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Thanksgiving Window Clings, Stickers or Decals

Updated on November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Windows clings are a fantastic way to express yourself around the home during special occasions, and that's true during the Thanksgiving holiday as well, with a number of clings, stickers or decals available to place on glass anywhere in your home. Or you can even make your own window clings for an unlimited number of options. We'll look at buying and making Thanksgiving window clings in this article.

There are a number of themes you can use for Thanksgiving, as it not only includes traditional elements like the turkey, Pilgrims, Indians, and other things surrounding the celebration of this important day, but you can also add fall and winter designs to enjoy putting out a variety of images to enhance the windows and other glass in your home using clings.

Besides the obvious pressing of clings to stick on the windows of your home, you could also use them on other areas around the house, including anything with glass like mirrors, tables with glass inserts or centers, and even in the bathroom if you have shower doors made of glass. You could even add smaller clings to picture frames to complement the image in them. You get the idea. Anything that a cling can adhere to can work.

We'll look at some Thanksgiving window clings you can buy if you want, and we'll also look at some fairly easy ways to design window clings in your home; which should be easy to work with children to accomplish.

Once you learn how to create clings, if that is something you would want to learn how to do, from there you can make them for any season, including clings for Christmas, Halloween, fall, summer, winter and spring.

With all the special days set aside to celebrate throughout the year, there is always a cling that can be made or bought in recognition of it.

Thanksgiving Turkey Window Clings

This first set of Thanksgiving window clings is really great, and I like the deep color of the turkey, along with the rest of the design included with him. The background scenery is terrific, and the colors vibrant.

The other smaller clings are also nice, with the traditional cornucopia, as well as the fall vegetables on the lower left of the work.

Turkey Window Clings

Pilgrim Turkey Window Cling

There is no doubt as far as a symbol of Thanksgiving goes, that the turkey is the star of the season, as well as the dinner table, and it's always a lot of fun to see how it is depicted in various art forms, including the enjoyable look at a Pilgrim turkey.

It's great to see the corn, squash and pumpkin at his feet, and the way he appears to be dressed up for a meal, rather than being dressed to be the meal.

The mouse and chipmunk images are also great, including the acorns being gathered in the basket.

Thanksgiving Window Cling

Turkey Cling
Turkey Cling | Source

How to Make a Thanksgiving Cling Using Picture, Glitter Glue and Wax Paper

Before explaining the best way to make Thanksgiving clings, I want to say to start with that you should look for pictures that are large and simple, rather than those with more design elements or possibly even ornate in look. You want to get the concept down before attempting something more difficult. That will keep you or others from getting frustrated and feeling you can't do it.

Now when talking about pictures, I'm referring to taking one from a coloring book if you have one with some Thanksgiving images in them. If not, just go online and do a quick Bing search using the term "Thanksgiving printables" for the word search. A bunch of results will come up, and you can look through the wide variety of Thanksgiving pictures until you find one you like.

Once you find one, whether in a coloring book or from the Internet, just cut it out in the case of the coloring book, or with the printable, save it and print it out. From there you cut it out as if you found it in a coloring book.

The next step after you get your picture ready is to take a piece of wax paper and place it over the image so it's completely covered. You also want to be sure when you do it you can see the picture when looking through the wax paper.

After that, take the glitter glue you have on hand and color in the picture. Be sure that all the colors you use connect to one another. If you're having trouble with that, have a narrow object like a toothpick near by so they glue colors can be pushed together if need be.

Don't be afraid to add a lot of glue color, as you want to be sure to totally cover up the wax paper. From there, let the glue dry for about a day or so.

Once you know it's dry, simply peel the wax paper off the the picture created using the glitter glue and you'll have your own Thanksgiving window cling ready to put on a glass surface.

Make a Thanksgiving Window Cling Using Foam

With this Thanksgiving window cling design, you use a piece of craft foam 1/8" thick, wax paper, and a permanent marker.

