoy and is usually lucky to get a thank you at the end of it all.

Thoughtful and Thankful

Instead of just hugs and a “thank you,” go the extra mile to show your appreciation and purchase a gift to surprise her and make her day! I’m on a budget here so I totally understand if you need to settle for a greeting card, but if you have an Andrew Jackson burning a hole in your pocket, take a gander at this list of 25 hostess gift ideas, all $25 or less!


Gifts Under $25

  • Thanksgiving gravy boat: Who doesn’t serve gravy on Thanksgiving day? This calls for a nice, Thanksgiving gravy boat for the hostess to use for years to come. This one is cute and not overly-expensive (but it looks like it could have been expensive, if you get my drift)!

  • Salt and pepper shakers: Not just any ol’ salt and pepper shakers, but fall pheasant salt and pepper shakers that come with a nice, decorative dish! Too cute.

  • Pumpkin jars: This set of four nice pumpkin jars are the perfect table accent, whether the hostess wants to use them for decoration or for side dishes!

  • Thanksgiving turkey novelty apron: Looking for a useful gift that will also make the hostess laugh? Look no further! Really, just click the link and look; it’s funny.

  • Cute apron: Like the apron idea but not the silly one? Consider buying this cute apron instead!

  • Lobster claw oven mitt: Using the oven necessitates oven mitts, so get the hostess a couple of silly oven mitts to use year-round. I bet she wouldn’t expect this one!

  • Autumn pumpkin coffee mug: Wow your hostess with this beautiful, fall coffee mug that probably won’t get packed away after fall!

  • Flowering teapot: These are just really cool and always a welcomed gift. Enough said.

  • Owl wax warmer: What hostess wouldn’t love something that smells nice? Don’t forget to include a few fall/winter scents to go with the warmer!

  • Terrarium: If you’ve ever seen one of these, you understand how cool they are! Natural yet elegant, making for the perfect home accent!

  • Candelabra: These look great on any table and can add a touch of class to even the dingiest of rooms!

  • Tealight candle holder centerpiece: Candles are always a good gift to give, and this is just one of the cutest tealight centerpieces out there!

  • Decorative vases: Everyone needs a nice set of vases and this matching set of three looks great with fall décor, or any season really!

  • Digital picture frame: With all of the pictures that will likely be taken, they will need a place to be stored, so how about a digital picture frame? Preload throwback photos for an extra added surprise!

  • Gift tower: This will come as a pleasant surprise, especially when the hostess sees the sweet treats inside! Lots of goodies that she will love!

  • Wine glasses: This is a very nice set of four colored wine glasses that the hostess will absolutely love. Cheers!

  • Pie bird pie plate: This is such a cute pie dish to buy the hostess who loves baking pies! The bird helps the steam to escape the pie helping the user make pies baked to total perfection!

  • Elephant fruit bowl: We all know an avid elephant lover and if the hostess is the one, then this is the perfect fruit bowl and gift to get! Take a look!

  • Fruit bowl: Hostess not a fan of elephants? Try a fruit bowl more like this one that is bound to look great in any kitchen!

  • Wind chimes: Wind chimes are like candy for the ears, especially these ones! So fun and festive, even someone who doesn’t really like wind chimes could appreciate this one!

  • Garden bicycle plant stand: Garden décor is always a win so as long as there’s a garden!

  • Wine aerator: If your hostess enjoys her wine, she will enjoy it even more when it’s passed through this aerator!

  • Wine rack: Another perfect idea for a wine drinker is a wine rack! If you have enough money, spring for a bottle of wine as well!

  • Decorative harvest tray: Looking for something along the lines of fall décor? Here’s a good contender!

  • Fall vanilla scented flameless candles: Battery operated candles that you can “blow out,” who knew? These pretty fall “candles” come with a wooden tray to complete the decoration.

Show Your Appreciation

These Thanksgiving hostess gift ideas will have you wanting to buy them all!

Want something even more special? Bring something made by you especially for them!

Your hostess will likely appreciate anything you get her, so as long as it comes from the heart.

What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

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