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Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: Thanksgiving Wall Decals

Updated on October 24, 2013

Thanksgiving Art: Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids, and Adults

It's always fun to celebrate a holiday with special decor, and when it comes to Thanksgiving, ideas for kids and adults to make the environment reflect the theme are abundant. You might not want to permantly place a Thanksgiving mural or phrase on your walls, but with removable wall decals, you can put up special phrases, images, or interactive art work, to remind your kids, and guests, of the thankful focus of the day.

Find Thanksgiving Phrases and Quotes to adorn your living room, dining, and kitchen walls, for the big day. Whether you are interested in something cute, or inspirational, there are lots of inexpensive decals.

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There are always great sayings for kids and adults at Thanksgiving...

The options are constantly changing, but you'll find some of the most current right here. I've also featured many below, along with my own story.

Are Your Kids Perky for Turkey? Creating Your Own Thanksgiving Sayings for Kids

I love puns. I've been known to go on for many lines with my Dad, and I attribute it to my Grandma's love for words. She was a librarian in her early days and later earned her master's degree in music. She was witty and wonderful. We had a family joke that you could only tell jokes on Sunday. We didn't stick to that rule, though.

Anyway, I love cute sayings, especially those that communicate a point. I love stories and activities that do the same. Hence, the Perky Turkey and the Fretful Fox!

The Perky Turkey And The Fretful Fox
The Perky Turkey And The Fretful Fox

This is my own story about a mother entertaining her kids on Thanksgiving morning as she finishes dinner prep. She comes up with a silly animal story that captures the characteristics of her two youngsters that day. You may know how the scenario plays out...I have a child who will pace in anticipation of something great. His middle name is the basis for my fretful character's name. I also have a couple of youngsters who hang a little too close in excited and cheerful anticipation. They are my models for the perky sister.

What I find great is that using such characters to communicate understanding is fun for the kids. Kids have the capacity for creating their own clever sayings. Sometimes they don't even realize they've done so. This is just a fun example of a mom using ingenuity to grab the attention of the kids while getting tasks completed.


Turkey Quotes?

I'm Perky for Turkey!

You can also add your own quotes to dishes, table linens or mugs.

Check out my Cafe Press Kids' Sayings for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Sayings: Cocktail or Dessert PlateCHECK PRICE

Turkey Art for The Wall as Thanksgiving Decor

Turkey Art for The Wall as Thanksgiving Decor
Turkey Art for The Wall as Thanksgiving Decor

Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: How do you keep the kids busy while you prepare for the big feast?

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    Thanksgiving Wall Art: Handprint Turkey

    Thanksgiving Wall Art:  Handprint Turkey
    Thanksgiving Wall Art: Handprint Turkey

    Thanksgiving Sayings for the Wall

    thanksgiving wall art
    thanksgiving wall art

    Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: Fun Characters and Images for Thanksgiving Decorating

    There are a host of fun, colorful banner decals and backgrounds that lend themselves to the enjoyment of children. Whether it's a banner that you adorn with your own message, or a primary colors turkey, the kids will enjoy the light hearted atmosphere!

    Image at Amazon

    Smaller Sized Thanksgiving Decals

    Use smaller decals in a harvest theme, whether to label chair backs, signaling seating arrangements, or to label the table, or to post important notes. Have each of your guests write on the tag decals, stating what they are thankful for, and have the kids read the tags aloud after dinner!

    Word Cloud: Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids to Create, or Appreciate

    If you love the idea of a word cloud, hilighting thankful words and Thanksgiving themes, you can purchase a piece such as the one displayed below. However, you can also put your Cricut or Sizzix machine to work, and create your own homemade wall mural.

    Thankful Words Wall DecalCHECK AVAILABILITY

    Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: Wall Art Guestbook

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