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Thanksgiving Coloring Pages, Printables

Updated on January 5, 2015
Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages, including printables of turkeys, cornucopias, Native Americans, and Pilgrims.
Thanksgiving-themed coloring pages, including printables of turkeys, cornucopias, Native Americans, and Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving printables are a wonderful rainy day or classroom activity for creative children to interact with holiday themes. Popular Thanksgiving motifs include pilgrims, Native Americans, turkeys, Thanksgiving dinners, the Mayflower, and cornucopias, among many others.

All of them look great, and they range in detail from very simple to complex, making printables the perfect activity to tailor to the age and skill level of the children. Not only are coloring pages an enjoyable activity, but they also offer a chance to teach children a little history.

My favorite among all of the Thanksgiving printables offered are those depicting the Mayflower, the ship that carried some of the first pilgrims to the New World—it's well designed and has a sense of history and importance.

Mayflower Printable

Mayflower Printable
Mayflower Printable | Source

As was mentioned above, this is my favorite Thanksgiving printable. This portrayal of the Mayflower, which carried the Pilgrims to the new world, looks fantastic and is a terrific image to help children understand when immigration to America started.

The billowy sails could be colored in any manner by children, even though we associate them with the color white. And the ship, even though it has a lot of detail on it, would be a good challenge for those skilled enough to stay within the lines and change up the color of some of the detail.

Plain and Pilgrim Turkey Printables

Plain Turkey Coloring Image
Plain Turkey Coloring Image | Source
Pilgrim Turkey
Pilgrim Turkey | Source

Thanksgiving Turkey Printables: Plain and Pilgrim Turkey

Variations on the Thanksgiving turkey provide appropriate material to children of different age groups and skill levels.

The top turkey printable is perfect for children who are just beginning to stretch their artistic wings, with enough leeway in the design to color outside of the lines and still look good.

On the other hand, the pilgrim turkey had a little more detail. He's a fun image with which a child can experiment with different color patterns.

Of course, let's not leave out the adults! Either of these make a good choice for grown ups who like to join in on the fun and could be included as part of the Thanksgiving décor when completed.

What is Thanksgiving without a turkey dinner? The holiday traditionally commemorates the pilgrim's first harvest after being taught how to work the land by Squanto, a member of the Pawtuxet tribe, and the Wampanoags. The original celebratory feast lasted for three days and involved various hunting expeditions—turkey may or may not have been on the menu. However, now the American fowl is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal. Here are two takes on the turkey dinner.

In the first, it's a lot of fun to see Charlie Brown and Snoopy with the turkey on the platter. Snoopy, the chef, has just come from the kitchen to present dinner to a smiling Charlie Brown.

In the printable of the original Thanksgiving dinner, a pilgrim family carries out the cooked turkey to share with everyone. The little girl excitedly clinging to her mother's dress makes for a terrific image captured by the artist. Both are fantastic Thanksgiving printables anyone would enjoy coloring and sharing with others.

Charlie Brown and Pilgrim Family Thanksgiving Dinner Printables

Snoopy and Charlie Brown Printable
Snoopy and Charlie Brown Printable | Source
Pilgrim Family and Turkey Printable
Pilgrim Family and Turkey Printable | Source

Thanksgiving Printables of Pilgrims and Indians Sharing Food

Indian Boy and Pilgrim Girl Printable
Indian Boy and Pilgrim Girl Printable | Source
Pilgrim and Indian Man Printable
Pilgrim and Indian Man Printable | Source

Since the first Thanksgiving was a gathering of pilgrims and Native Americans, images depicting the act of sharing can complement a discussion of the history surrounding the holiday.

The first one of the little pilgrim girl and Native American boy is precious. It's sure to attract the attention of children, who may relate to the way the little boy is licking his lips in anticipation of the feast. The look on the little girl's face is also delightful.

The image below that is nice as well—both the adult Native American and pilgrim also look eager to dive into the feast that is being prepared.

These printables offer ample opportunities to include a wide variety of color because of the food, feathers, and clothing.

Final Words

Using online Thanksgiving printables or coloring pages is a terrific way to get the kids or others involved with the festivities of the holiday while everyone is getting antsy waiting for the great-smelling turkey (or ham) dinner to arrive.

Coloring pages are also an excellent opportunity to share some history of the first Thanksgiving.

What's great about these printables on the Internet is you are guaranteed you'll never run out of choices and options for the little artists. Once one is finished, you can quickly find another for immediate gratification.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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