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The Best Star Trek Gifts

Updated on November 9, 2012

If you are looking for the best Star Trek gifts you have stumbled across the right lens. Star Trek is an excellent Sci-fi series that has gained a large and dedicated fan base all over the world. Buying a gift for a Star Trek fan should be easy, after all there are hundreds of Star Trek related merchandise and products available however this is not always the case.

A large selection of Star Trek gifts can be overwhelming and choosing the right gift can be a real chore. Because of the popularity of Star Trek there are also plenty of fake and counterfeit gifts sold by dishonest sellers, so you do need to exercise some caution and take a bit of care.

If you want the best Star Trek gifts without having to spend hours trawling through loads of websites check out the products below, all of which are hand-picked and all of which any Star Trek fan would like. So, please do check out the rest of this lens.

USS Enterprise

There are plenty of models of the USS Enterprise around, and whilst these look nice they don’t really serve any purpose. Well, here we have a model of the USS Enterprise that is also a phone, made by Telemania. This phone, which is an exact replica of the USS Enterprise, will delight all Star Trek fans.

When a caller is on the line the red alert sounds and warp nacelles flash, so you will instantly know when the phone rings. Personally, I think this is a pretty cool feature but if you don’t like it, or grow tired of it you can always revert it back to a regular ringer.

Overall, this is an excellent phone and one that all Star Trek fans will enjoy.

Star Trek fragrance

The Star Trek perfume Pon Farr is designed solely for the ladies and is named on the Vulcan mating ritual that was first seen in the "Amok Time" episode. Containing citrus, blackcurrant, lotus blossom and water lily this perfume is described as fruity and dramatic, but also light and exotic and scented to "drive him wild".

This is an excellent gift for any female Star Trek fan or the wife/girlfriend or partner of any male Star Trek fan. For a slightly difference fragrance the Perfume Pon Farr is definitely one to consider.

Star Trek Strato Chess

Strato chess takes the game of chess to the next level and turns it 3 dimensional over 3 levels. If you think chess is too easy then take a look at Strato chess for a real challenge. Strato chess isn't easy and it is going to take some time and practice to learn to play, but boy is it worth it. A Strato chess board makes an excellent gift for all chess players, regardless of their age or ability.

Even if you don't like to play chess the Strato chess set makes an excellent gift as it can simply be used as an ornament or a showpiece to put on the mantelpiece. The brushed aluminium and all black squares look really cool.

Star Trek Cookbook

Have you ever wondered what a traditional Klingon, Bajoran or Vulcan meal is? If you had to host a dinner party for these people would you know what to cook and how to cook it? I am guessing the answer is no.....


However, with this cookery book you will have access to all the different types of meals and the instructions needed to prepare some of them. The range of meals is vast and there is something for everyone.

So, if you know a Star Trek fan, who is also a dab hand in the kitchen, this cookery book will make the ideal gift and it won’t break the bank either.

Star Trek Bridge Commander

There are many Star Trek computer games on the market but none of them are anywhere near as good as Star Trek: Bridge Commander . This video game is simply awesome and puts you, as the game player, right in the driving seat of the USS Enterprise. Rather than you controlling the awesome USS Enterprise yourself it is up to you to command your loyal team to pilot the ship, under your watchful eye. Look to the left and you will see your navigator and look over your shoulder and there's your science officer. With this game you are the commander and it is up to you to decide what your team should do, once you have listened to all the reports of course. The graphics, sound and game play are simply superb and make for an enjoyable game.

The good thing about Star Trek: Bridge Commander is the unique control system that works flawlessly. The only real negative is you can't save between missions, so make sure you save regularly.

So, if you are going to buy a Star Trek video game make sure it is the Star Trek: Bridge Commander as it is a game all Star Trek fans will enjoy.

Star Trek Encyclopedia

The Star Trek encyclopaedia is the perfect gift for all Star Trek fans. Every Star Trek fan will learn something from this book, even those that think they know all there is to know about the Sci-fi series.

The Star Trek encyclopaedia is jam packed full of information about places, people, weapons and starts to name just a bit. There are also illustrations, drawings and photographs that really bring this book to life. Many people think that encyclopaedias are boring however this is not the case with the Star Trek encyclopaedia as it makes an excellent gift for any Star Trek fan.

The best USS Enterprise captain

There have been a few Captains of the USS Enterprise over the years, but which one is your favourite, and more importantly, why?

Who is the best captain of the USS Enterprise and why?

See results

If you have any comments, rants or raves please feel free to note them in my guestbook. Similarly, if you have any other top Star Trek gifts you would like to share please feel free to do so here.

Your comments are welcome!

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