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Christmas Gifts for Mom

Updated on December 11, 2010

It's Christmas time and it's time to shop for Mom! She's one of the most important people in our life and she deserves the best, but you're not sure what to get her! When it comes down to it, comping up with Christmas gift ideas period is a hard task. There are so many different kinds of gifts out there, and it's difficult to find the perfect one! Mom means so much you want the best for her, so lets look at the best gifts to give her!


Candles are a perfect gift to give to mom! They smell sweet, refreshing, delicious (depending on the type of scent you get of course) and make the room inviting. They light up the room and make them just a cozier place, a mini essence of a fire!
Candle Warmers-
they're also a perfect gift to give to a mom always on the go. Many people don't light candles because they're afraid they're going to forget to blow them out and they are going to start a fire. Candle warmers are pretty and they work just as well when they aren't lit because they spread the scent around the entire room. Your mom would love to recieve this gift! Candles and candle warmers won't let you down, French Vanilla, Birthday Cake, Banana Bread, and Clean Cotton, lavender and baking smells are some of my favorite scents that many others like as well!


Lets face it, all women love jewelry! Jewelry is an essential accessory that adds the perfect touch to an outfit. It can be earrings, a necklace, a ring, a bracelet, or even a watch. Jewelry doesn't have to be expensive you can find it at almost any kind of store and they can be simple or fun and colorful, any woman loves jewelry so its a perfect get. Watches are becoming a fashionable trend to wear lately, especially white watches with the white diamonds around the face of the clock. They can be inexpensive or expensive depending on your choice and what you want to get. They go with anything because they're white and are a very useful accessory to have because we all rely on our cellphones these days for the time. If our cell phone goes out, a watch would be very nifty! Jewelry is a staple in a woman's life (:


PURSES! Mom's can't have enough purses. Women take purses everywhere. If they don't have a purse, they have a simple wristlet or clutch that is necessary for their daily needs. A purse is one of the most important thing a mom has to carry around, it has her wallet, phone, lotion, important items needed to get through a day! You can get really nice purses from Vera Bradley for a reasonable price. Wallets, or a simple change holder, or even makeup bags, or luggage carriers make a perfect gift. Vera Bradley is a staple brand for almost every woman and if it isn't she must not have heard of it yet because it's one of the most fashionable and reasonable brands out there. There are many patterns to choose from and they have all the essential kind of bags a woman could need! Travel bags can be found in the Vera Bradley collections as well. Purses are an extremely cute item to carry and a woman can't have enough of them. I'm sure your mom will love to receive this gift!!


Slippers are a great idea! Mom's love to be comfy and cozy and sliding on a pair of fuzzy and soft slippers are a perfect touch when being in and aroudn the house. They can super inexpensive as well if you shop at a Kohl's/Target/ Kmart/Wal-mart! If you want to spend a little extra cash I would recommend buying the Uggs slippers brand because they're a very very cute brand to own and many women want them if you want your mom to be up with all the high brands! They make many mock or fake ugg slippers in all different stores, so if you want to find a pair like them I'm sure you can if you look them up. Slippers are a very awesome way to stay comfy and are a perfect gift to give to your mom!


Reading a good book and snuggling up by the fire. What mom doesn't love to read a good book!? Christmas is one of the best times to read because you have the perfect atmosphere with all of the decorations and lights. All you wanna do is just be in the room and relax, relaxing with a book and hot cocoa sound like the life to me. I'm sure your mom would a agree. Get her a new book to read, maybe she has a favorite author you cold h=ask her about or a favorite series, or a favorite movie that has a book out that she hasn't read yet. A great author I would recommend would be Nicholas Sparks, he is a talented writer and many women love to read his books. He wrote the Notebook, The last Song, and many other books that have turned into movies. Another one of my mom's favorites to read is Nora Roberts.
Kindles! Have you ever heard of the traveling electronic book you can take anywhere, and when you're done you can start another one right away?! Yes, the kindle is an amazing device, a little pricey because they run 200, but it is well worth it. My mom takes hers everywhere and when she has time to sit down and relax anywhere she can pull it out of her purse because its so skinny and just finish where she left off at in her book! You can read more than just a book, because you can buy other magazines, newspapers, and more from your favorite author. Hands down a perfect gift to give!


Who doesn't love chocolate!? Chocolate is a perfect and delicious gift to give to your mom for Christmas. Chocolate is the perfect delectable treat and it makes you happy. Chocolate is inexpensive and you can find it almost anywhere, Toffee is also a good choice. You can buy a basket of chocolate or a box of chocolate for a pretty reasonable price. If your mom is a chocolate fanatic, another great gift to give her is a fondue maker. She can dip fruit and pretzels and other things and eat use it whenever she wants. Its fun to do with a group of her closest friends for a get together and with the family, maybe she'lll even share it with you! They can be found at Kohls, Target, or many online stores you will be able to find them. Hot Chocolate is a good choice too. Godiva sells delicious varieties of hot chocolate mixing. It's winter time and snuggling up by the fire and sipping hot chocolate is a perfect combination! Chocolate, yum!

