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Thanksgiving Pies Polls

Updated on November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Pies: What are your faves and raves?

Let's face it, for some, Thanksgiving is about the turkey, but for others, it's all about the pies! I have vivid memories of Thanksgiving activity when I was a child, and the best of it was watching my mid-West raised Mom make her crusts, fill her pies, and bake. Sadly, I never learned the fine art of pie crust making, though I wing it most years (pun intended)!

This lens is dedicated to the thrill of creating, displaying, and eating great Thanksgiving pies...or if you are from a math-y family, Thanksgiving Pi!

Who Makes Your Pies?

I love making good pies, even if my crusts are a little questionable some years. I currently have a slate of 10 on my list (if you count a cheesecake as a pie, which I do). Of course, there are ten of us, so I suppose that mathematically, you could figure out that this is a ratio of one pie per person....we can get more math-y from there, but I'll save some Thanksgiving Math for later!

Do you...

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Tools for Teaching Youngsters to Make Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

The right tools can be a blessing, and kid sized tools are perfect for giving your young bakers the opportunity to participate. My 18 year old daughter bakes the best bread and desserts, and is planning to study pastry arts. She started simply, with a bread machine...when it broke, she moved into kneading her own dough, and now, no one comes close to her quality and understanding of the process in the household.

The sil-pins pictured are kid-sized, perfect for allowing your youngsters to work their own pie dough. Hands on experience will teach them what works, and what doesn't...beware, though. When they get good at the art of making pies and crusts, your waistline may suffer!

Now...about that crust!

I try to make my crusts from scratch...but they usually don't turn out well. Nevertheless, I try.

How do you handle your pie crust making?

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How many pies?


How many Thanksgiving Pies do you make?

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How many Thanksgiving Pies do you buy?

Did you

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Now, Really, How Many Pies Do You Buy?

I Buy...

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What Kind of Pie Plates?

Is the Thanksgiving Pie plate or tin important? Or is it all about the Pie?

I use...

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How Many Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pies

Pumpkin pie is the star of the many?

I buy/bake...

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If you could only have one pie during the Thanksgiving season, what would it be?

My top choice in Thanksgiving Pies is....

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When do you eat Thanksgiving Pies?

When I was a youngster, our family always had pumpkin pie for breakfast on the big day, and as a Mom, thats my approach, too. That's why I make so many pies, because they serve as breakfast for a couple of days, in addition to being a part of the dessert table at whichever home hosts the big feast.

I eat Thanksgiving Pies

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How do you top your Thanksgiving Pies?

Some Thanksgiving pie choices beg for toppings, whether it's whipped cream, heavy cream, or ice cream. What's your fave?

My pie must have...

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Have you ever made a Pi Pie?

Last year my sister surprised me with a Thanksgiving package, which arrived early Thanksgiving week:

I'm a former middle school math teacher, and she knew I would love it...I did! My mom also taught middle school math, and received an identical package. Also included were a book about Pi, a set of handwritten pie recipes, a beautiful pie server, and a box of pie dough mix. If you need a great hostess gift, or if you know a math geek, I can't recommend a Pi pie plate enough.

Well? Have you made a Pi pie?

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Put Together a Pi Pie Hostess Gift Set

Speaking of Pi

The National Geographic Movie based on the book shown above, Life of Pi, will release the day before Thanksgiving 2012...great way to celebrate Pi...or Pie!

Life of Pi, The Movie

Did you

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Easy as Pie!

Now that you've participated in my Pie polls, you know you have some Thanksgiving Math under your belt...the polling and graphing are fun math activities, and you and the kids can create your own pie polls for Thanksgiving Day! Survey the relatives, and create a colorful chart...perhaps a "Pie Chart" display what your findings are. And if you just aren't all that into math, and don't like Pi all that much, then simply enjoy the great company and good times!

Of course, if you don't like Pie, my question is, why on earth are you here?

Thanksgiving Pie Polls: Comments

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    • justDawn1 profile image


      6 years ago

      Fun lens ! :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Fun polls, nice lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a great and timely pie poll (or should I say pi poll)! I have 2 special 10 inch thanksgiving pie plates I like to use. However, for the everyday pie I use the trusty old pyrex 9 incher that I inherited from my mother. It's about 70 years old...when I use it I can still see my mother baking pies when I was a little girl. She was a real pie I like to think that her skills were passed on to me with the plate. One can only wish! :)

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Holidays is when I like pie ... rest of the year I save up the urges for Thanksgiving. LOL.


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