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Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper Set Collections

Updated on September 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: Collect Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper Sets

When I was young, one of my favorite parts of visiting my Grandmother was looking at all of her pretty kitchen and dining wares...she had so many fun mugs and figurines, but my favorite collection wasn't actually displayed in either location, but on a shelf in the hallway: her salt and pepper shaker sets were so interesting, cute, and unique! She had a number of seasonal salt and pepper sets, along with different fun retro themes, and one of my favorite gifts from her was a salt dish, a blue glass bird's nest with a tiny salt spoon.

I only have one salt and pepper set from her collection, but I have a treasury of memories, and realize that such pieces can leave an impression on a youngster for a lifetime. A fun way to cement holiday memories in the hearts and minds of your kiddos or grandchildren is to pair the event with some tangible, visible memento. Though the salt and pepper set may stay at Grandma's house, the rememberance of it will give everyone something fun to connect to in future Thanksgiving get togethers. Thanksgiving ideas for kids which build memories are my favorites.

Salt and Pepper Hostess Gift: Teach your kids to express thanks.

One way of putting a salt and pepper set to work as a Thanksgiving activity for kids is to include them in selecting a Thanksgiving themed salt and pepper shaker set for the hostess, especially if you will be celebrating at a home other than your own. You can select a dollar store set, or something more elegant found online. Visit the seasonal displays at a department store, or the virtual aisle of an online retailer. Pick out a cute set, and help your youngsters to make a thank you note, expressing appreciation for the hard work of the hostess.

Amazon Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper Shakers

Display Your Collection

Another fun Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper idea for kids is to add to the family collection each year, whether all salt and pepper sets are turkeys, pilgrims, or an assortment. Set up a shelf, or a mantle display, or put the collection together on a living room accent table. The kids can remember things about each set as they take them out, and place them. This also provides something for the kids to do while Mom is busy with meal preparations.

Include Hot Chocolate and Cider Spices in Thanksgiving Salt and Pepper Sets

With the chill of the Thanksgiving season, it's not uncommon to include hot beverages for both young, and old. Have the kids help to find and fill Thanksgiving salt and pepper shakers with seasonings: cinnamon, cocoa powder, sanding sugar. Make these available for the dessert table, as well, to sprinkle over the whipped cream or ice cream on pies.

Find Wonderful Salt and Pepper Sets for Thanksgiving

Use eBay to find unique and vintage salt and pepper shakers for Thanksgiving and other holidays.

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