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The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015

Updated on September 16, 2015
MarcStorm LM profile image

If I was rich I would buy all the costumes I've always wanted and have a huge room, in a mansion, full of them... for some fun times.

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015

Halloween is getting closer! Time to check out some great costume ideas... Also, costumes aren't just for Halloween! There are plenty of special occasions to dress up like your favorite character's - like comic book, video game or cosplay conventions, as well as parties - or any time of the year, to have fun and role play, etc. So let's take a look at some really great ideas for what character you could be.....

From superheroes to princesses. From a zombie apocalypse survivor or victim, From Vampires to Werewolves & the all time favorite, popular & unique costumes over the years......

Image Source:

Captain America Children's Costume

(Click Here To See More)

I highly recommend any of these great costumes I've listed on this page. I'm a huge fan of dressing up as my favorite characters. I even have a bag full of masks too. I eventually plan on adding some of the items, that I've put on this page, to my arsenal of awesomeness!

This page is full of great ideas for everyone in your family, for any time of the year......

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When my brothers & I were younger, in the 80's & 90's, we would dress up like superheroes, by stuffing blankets into the backs of our shirts and run around our bedrooms, and the entire house, fighting crime. One time, I went to fly into my brother and he moved just as I got to him and the bed post was exactly behind him and I crashed, nose first, right into it, which sent me right to the emergency room to check if I had a broken nose, thankfully it wasn't broken - let that be a word of a warning, we can't be real superheroes but, we can still dress & act the part!

Superheroes are always a great costume idea. Superman, Spiderman, & Batman are just some of the Superheros we wish we could be. Even if we couldn't be these characters, we absolutely wish they existed. Keeping this world safe from the evil & dangerous villains who wish this planet to be full of anarchy & chaos! Check out some of these characters you might want to be.......

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Back in May of this year, the new Avengers movie came out, Age of Ultron. I still haven't seen the movie yet, but I will when it comes out on Blu-ray in October. You can pre-order it on Amazon btw.

I love superhero movies! I saw the first one and loved it! I've also seen all the standalone character's movies as well.

Captain America is a sharp idea for a Halloween costume... I may or may not dress up as him this year, I have to wait and see, with all the ideas I list on this page and my other pages full of them.

I can't wait to see the new Superman vs. Batman movie when that comes out as well.

Captain America

Marvel Rubie's Men's Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Adult Captain America, Multi, Standard
Marvel Rubie's Men's Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Adult Captain America, Multi, Standard

After checking out all the different Adult Captain America costumes I really like this one. It's the sharpest looking one. It doesn't come with the shield but you can pick up a really cool one for about $30 bux on Amazon as well. It's listed on the same page as the costume, as an optional accessory to buy, in the "Customers Who Also Bought This Item" section. Yes please!


Don't You Wish Superheroes Really Existed?

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Princess Costumes - Frozen

Every little girl dreams of being a princess! Even when they've grown into women, they still hold that dream in their heart - that someday they may be swept off their feet by prince charming. My niece is around the age of tea parties and princess longings. With all the fairy tales in the movies, it makes them dream it even more. Cinderella, Snow White....there are so many well known princesses who dream of living happily ever after. So if your daughter, or you, are dreaming of being a princess, then why not dress like one this year!?!

Last year, my Mom & I decorated like crazy for my niece's Frozen themed Birthday Party. If you'd like to see what we came up with you can check it out here... I wrote all about it and shared our pictures of it all. I think it came out amazing!

How To Throw A Frozen Themed Birthday Party

The biggest hit for girls costumes is from the movie Frozen. That movie came out awhile ago but it still remains in the spotlight as one of the best animated movies. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't make a sequel.

Disney's Frozen Elsa Deluxe Girl's Costume, 4-6X
Disney's Frozen Elsa Deluxe Girl's Costume, 4-6X

When it comes to Frozen costumes, specifically Elsa, this is the most affordable dress for her that there is on Amazon, and the highest rated!

They also have some Anna dresses to choose from as well.

Whichever character your daughter goes as, or you for that matter, because they sell adult costumes too, don't forget to get the corresponding wigs to match.

Check out the funny & cool Olaf costumes on Amazon - for both kids and adults.

