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Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids: Turkey Candy

Updated on October 9, 2012

Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids to Enjoy

Thanksgiving is a fantastic time to get together with family, relive memories, and create new ones, but much of the hustle and bustle of the occasion is not as much kid friendly as it is time intensive, in terms of preparation and execution. While kids hover, moms cook and bake, and though the exotic smells and flavors are interesting, this is a time that is much more formal than the melee of Christmas morning. Kids may feel out of place, or may frustrate parents as they yearn to be included. However, there are some fun ways to include kids in the prep, and to prep for the kids. Turkey candy items are a thematic way to tie in the popular theme, and to put it on a level kids can relate to. Whether you pick out turkey shaped lollipops, foil wrapped chocolate turkeys, or put together/purchase a turkey candy bouquet, the kids will be thrilled at something that's their style!

Gobble, Gobble, Turkey Candy Bouquet


Turkey Lollipop Candy

Turkey shaped candies are a novelty, and I haven't seen them in my own locale. My Thanksgiving kid craft ideas normally incorporate inexpensive, colorful lollipops, but turkey shaped pops are a great choice for accenting a place setting (for adults, as well as kids), for filling a treat bag, or for adorning a kids' activity table. Flavored coffee spoons have become very popular confections for those who love to visit over a cup of coffee...why not a turkey lollipop for stirring one's hot chocolate? You can, of course, offer the flavoring spoons, as well.

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Foil Wrapped Chocolate Turkey Candy

Unless you have a grandma who works for a chocolate company (my lucky youngsters do!), you may not realize that there are chocolate turkeys at Thanksgiving. We have them join our feast some years, and they are a delicious post-thanksgiving indulgence. The kids, though, often love them in place of some of the fancy desserts! Great table centerpieces for the kids' Thanksgiving table, or favors, goody bag fillers, or just accents for special spots, these are a fun idea if you are keeping kids busy.

Find Foil Wrapped Chocolate Turkey Candy Online.


Bubble Gum Candy Turkey

Unusual, this bubblegum turkey is clever, and provides the impetus for some fun kids' activities, during your Thanksgiving get-together. Provide packs of bubblegum, and challenge the kids to form their own gum art. Have door prizes for the best turkey, the most creative, and the most realistic! If you don't like the idea of all that gum being chewed and handled for the game, go with playdough, or sculpey clay.

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Thanksgiving Ideas for Kids

Find fun flavoring spoons to go along with turkey lollipops.

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