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Thanksgiving Fun Run and Turkey Trot Costumes

Updated on November 16, 2013

Ahhh. Turkey Day. 10K Fun Run Day.

Some people research recipes for the perfect stuffing, cranberry sauce or pie crust. Others are looking for the perfect Turkey Costume that will be comfy during a 10K Thanksgiving morning race.

I love getting up at 5 am Thanksgiving day and putting on my running gear. I ran in the San Jose Turkey Trot last year. I'm not fast, and it was a huge race, so I started in the back with the "Stroller Mommies". Believe me, nothing will make you run faster than a mommy (dressed as a turkey) running past you while pushing a jog stroller with twins.

Anyway, lining up with thousands, yes thousands, of other like minded souls at 7 am waiting for the starting buzzer is well, exhilarating. Feels kind of like belonging to a club where you just need running shoes to be accepted.

The Feel Good Factor

Raising Money for Homeless Shelters

This particular starting line is better than the all the others because profits are donated to the homeless. I dropped off my can food donations in the bins by the portapotties. I started that race with a warm feeling in my heart pulsing downwards, channeling into my running sneakers.

Running for Pie

Let's be frank, at the 3 mile marker, everyone is thinking of one thing. PIE! What kind should I have? Pumpkin, Apple, or a bit of both? And if I run my PR, can I have a second slice? If I negative split the last 3 miles, can I have ice cream on top?

So what is the perfect Turkey Trot Running Costume?

So depending on your geographical location and weather, your choice of costume might vary. In San Jose, a turkey hat is my first choice. With the legs on the turkey hat tied up, there is minimal bounce and few flapping bird parts. The hardcore creative runners may want tail feathers attached to the back fanned out like angel wings- but if you are running for speed, they aren't very aerodynamic or light.

If you are running in Detroit, join the other turkeys who are fully dressed from head to toe, probably with a base layer underneath to prevent freezer burn freezing in the frigid morning air.

I'll be the one wearing the Gobbler Hat with pretty homemade feathers covering my bum- a practical and comfy costume idea. I'll change my base layer depending the Thanksgiving forecast.

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OK. It looks cold out in Detroit. These guys really layered up- very cool costumes.

Forum Novelties Men's Adult Fleece Turkey Costume, Brown/Yellow/Red, Standard
Forum Novelties Men's Adult Fleece Turkey Costume, Brown/Yellow/Red, Standard

If it were cold out (like really cold), I bet this could work with a base layer of running clothes.

Turkey Adult Costume (As Shown;One Size)
Turkey Adult Costume (As Shown;One Size)

I might cut off the legs on this and just wear running tights...


Will you be running this Thanksgiving morning?

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    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 3 years ago

      Oh, what fun. I'd never thought about how the runners would be dressed up, but it looks like you all get involved in a big way for a very appropriate cause.