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15 Thanksgiving Party Games

Updated on November 5, 2014
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Thanksgiving family gatherings are always a good time, wouldn't you agree? It never hurts to try to add to that fun by adding a few Thanksgiving party games into the mix!

Party games will keep everyone busy, joking around, and socializing all while creating good memories that will last a lifetime!

If you're hosting Thanksgiving this year, definitely don't pass on the chance to plan some fun festive games to keep your family busy while you finish your hostess duties!

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Thanksgiving Party Games

  • Turkey Tic Tac Toe: Your basic Tic Tac Toe gets a turkey makeover with these adorable Thanksgiving themed printables. A great game for all ages, and the best part? Everyone knows the rules!
  • Scavenger Hunt: Scavenger hunts are always a fun time when family is involved, so why not make one themed for fall? You’ll have the family running around like a bunch of wild turkeys!

  • Fall Pictionary: Pictionary with a fall twist means all pictures will be related to fall and Thanksgiving!

  • T-H-A-N-K-S: This is exactly the same concept as bingo but with a thanksgiving twist! Rather than using numbers, think of 15 separate things related to thanksgiving or fall for each letter. Before the game, each person will fill in their 5 by 5 grid with the options available. Rather than drawing balls from a machine, you’ll draw paper from a hat and call it out.
  • Guess that Smell: Before dinner is completely done, set out all of the sides on the counter covered with foil so you can’t see, but one side lifted so you can smell each thing. Each person goes down the line taking a whiff and writing down what they think the side is. The most correct guesses gets first dibs on food!

  • Thanksgiving Taboo!: If you have the game, use the cards as examples to make your own themed Thanksgiving or fall. One teammate must pick a card and explain the word to teammates without saying the other “taboo” words listed on the card, once guessed, it continues with another card until 60 seconds are up. When game is called, scores are tallied.

  • Turkey Waddle: This is a race with a balloon between the legs anywhere from the knees up. The players must keep the balloon between their legs from one side of the room to the finish line. If the balloon is popped, you’re out, if it’s dropped, you must start over. Last one to finish is a rotten turkey!

  • Thanksgiving Bingo: This is a classic party game, and it's only made more fun by using festive pumpkin-flavored candy or chocolates as your Bingo markers!
  • Turkey Dance-off: This is the same as the chicken dance with a different name. Get the littles up and moving on their feet like the little turkeys they are!
  • Pumpkin Bowling: Set your standard plastic bowling pins at the end of lane, but instead of rolling a bowling ball, you'll smash into them with, that's right, a pumpkin! But don't throw it too hard or you'll be cleaning up the squashed squash!
  • Thankful For: Start by having everyone sit in a circle. The host starts the game by saying "I'm thankful for _____". The game continues with each player adding what they're thankful for after first listing all the previous things in the exact order they were first said. Will you be able to remember what everyone's thankful for?
  • Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest: It's not Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie, and it's not a great Thanksgiving party without a ridiculous pumpkin pie eating contest! See who can polish off their piece of pie first, but here's the tricky part; You can't use your hands! (or utensils for you loopholers).
  • Pumpkin Seed Spitting Contest: Don't let those roasted pumpkin seeds go to waste!
  • Blind Turkey Doodles: Each player gets a paper plate and a pencil. At the sound of “go!” the paper plate must be held on top of each players head while they attempt to blindly draw the best turkey they can!
  • Minute to Win It: If you’ve seen the show, then you know the rules. Basically, you’ll make a few games with items from around the house, and in each challenge, you have only 60 seconds to complete the challenge in order to move onto the next. Example game: Falling leaves: The contestant must catch five leaves falling from the tree within 60 seconds.

Will you and your family try any of these games this Thanksgiving?

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Happy Holidays!

Now that you have a bunch of ideas for Thanksgiving party games and activities, nobody will be bored at this year's Thanksgiving get-together!

It also helps to play a few after dinner to avoid that post-turkey nap!

Family Minute to Win It!


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