They don't sell any Sven costumes or Kristoff as far as I've been able to search.


More Princess Outfits To Check Out

Ebay has a wide selection of Princess costumes and materials to make them. You should be able to find a nice affordable dress on there, here are some immediate ones to see.....

The Walking Dead

The Zombie Apocalypse

I know what you're thinking, I just went from talking about princess dress ideas for Halloween and now I'm talking about zombies! Well, we all have dreams, and some of us wish that there was a zombie apocalypse so we could add some spice to this already chaotic & sometimes brutal life. lol Zombies will never exist, but, we can still have fun dressing up like a member of the living dead or an apocalyptic survivor - the soon to be zombie food!(Not without a fight though!)

The show "The Walking Dead", that airs on AMC is a hit! I love that show! A group of zombie apocalypse survivors, traveling through the wastelands of America in search of a glimmer of hope, all the while...fighting off zombies, as well as, the even more deadly, each other, the living! It's dark, gritty, filled with drama, suspense and some golden speckles of comedy. They call the zombies walkers, but the title of the show actually refers to the unturned human survivors who struggle to stay alive, they are....The Walking Dead.

The 6th Season starts October 11th. I can't wait to see what happens and where the show is heading..... it's always an adventurous, fun, gorey surprise. Perseverance & heart!

*Ok, so, One huge thing to point out about "Walking Dead" costumes is that they don't really make many of them,and especially, for the main characters. They make a Rick Grimes costume, that is available on Amazon. It's his Sheriff costume that he wears in the beginning of the show. From what I've seen for the reviews though, it's not a high quality outfit - I've heard someone say that the only thing decent about it would be the shirt.

But! The good thing is that as the show went on, he wears regular civilian clothes now so it's easier to dress up like him for Halloween! You should just make your own Walking Dead character costumes from scratch, using high quality clothes & accessories!

*Scroll down and you'll find some really great ideas I listed, for items on Amazon, to make or complete your Walking Dead costume!

Here's some more information about The Walking Dead If you've never watched the show, I would suggest you not read anything about it, so you don't ruin it for yourself. There are spoilers on that link, for all the shows that have already aired up until now!

I've listed a couple of ideas for Rick, Carl & Daryl(up next) - but, if you need some more ideas for other characters:

Michonne - all you need to do is see what clothes she wears and then match them - don't forget to get a toy Katana Sword! Michonne is the pure definition of the loner. She is well suited for it, she can move faster alone with her skillful apt and without worrying to have to protect anyone. But everyone who is alone, can't live alone forever without eventually coming across someone....That's the truest test of character, what you do in those situations and where you take it.

Merle - Match his clothes, but when it comes to his handblade, you could make your own with some cardboard and silver ducttape! Merle is one bad dude! Just like his brother. The difference is that Merle has lost his way and delved too deep into not caring about others, except his baby brother Daryl. Does or did he change his ways, you'd have to watch the show to see what happens.

The Governor - Get some black jeans and a black shirt, paired with an awesome black trenchcoat and an eye patch! Don't forget a toy machine gun and a holstered gun! It was cool to see the episode where The Governor & Rick met to make a peace treaty. They each have some similarities but you can obviously see that The Gov is the bad one and that he is the opposite of Rick. Like if Rick was bad from the start, you could see him being exactly what The Governor is, but thankfully he is not!

Check out these next ideas.....

The Walking Dead - Ideas For Daryl

Rick & Daryl are probably the most popular characters on the show and if they were killed off people would be outraged! No question about it!

As far as costumes go, I haven't come across an official costume for Daryl.... so I thought I'd showcase some cool accessories to get your costume going if you want to be him.

Here's an excellent toy crossbow that uses foam darts.

NXT Generation Boys Crossbow

You definitely don't want to walk around with a real one on Halloween, especially with real arrows loaded!

With that crossbow, you're one step closer to being Daryl!

Grab a black pair of jeans, a t-shirt and slip on this vest and you're pretty much Daryl!

Then go around and keep saying "That's my brother, Man!" while using his accent of course lol Make sure you accentuate the word Man! haha (He didn't really say that line(or at the least, more than once lol). I'm not sure if he did or if I came up with that - either way, I think it sounds hilarious!

Daryl is a great idea for a costume, his character is awesome!

