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Greatest Valentine's Day Gifts for Men

Updated on September 14, 2015

Best Men's Valentines Gifts

What makes a certain gift on Valentines Day for a guy "the best"? Is it because the gift was a perfect fit for what the guy likes best? Or was it simply because he appreciated it so much he was really grateful for receiving it?

The truth is that different men like different things differently, so what might be the perfect gift for one guy could be totally the wrong one for another. The trick is in knowing which is which!

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Just so that you don't feel like the world has passed you by on this, I decided to put this lens together to try and help you decide what is the right gift on Valentines Day for your guy. At least I'm coming from a guy's perspective, so I have some qualification in that department!

To help me and you, I've included a few lists of stuff that us available to buy from Amazon simply because its so easy and the choice is so vast, even if you don't see the exact gift idea displayed, you'll get some inspiration for something similar. And you'll most likely find that something by clicking on the item that gave you the idea and seeing what Amazon recommends as alternates.

You can also see what other people are buying in relation to the item. Its a pretty slick operation, really!

Best Valentines Gifts for Guys

So what are the best gifts? Who can tell better than the guy himself, cause most guys know what they want or what they'd like to receive as a gift. The only problem there is if you want to surprise him with something nice, how on earth are you going to get that information?

Well, if you can't get the story straight from the horse's mouth, go to the next best source which will be his mother, father, brother or sister (usually in that order but not always!)

Actually, maybe skip the brother part. Sometimes brothers like to play practical jokes on each other... And you wouldn't want to end up buying him a certain gift that could give his brother a big laugh and you a very red face!

So what ideas can I give you to get started with? Here are some cool things:

Cosmetics for Men

Well, personally I don't much like being pampered with guy cosmetics, bath oils, scents, colognes, body sprays and all that stuff. Despite what the media would have you believe, there are a lot of guys that don't go for all that stuff either.

A simple way to find out is to simply check his bathroom cabinet and see what he has in there.

If you open the cabinet only to find a razor, a toothbrush and a lot of empty space, you might want to try another approach, because either he hates all that stuff or he's too mean to buy any for himself. Relax, he's probably not so mean--he's just a man!

On the other hand, if its chock full of different scents, scrubs, oils, lotions and the like, then you have a green light to get him something from the cosmetics department! To give you some starter ideas, take a look at some of these below from Amazon and see if there's anything in there that grabs your attention!

What Would Your Man Like as a Valentines Gift?

What Would Your Man Like as a Valentines Gift?

See results

Hobbies and Interests Gift for Men

When a guy isn't into cosmetics in any way, shape or form, chances are he'll appreciate a different kind of gift more in keeping with his personality. One of those might be the kind of hobbies or interests he has. Not saying its a given, just its a good probability!

The only thing about this idea is that hobbies and interests can cover such a wide scope of things, it would be impossible to list them all here! Not even going there... But I will give you this timely hint: Check out what he does with his spare time and it won't take too much figuring out which his favorite interests are!

Most guys go for things they can afford as well as what fires them up in their spare time. So the chances are you will be able to find a really creative gift that's closely related to what he loves doing in his leisure time (when he's not spending it with you, of course)!

Below are some hobby ideas that might grab you:

A Men's Valentines Jewelry Gift

Probably one of the more popular kinds of Valentines Day gifts for him is jewelry of some description. Most men will be taken by a nice shiny trinket especially if they can wear it in such a way that everyone will know they're wearing it! Gold is generally tops for this and the bigger, brasher and more expensive, usually the better (or its probably not worth them showing it off...).

Take a look at some of these ideas to see if anything comes up on your shiny radar:

A Timeless Valentine's Gift a Man Will Love

When all else fails, men like to be able to tell the time in the time honored fashion of checking their wrists and not fumbling around for their phone. A nice watch usually goes down well with most guys. Just make sure you have a fairly good idea of the kind of watch he prefers, such as one with multifunction, or not (some like them simple), day/date display (my personal preference), diving capability (even though he never goes in the water...) etc.

Men's Sports Gifts for Valentines Day

Some guys skip the hobbies and prefer to play sports in their leisure time. This can be a great place to mine for information on what he might love as a Valentine's gift. If he's a member of a sports club of some kind, you could check it out and maybe ask some of his sports buddies what he might be able to use in conjunction with his preferred sport.

Some guys like to get active by cycling, running or rollerblading in the fresh air. There are always things they will need like protective clothing, elbow or knee pads, maybe a new helmet or just a cool pair of shades!

Some guys are easier than others, of course. Like if he plays football, there are plenty of accessories that go with the game, plus some slightly more romantic side-lines such as chic underwear for instance! Just don't go too far and end up getting him something his buddies will get too much of a good laugh from!

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