The first step is to choose a specific Thanksgiving image, and then take the permanent marker and sketch it in on the foam. If you're working from a print, you can use an object with a narrow end like a nail or pencil to press and outline it over the craft foam. From there take the permanent marker and trace it over the indentation you just made.

What you've just done is create yourself a stencil to make the window cling with.

Now cut out the design you just made using the permanent marker to outline it on the foam. Remember that this is a stencil, so make the cut accordingly. After you have the foam stencil cut out, put it on a piece of wax paper.

Next take some white glue and food coloring and blend them together until you get the color you want for your cling.

Take this colored glue mix and pour it into the foam until it fills up. Let it sit until it dries. The best step here is to allow it to dry during the night hours.

When the glue is dry lift the foam off of the wax paper and glue and you now will get your look at the Thanksgiving window cling you made yourself.

For a more clean look take the cling off of the wax paper and remove any extra glue you may find around the edges of the cling. All that's left is to place it in the location you want it.

Homemade Thanksgiving Glass Clings Using Fabric Paint and Sheet Protectors

For this way of making Thanksgiving window clings, you need the same type of paint you use for fabric, along with a clear sheet protector.

If you're not sure what type of paint this is, or the best containers to use, buy those paint tubes you can easily squeeze and which come with a thin tip. The paint itself will have a gel-like consistency which is also translucent in look.

As with the prior Thanksgiving window clings, using a pattern from a printable or coloring book works very well. Again, the best designs are those that don't include a lot of detail to them. If you want to be more creative, wait until you get the simple designs down before tackling more intricate ones.

And if working with children, be sure to stay simple unless they're extremely patient and gifted.

Once you decide on which design to use, place the paper inside the sheet protector, which of course must be a clear one. The image or drawing must be facing up in order to be easy to see. If you're not sure handed, you can tape or put something on it to help hold it in place. Use a flat surface for the tracing portion of the project.

Next decide on which color to use to trace the outline of the image. If you've never used this type of paint bottle before, you must shake it while holding it upside down in order to get the paint to be ready. Another important step is to hit the end of the bottle on the top of the work place to make sure there aren't any air bubbles in the paint receptacle which could cause some skipping.

At this point it's time to start tracing with the paint. With the sheet protector in place and image facing up, start drawing around the outline of the design on the top of the protector.

You want to have a solid and thick layer of paint in order to see the window cling easily, so when needed, don't be afraid to give an extra squeeze to ensure the paint will be thick enough. If the paint is coming out okay, don't do any extra squeezing, or you could put too much on and distort the outline.

How you determine if you're putting too much paint on is if you're seeing bubbles. If you do, then there is too much paint being used.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes though, as it can be cleaned up later using a cotton swab. Once you complete the outline, look at the instructions for the paint you are using to see how long it should be left to dry. For most paints of this type it's about two hours, but check to be sure.

At this point you can get creative. You can now take other paint colors and fill it in as you desire.

Experience has shown that it's easier to focus on one small part of the cling design at a time for the best results. Start at the sketched in outline and work your way in. What you do is fill in the blank area one thick line at a time right next to each other until the area you're working on is completed.

Now take a thin object like a toothpick and begin to bend the colored lines into one another until they blend together and the lines are no longer defined.

After you fill in the entire picture, that part of the job is over. All that's left is to allow it to dry overnight. Don't get too anxious to test it out. Let it sit for about twelve hours before you test it. Keep in mind the paint was put on thick, so it'll take a little time to dry.

Take the plastic sheet protector once it dries and just peel the cling off from it. It's now ready to place on whatever surface you've decided to put it on.

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Whether you're acquiring clings for Thanksgiving, or making them yourself, they are a great addition to any decoration theme for the holidays.

Now that you know how to make clings at home, it also offers a wide variety of design options to include in your decoration repertoire. You could even use some bought Thanksgiving window clings and add some accents of your own to complement them.

However you do it, decorating your windows and other glass areas with themes for the fall and Thanksgiving are a terrific way to share the season with family and friends.


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    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Sounds like such a fun thing to do with the kids, thanks for sharing! Reminds me of doing this in grade school. Lots of smiles!


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