I also found some Rick & Carl ideas as well, they are up next!

Hot Leathers Heavy Weight Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Vest (Black, X-Large)
Hot Leathers Heavy Weight Cowhide Motorcycle Leather Vest (Black, X-Large)

With 7 sizes to choose from, from medium to 5XL, you're covered, whether you're a thinner Daryl or a heavier set one. Someone's been eating too good during the apocalypse? lol

This vest is of cowhide leather. It has 4 snap buttons for enclosure and 3 pockets(one inside).

I suggest buying some other cool accessories to really hammer Daryl's awesome-ness home, like fingerless gloves, rockin' sunglasses, and don't forget some sweet fake knives and/or guns!


The Walking Dead - Rick & Carl Ideas

As far as being Rick or Carl, all you need is a Sheriff's hat, or more recognizably, a cowboy hat will work!

That cowboy hat is a child's one but they also sell adult ones too, that are as high quality as that one is.

Carl is growing up fast! Who wouldn't in a zombie apocalypse?

As the show went on, Rick was eventually not wearing a Sheriff's outfit and has been wearing regular clothes. So you don't really need a sheriff's outfit to look the part.

You do need a badge though! to be Carl or Rick! Down below is a really high quality badge from the show, matching the one from the Walking Dead!

Also, if you follow that link to Amazon, you'll see that they also sell patches that you can put on your clothing, saying King County Sheriff. Furthermore, Amazon has the rope for the Sheriff's hat like the one in the show - a chin strap, etc..

In the show, Rick passed the badge off to his son(with words of wisdom) but, at the end of the 3rd season, Carl has some serious emotional problems to work out and carelessly(on purpose) showed Rick disdain by treating the badge in a bad way!

*Just FYI, they've been selling out of the badge and I don't know when it'll be back in stock, you might have to go with a regular Sheriff's badge. Also, if you want to put together Rick's Season 1 police officer uniform they sell some shirts that match, in the recommendations section and they also sell a Walking Dead King County Sheriff's hat - that'll make your costume complete, if that's the way you're going.

Also, don't forget to get a sweet side-arm revolver, like Rick has. That's if you're going to be Rick, otherwise you'll have to buy a toy gun and duct tape an empty plastic soda bottle to it, to look like Carl's gun with the silencer.

Rick's character looks so cool with a side-arm belt holster, housing a sweet revolver. I loved the bar stand off at the end of the episode, "Nebraska"!!! One of my favorite good guy scenes ever!

Do You Watch Or Have You Seen The Walking Dead?

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Does Your Costume Scare You?

Donald Trump for President?

Presidential costumes!

The election season is starting to heat up. With many, new & old, contenders throwing their hats into the foray, it's no doubt why Donald Trump is getting the most buzz and is a current front runner in the polls. He's a celebrity, and he's not someone who holds back his tongue. But, like all the other candidates generally try to do, he's saying what people want to hear.

However, for the most part, I think he's not going to be a BS'er about what he'll actually do because he has enough money so that he doesn't have to worry about needing other people's money, so-called contributors... companies, agendas, lobbyists; payouts and bribes.

I thought Hillary Clinton was going to be a good candidate but the more I see of her, she seems like a fake person & awkward, the wrong kind of awkward(not like Johnny Mac on BB17). I just don't see her being anymore of a shell, for people in power to fill with their own agendas & money, someone(her) to do their bidding for them.

As for a female president candidate, I prefer Carly Fiorina. I thought she did very well during her first debate. I like her so far and she seems like she could really do it all.

As for Jeb Bush, he seems normal, but I still think something seems/feels fishy about him. It could be just the reaction to the limelight. A bigger stage than he's used to. He does seem smarter and more coherent than George W.

Bernie seems like he's got the right stuff but he's too old, I don't think he'll last. I guess we'll just have to see as it all comes down to the wire next November, in 2016.

I'm looking forward to other stuff, like the Olympics and etc., more than the election. I personally think it's pointless, unless they cut out the whole rich person stuff and the candidates are actually everyday people who are on a level playing field, and the ones(mass public) who are actually in the splash zone for what laws are being passed and enforced. Not rich big-wigs sitting in their palaces, counting their money and figuring out which land, air & water they want to soil next, with their poisons, to make more money and further their greed for cash & power.

