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The Best Mermaid Costumes for Halloween or Cosplay

Updated on October 15, 2016
Costumes shown above are featured below.
Costumes shown above are featured below.

Make a Splash this Halloween in One of These Mermaid Costumes

Mermaids are perennially popular costumes for Halloween. Whether you opt for a creature from classic Fairy Tales, Folklore or Disney, there are a lot of choices from sweet to sexy.

We've searched for the most popular AND the most unusual mermaid costumes and assembled them here for your convenience.

We've also included some interesting facts about mermaids that you may not have heard of before plus a few short and interesting mermaid videos that explore the topic.

You'll find marvelous mermaid costumes for infants, toddlers, kids, tween, teens and adults. Although we usually think of costumes as restricted to Halloween, they are great for creative play for kids all year round.

The Littlest Mermaids in our life Adore this Costume - Yours will too!

California Costumes Toys Little Mermaid Costume
California Costumes Toys Little Mermaid Costume

Every little girl loves mermaids and this outfit is sea-sational! Includes sequined lurex dress in aqua and purple plus headband with foam seashells. (Seaweed boa sold separately.) Available in children's sizes X-Small through Large. Click link for measurements and additional details.


Mermaid Mythology

Photo of The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen is available in a variety of sizes and formats at
Photo of The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen is available in a variety of sizes and formats at | Source

Mermaid Mythology

Mermaids have captured the imagination of many since long before Hans Christian Anderson wrote "The Little Mermaid" in 1836. From Ancient Assyrian and Greek mythology until today, sightings have been reported, although whether they are fact or fiction remains open to conjecture.

Generally depicted as half woman and half fish, mermaids can be benevolent or malicious. They appear in the lore of every continent and are the subject of operas, books, films, tv shows and even comic books.

There are more than 135 municipal mermaid statues in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Perhaps the most famous of these is the bronze mermaid seated on a rock in Copenhagen's harbor that was inspired by Anderson's fairy tale and has become an icon of that city and of all of Denmark as well.

Did you know?

Christopher Columbus reported seeing three

mermaids in the Caribbean during his voyages.

He wrote: "Sighted three Mermaids on Jan. 4, 1493. The creatures rose high out of the water, but were not as beautiful as I had expected."

Magical Mermaid Kids Costume

Let's Pretend Pink Mermaid Costume
Let's Pretend Pink Mermaid Costume

Sized for toddlers through medium (8-10), this shimmery costume will make your little mermaid the star of the sea, not to mention Halloween.


Want to learn more about Mermaids?

Start with this collection of the fascinating history of Mermaids

Mermaids: The Myths, Legends, and Lore

by Skye Alexander

The allure and mystery of mermaids has taken hold of our psyche for ages. From the Irish merrows who come on land to search for human husbands to the fake Fiji Mermaid made popular by P.T Barnum, these sea maidens (and sometimes men) can be found in folklore and mythology from every tradition in the world.Inside this captivating collection, complete with beautiful illustrations throughout, you'll discover the myths surrounding these enigmatic beings, explore the common symbols associated with them, and learn tales of merfolk from around the world. Dive into Mermaids and get swept away!

Sexy Sirens - Adult Mermaid Costumes

Just a few of the many mermaid costumes for women to choose from at
Just a few of the many mermaid costumes for women to choose from at | Source

Did you know?

Although many think of Sirens as Mermaids whose Songs lure sailors to their doom, the Sirens of Ancient Greek Lore were actually half woman and half bird. Sirens are often called mermaids and vice versa, but whether you believe them the same or not, the bewitching voice of the siren is also a common characteristic of mermaids.

Cute Mermaid Costumes for Infants through Tweens

Little Mermaid Toddler Halloween Costume (Size: Toddler 2-4T)
Little Mermaid Toddler Halloween Costume (Size: Toddler 2-4T)

Available in Toddler sizes 2 - 4T. Comes with seashell design top, fin-tailed skirt, glovelets and headpiece.


Do you believe in mermaids? - Have you seen one?

Do you believe mermaids are real?

See results

Did you know?

On June 16, 1608, Henry Hudson wrote in his diary:

"This morning, one of our company looking overboard saw a mermaid, and calling up some of the company to see her, one more came up and by that time she was close to the ship's side looking earnestly upon the men. A little after, a sea came up and overturned her. From the navel upward, her back and breasts were like a woman's, her body as big as one of us; her skin very white, with long black hair hanging down her back..."

Mermaids or Manatees?

Did You Know?

The first mermaids were merMEN...

and were originally considered deities

in ancient Babylon (Oannes, Ea, and Dagon) and

Greece (Triton, the son of Poseidon and Amphitrite)

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