Personalized Frames and Photo Albums

Mom's love to have memories of their kids, a perfect gift to give to your mom would be a personalized picture frame of you and her together. You could buy a frame with mom engraved on it or a personal message for a relatively low price around 15, depending where you buy them from. If you search for them online you will find many adorable frames that would be perfect to give her for Christmas. Another perfect gift to give her would be a Photo Album of you and your mom's memories together. She would absolutely love to reminiscence the past with a photo album created by her own child! You can find photo albums with blank pages where you could create everything on your own and make it really personal or you could find a photo album with it partly created to help you finish the page. Photos make a perfect gift in general, a great Christmas gift to gift to mom!


Does your mom have a special scent she likes to wear? Is in need for a new one? Perfume is an awesome gift to give your mom for Christmas. From Vera Wang, Dolce & Gabanna, Ralph Lauren, Jenifer Lopez, Calvin Klein,  Ed Hardy, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguliera, or even just regular yummy scents like warm brown vanilla sugar? You don't even have to limit your gift to perfume, you could get her a body lotion, shower gel, or a conditioner & shampoo set! The possibilities are endless. Your mom will enjoy using a new scent from one of her loved ones for Christmas. Victoria secret and Sephora are some of my favorite places to find new fragrances and I am sure you can find one that your mom will love!

Get her a Subscription for a Magazine!

Women love to read magazines, they keep you busy and entertained when you need to work out on the treadmill, or just need to relax with a glass of wine. It doesn't matter if it's about Cooking, Fashion, Health and Fitness, or House Keeping Ideas. Buying a year subscription of a magazine for your mom another really awesome gift idea for you to give her. Some of the good reads that my mom likes are Good House Keeping, Shape, Fitness, of course the celebrity updates with PEOPLE or Us magazines, if your mom is really into health she will probably like to read the Nutrion and Wellness, Women Health or fashion magazines like Vogue, In Style, Lucky. Most magazines are monthly, some are weekly, it all depends on what you decide to get her. She will love receiving this monthly/weekly present!

Jewelry Box!

Remember that little jewelry box you had as a kid that used to make music when you opened it? A jewelry box would be a perfect gift to give to mom, whether you it makes music when you open it or not. She can put all her collected jewelry that sits on her bathroom counter in it and keep it all organized without the necklaces getting tangled up. Jewelry boxes are great because they're a pretty item to have and its very useful when trying to find those earrings that you don't know where you put last week, but if you have a jewelry box you won't ever have that problem! They can be simple and inexpensive or they can be as big as a mirror with an opening with all your jewelry inside. They range from all different sizes and prices, you can't go wrong with a jewelry box for mom, she'll love this gift!

Personalized Ornaments!

Is your mom the one who loves to decorate the Christmas tree with all the homemade Christmas ornaments that you made as a kid? The ones that you made in arts and crafts? Personalized Christmas ornaments are one of my mom's favorite gifts! She loves to get them because she knows her kids were thinking of her and knew she would love them! You can find personalized glass ornaments and you can have her name on it, or you can find ornaments that are pre-made where you can put a picture of you or you with your mom in it together. Either way she will love this idea! You've got to get her one this Christmas, you'll be her favorite kid (: Ornaments are the best part of the tree!!

Personalized Apron!

Does your mom like to cook? Does she make that yummy apple pie every year for Christmas? Is she a messy cooker who always gets flour on her clothes and has to change when she's done? Get mom an Apron for Christmas. It'll be so helpful whenever she enters the kitchen when she knows she doesn't have to change when she's done because she got all the mess on the apron and can just throw that in the wash when she's done .You can make her a personalized apron or you can find many adorable aprons at all department stores. I'm sure she will love this gift and the thought of you wanting to help her get the job done easier will make her love you even more!

Get her a CD by her favorite Artist!

Does mom love to listen to Shania Twain and scream at the top of her lungs in her car when she knows she's the worst singer! Get her a Cd for Christmas because she's been dying to get it but hasn't gotten around to it. You could even make her a cd for Christmas with a bunch of her favorite songs by different artists and not just one. When you think of listening to music you also think of Concerts, CONCERT TICKETS are an amazing idea for a Christmas present or any other day! You can find tickets online and see if her favorite band or artist is coming into town and get her a ticket to go see them! She would absolutely love this idea, but you may have to get her an extra ticket so she can go with her one of her girlfriends or you could even go with her if you like to listen to the same music she does. Concerts are so much fun, she will LOVE this gift!


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