Those are just my opinions, but let's get back to costume ideas...

As far as presidential ones you could be Donald Trump this year, by getting one of his joke wigs on Amazon or with a mask of him down below and dressing up in a nice suit, tie & shoes. Or you could be any other kind by just buying a mask, likes the ones similar to the movie "Point Break." If you haven't seen that movie, it's like a different version of Fast & Furious. replace the cars with surfing and the stealing from tractor trailers with bank robbery, otherwise it's the same story different stuff, and both are fun! The movies that is, I love the fast and furious series. It's really sad about Paul Walker!

Donald Trump Mask

Donald Mask - Donald Natural Latex Mask
Donald Mask - Donald Natural Latex Mask

The billionaire, debonair, Donald Trump. What more can you say except, "yeah, baby!" lol quiver your lips to the side or numb to the middle and recite some of his famous lines or make up your own. Grab a nice suit and concordant get-up and you've got yourself a funny & current Halloween costume for this year, or anytime you want to have some fun.

Follow this link to Amazon to find some more great costume ideas.


I'm Batman!

One of the most anticipated movies a few years ago(and further) was, "Batman Begins," "The Dark Knight," and it's predecessor "The Dark Knight Rises." This Halloween, why not try to have the best Batman character costume to beat them all. I think the best way to go about getting your own batman costume, is to make your own! Ultimately, the costumes they sell online aren't that great, but if you check out that mask up top, it will take you to the Amazon page for the item, down the page it shows more accessories and the accessories, by themselves are higher quality than any full Dark Knight costume you could buy. So I highly recommend if you have the money, that you put it all together yourself, the mask, the cape, the arm gauntlets, etc.

Batman Villains

If you're interested in the Batman villains, there are also a lot of great ideas to choose form on Amazon as well. One of my favorites is the Scarecrow mask from "Batman Begins". That is one freaky and scarymask. It was a little horrifying to see that character in the movie when the victims would be sprayed with that mind altering, hallucinogenic drug mist. That one will definitely send some chills down someones spine or even make them freeze in their spot when they see you wearing it.They also make a children's size for this mask, if you look through Amazon - both are highly rated!

Also, if you're looking for some really scary costume ideas, be sure and do an Amazon search for "Scarecrow Costume", there are some pretty crazy ones to choose from.

Looking for a great Batman villain costume/mask idea?

Check out this awesome Bane Mask, it's really high quality and way better than the cheap, multicolored ones that aren't so good. This one is top notch and a little expensive.....I put the mask on my other costume ideas page, definitely check it out: Quite Possibly! The Best Bane Mask!

Batman The Dark Knight Adult Batman Full Overhead Latex Mask, Black, One Size
Batman The Dark Knight Adult Batman Full Overhead Latex Mask, Black, One Size

As I just said, you should totally make your own Batman costume from scratch, by buying all the pieces and putting them together because the Batman costumes that are available for sale on Amazon aren't very good. The mask and all the accessories are excellently rated, just make sure you check the reviews and ratings to find the best pieces to use. You also may have to improvise certain aspects of the costume when making it because you may not be able to find every piece you need or want. Be smart about it and check what you need and/or want. And of course, the prices, unless money is no object for your epic costume this year!


Trick Or Treat!!!


Ah yes! Catwoman! That sexy, sultry, smoking hot feline, bad girl! Why not dress up like her, ladies? You'll most certainly have a lot of eyes on you when you wear this costume! The majority of the Cat Woman costumes, available online, aren't that great, according to the ratings and reviews BUT! Recently, there have been more in stock items hitting the shelves of Amazon and there are some more highly rated ones showing up. You should read the reviews for any costumes you want to buy and if you think certain pieces of them are junk, then buy what you need to replace the items/accessories or make even make a full costume yourself - that's always the best way to do it!

Cat Suit Adult Costume
Cat Suit Adult Costume

This cat suit does not come with the boots, but everything else that is shown does. You get the jumpsuit and the headpiece. You'll probably want to get a toy whip, unless you already own one ;) *wink wink

Make sure you read reviews for any whips if you decide to get one.

On Amazon, there's a really great "Rubies Co" Catwoman mask that you might like to use more than the one that comes with this one up top. It' about $20 and has a really good rating/comments.


Zombie Bride

Women Zombies

They make a lot of different zombie costumes so if you can think of a certain element you would like in your costume then search for that with the word zombie on Amazon and you might get lucky, they might have it.

(That costume pictured above is by Leg Avenue and it's called "Dead And Buried Bride")

This next idea is for a women's or girls costume. A Zombie Bride or Wedding Costume. Also, remember that you can take any costume and turn it into a zombie it up, get it dorty, buy fake blood, latex wound prosthetics, etc.

InCharacter Costumes Women's Bloodless Bride Costume
InCharacter Costumes Women's Bloodless Bride Costume

Is your boyfriend taking too long to propose? Are you going to be dead before he pops the question? Or... Are you getting divorced, or want to be?

"Til death do us part!"

There are a few different Bride costumes to check out on Amazon. Check out the one called "Marry Me Dead" There are some really great women's costumes to check out. Funny, cool, sexy & whatever idea you have give a search and see what you find, they just might have it!


The Best Couples Costumes

Maybe this Halloween you're going with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or with just a friend and you want to go as a couples costume theme, then check out these costume ideas.........

There are a number of different of directions you can go with choosing a couples costume. I love the idea of "Little Red Riding Hood." That's what that costume is, pictured above. It's a highly rated costume and it's sexy! It's not that much money either! As far as the wolf costumes go, there are equally priced and highly rated costumes available on Amazon as well. There are a lot of werewolf ideas but here's one that goes more with the theme of Red Riding Hood, it's the big bad wolf dressed as granny, it's's the link to that one, on one of my other costume pages I've put together: Big Bad Granny Wolf

Secret Wishes Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume, Red, Large
Secret Wishes Sexy Red Riding Hood Costume, Red, Large

With a 4 Star rating, of over 200 reviews, this costume is going to have the wolf howling crazy! It's really a great idea for a couples costume. The red riding hood isn't too expensive, but if you or your boyfriend wants to do the wolf one, there are either just a mask and hands option or you can buy a hardcore, expensive, full-on wolf costume. Check out amazon for more!


Couples Costumes Ideas

Need some more couples costumes ideas? Here are some more ideas through Amazon to check out. They have a wide variety. If you check out one of these, Amazon also displays more couples ideas on their pages. This plug and socket one is always a favorite go-to for couples. It's not too expensive either.

Rasta Imposta USB Port and Stick Couples Costume
Rasta Imposta USB Port and Stick Couples Costume

This is just one of the many couples costumes you can find on Amazon that is super affordable. This is a funny USB port charging costume for him & her. They also sell a very successful plug and outlet one that I know some people who have bought. Check out the Peanut Butter & Jelly, Wine & Cheese, as well as, the Adam & Eve ones... all on Amazon...


Group Costumes

Maybe this Halloween, instead of going it alone, or with just a friend, maybe you're going with a group and want to wear the same themed outfits?....Maybe you all have a favorite tv show or movie, and want to dress like the characters. Just think of a great idea and then check Amazon to see if they have them.

They make a full Brady Bunch cast package, of all the character's costumes, but it's sold out at this time. I don't know if, or when, it will be back in stock. The Angry Birds costumes are a cool idea! There are enough characters for everyone to dress up in one....when you do, make the birds noises from the game lol Get a couple of people in your group to dress up as pigs and then jump across the room to get them - try not to get hurt or break anything though lol

You could even buy some plush toys of the angry birds characters and make your own game boards in your living room, or any room of your house, and try to take out the plush pigs with the plush birds. They sell all the plush characters and even the monkeys, some of them even make noises!

Angry Birds Yellow Bird Adult Costume - Adult Std.
Angry Birds Yellow Bird Adult Costume - Adult Std.

The Angry Birds are still going strong, fighting against the pigs, monkeys and other assortments, on land, through the air, over water and even in space!

They're a great idea for group costumes because everyone can be a different one and some even multiples of each. They sell all the different birds, ine ach size, either kids or Adults. Some of the costumes don't say if it's kids or adults, so you can usually tell which is for which by the product photo, if it's a kid in the photo it's for a kid, if it's an adult, it's for an adult.


More Video Game Costume Ideas.......

If you're looking for some more cosplay ideas, as well as video game costumes, then check out this other article, full of great ideas, that I put together:

The Best Video Game Characters & Cosplay Halloween Costume Ideas For 2015

The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Super Mario and many more great classic video game costumes to pique your interest.

Cosplay On Ebay

eBay is the best place for finding cosplay costumes! There are ones that are mass produced for affordability and availability, or you can get one that someone specially made or put together. Rare, popular & unique lives on Ebay!


Forum Novelties Men's Double Occupancy Costume
Forum Novelties Men's Double Occupancy Costume

This costume is hilarious! It's expensive and it sells out quickly. The picture pretty much explains itself. If it's the one you want, I'd get it while it's in stock. You just have to supply your own shoes/sneakers because your feet are underneath the bed - if you can see where your feet will be in the picture. I want this costume so bad lol The size for it comes in standard size and the chest width is 42" So make sure you measure yourself to see if it'll fit. I don't know the height. Also, there are no ratings or reviews for it so there's no way of knowing if it's any good - for quality. It always sells out quick for Halloween then the companies have to scramble to get it back up. lol


Vampire Costumes

This a really cool vampire costume to check out! You'll definitely look sharp in this one! Check it out on Amazon for more details! I don't think the cane comes with it, just the cape and the vest, basically all of the shirt stuff. It's kind of pricey but nice and it's kind of popular and highly rated.

Maybe you're more towards wanting a Werewolf costume...There are some really really awesome ones on Amazon to check out! As for Werewolf costumes, you can either be the werewolves from "Twilight" or maybe "Red Riding Hood", or the "Three Little Pigs", maybe even the one from the movie "The Monster Squad". Those right there are some great ideas to build on for couples costumes, if you need more ideas! I'm sure they even sell more outfits, for those ideas, on Amazon or elsewhere!

California Costumes Men's Very Cool Vampire Costume, Black/Silver,Large
California Costumes Men's Very Cool Vampire Costume, Black/Silver,Large

Are you a creature of the night? or can you be out during the day too? Either way, a vampire might be right up your alley. You know what they say! "You can catch flies with honey, but you can get more honey's being fly!" lol

Suave, sophisticated & deadly, a vampire is that tall, dark & handsome that women want. Buy a book of pick-up lines on Amazon and get ready for the Halloween party this year, don't forget the teeth and a cane! Boom!


Underworld Selene Costume Idea - Authentic One of A Kind, How to make your own!

This authentic outfit/wardrobe/costume, which was worn by Kate Beckinsale for her role as Selene in the movie Underworld: Evolution is no longer available. It was a one of a kind collector's item and has sold.

***That slick suit up there is a prop from the movies, that Kate Beckinsale actually wore, on set! It was definitely pricey! That item has been sold and no others exist, but you could always make your own costume with the next items down below.

Another hugely popular set of vampire movies are the Underworld movies. So why not be Selene this Halloween

The Perfect Rubber Suit!

Now that's a hot suit! You can use that suit for an excellent costume, aside from Selene. Just try and think what direction you want to go and try and find some really cool accessories or items to add to it. It would work perfect for a Cat Woman costume as well. Next up a wet look, rubber hot catsuit....

Wet look long sleeve Catsuit With Front Zipper Closure by Coquette Black L
Wet look long sleeve Catsuit With Front Zipper Closure by Coquette Black L

If you want to be Selene for Halloween, then this suit is for you. All you need to do it now pair it with a great latex type trench coat, try searching for a Trinity Matrix costume coat on Amazon for that and also get some really sweet boots if you don't already own a long black pair of them. There are some really good ones that show up in the possible accessories section on the following page, linked to Amazon for this costume/suit.


The Best Halloween Mask Ideas - How to make your own costume....

That's a picture of a bunch of masks and accessories that I own - all from my bag of awesomeness(as I call it). I made a special page dedicated to all the ideas I have in my arsenal...all focused around how to make your own costume and with the ideas of building one around a mask.

The Best Halloween Mask Ideas

On that page, I'm sure you'll find some great ideas.... like how to make your own nerd, secret agent or matrix costume and so many more. It's full of mask ideas...from comedy to horror...Enjoy!

Up next is also a great mask idea, one that I don't talk about on that other page......

This funny & scary old man mask is finally back in stock! It was out of stock for quite some time! It seems to be a widely sought after one! You better get it while it's hot! I think it almost looks like what Beavis, from Beavis & Butthead, would look like old! Do you see the resemblance?

If you need a really funny mask idea, to put on anytime of the year, be sure and check on Amazon for a mask called "Accoutrements Horse Head Mask" That mask is so Awesome! I first saw that mask on Tom Green's website/blog, back when he first started doing web postings. He filmed himself wearing it late one night, listening & moving to an Arcade Fire song, it was entrancing, enjoyable and hilarious! You can't go wrong when it comes to a great Halloween mask to wear. The masks even come in handy for scaring or catching someone off guard for anytime of the year. For a good laugh or a good scare you can't go wrong!

Disguise Men's Male Oldie Costume Mask, Beige/White, Adult
Disguise Men's Male Oldie Costume Mask, Beige/White, Adult

Get it while it's hot! This old man/grandpa mask sells out very fast leading up to Halloween. If you click this link and it's sold out, trying searching for it, there could be another listing up, after this one.

If you want another funny mask, try the always popular Horse mask, or other old person masks, there are other ones. Spend the day or night searching through all the different masks. There are so many to choose from.


Were You Able To Find A Great Costume?

If you're looking for more costume ideas, check out one of my other pages with more ideas...

10 Funny & Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For Adults - 2015

Characters like the ones from "Family Guy" & so many more ideas, on this list. All the ideas on there are either Funny or cool, there are no scary ones, except for maybe one Frankenstein type one that is supposed to be more funny than the scary/creepy look it has.

Stay Safe This Halloween!

As Always, Stay Safe Out There!

Wear reflective clothing, travel in groups, bring a flashlight & avoid the egg throwing, shaving cream monsters. Don't overindulge from people's "take some candy" baskets that they have laid out for trick or treaters. Make sure you check the candy, although I doubt you'll be the rare victim of the urban legend apple flavored razorblades or poisonous candies.

So whether or not you're trick or treating or going to a Halloween party, be sure and stay safe and have as much fun as you can! As far as statistics go I've never heard of anyone dying from laughter. Some people could die from fright or being scared though. Some people, mostly the elderly, have weak hearts. But you never know, there could be a young person with a heart condition. So give someone a scare this season, but think about it before you do it.

Did you already decorate for Fall & Halloween? If you're someone who decorates for Fall or Halloween, then you'll want to take a look at this article that gives a lot of great decorating ideas and it even has some ideas for Thanksgiving as well. Also, even if you don't decorate, you should still be able to enjoy the pictures I took of my decorating and the ideas that are really cool, like the toilet monster gag/practical joke lol!:

Halloween & Fall Decorating Ideas For 2015

I took pictures of all the decorating I did for my house and shared some ideas on what you could use and incorporate. It's chuck full of helpful information.

Have A Great Season Everyone!!!

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What Are You Doing This Halloween?

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Are You Going To A Halloween Party This Year?

Did I Give You Some Good Ideas For Costumes?

What's Your Favorite Costume You've Ever Worn Or That You've Seen Someone Else Wear?

Do You Have Anything To Add?

© 2014 MarcStorm LM

Are You Going Trick or Treating This Halloween?

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    • MarcStorm LM profile image

      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @DANCING COWGIRL: Thanks! I handpicked all of them to showcase, with quality in mind.

    • DANCING COWGIRL profile image

      Dancing Cowgirl Design 5 years ago from Texas

      What a cool showing of costumes. I like so many of these.

    • profile image

      akunsquidoku 5 years ago

      Great lens, amazing job!

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 5 years ago from Mobile, AL

      Yes I'm going trick or treating with the nieces and nephews and having a Halloween Afterparty for them. And I must say this is one of the best Halloween lenses I've seen. I can tell you put your heart into and lots of time. The photos really bring it home.

      ***Blessed by a SquidAngel

    • profile image

      Gail47 5 years ago

      Great lens - lots of choices!

    • PaulWinter profile image

      PaulWinter 5 years ago

      We don't do trick or treat, but my grand kids would love one the Superman costumes.


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