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The Best Video Game Characters & Cosplay Halloween Costumes 2015

Updated on September 17, 2015
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If I was rich I would buy all the costumes I've always wanted and have a huge room, in a mansion, full of them... for some fun times.

Cool & Awesome Video Game Characters & Cosplay Costume Ideas For 2015

Whether it's Halloween, a Comic Book, Video Game(E3) or a Cosplay Convention, this page has you covered on some great video game character costume ideas. Link from The Legend of Zelda, Master Chief from Halo, Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog and so many more classic characters - all from retro games and straight on through to the newest characters.

I've spent countless hours playing video games in my life, ever since I could get my hands on a controller and understand what the game was about and what I was to do. What monsters to defeat, what lives or friends to save...the whole good guys vs. bad guys struggle. Saving the world! Saving the princess!

Much like wishing superheroes were real, so do I wish that video game worlds and characters were real! Being the main characters or fighting side by side with the heroes of these games has always been an awesome dream. Well, if you can't be in the world of the game, then bring the game into the world. Put on the legendary costumes and harness the weapons of your heart!

I will always be a huge fan of video games! This page is slam-packed with great costume ideas; unique, rare & popular costumes all around. I will be adding more and more costumes as time goes on, so be sure and check back in once in a while to see some new ideas.

The Legend of Zelda Costumes

Link & Zelda Costumes

One of the first games I ever remember seeing as a kid was The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo. My brother was able to play it before me because he was 7 years older than me. My mind wasn't awake enough, seeing as how I was really young. The game first came out in 1987 in the United States. So I'm guessing it was right around there that we had the game.

Image Source

Ever since I first saw that game, I loved it - That awesome golden cartridge for the Nintendo! I especially loved, "The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past" for the Super NES.(I just recently had to sell my copy of the game, on eBay, because I needed the money, I wish I didn't though!) All of the Zelda games center around the kingdom of Hyrule and the struggle of good versus evil in the form of the good elves, one in particular named Link, battling the bad guy named Ganon. Zelda refers to the princess who rules Hyrule. Basically Link has to get the triforce, pyramid artifacts, that are broken into pieces and scattered in different locations and to stop Ganon from ruling the world etc.

*There has been some talk, over the years, that they're going to make a movie! I've still yet to see any progress though. I hope they do make one and that it turns out awesome! When I first saw the first Lord of The Rings movie, I really liked Orlando Bloom's character Legolas and the whole bow arrow awesomeness that was going on, it made me think of Zelda's Link! He could be a cool choice for casting, but yeah who knows!

Next up are some pretty cool Link & Zelda costume ideas. Unfortunately, there are no Ganon costumes that I could find.

This is the most affordable costume you will come by, for Link, from The Legend of Zelda. Every other costume is expensive, and they're the kind of ones that you can send in your measurements to the seller and they custom make, tailor your costume for you.

*It's funny, when I was younger, I always thought Zelda was the name of Link's character and that the princess was just called princess or something else. I still prefer to call Link, Zelda! The reason for that is because when you're younger, and you hear a name you don't know if it means male or female, you're un-biased.

The Best Zelda, Link Elf Ears

You can't be dressed like an elf without the ears! It's the same thing as dressing like a Vulcan.

These ears have a 5 star rating but are kind of expensive, they're definitely worth it though, to complete your costume. At least they should last you awhile so it might be a good investment.

I don't know what it is, but I Love girls who look like elves! lol

Aradani Costumes Large MANGA Anime Elf Ear - Ear Tips
Aradani Costumes Large MANGA Anime Elf Ear - Ear Tips

I love women who are naturally elf looking. Surprisingly enough, Jenna Elfman always resembled one. I love when I come across a cute as heck girl who looks like all she needs is a festive robe and a sword and she's ready to battle for the light.


Link's Shield - Excellent!

This is an awesome item. It's a specially made wood & metal shield, like that of Link's! It's a must have collector's item if you ask me. It's so choice!

They also sell his sword's, from the game. They sell foam ones for LARPing - which would work well for Halloween. They also sell replica, metal, real ones to showcase on your wall etc. Awesome stuff I tell ya! Awesome!

Have You Ever Played Zelda?

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Legend of Zelda On eBay

The best place to find gaming stuff, of every kind, is on ebay. The Legend of Zelda and Link especially. I just recently sold my Legend of Zelda SNES game - A Link to The Past. I would've thought that I would've got more for it but hmmm still it's a classic and highly enjoyable.

The Legend of Zelda on Youtube

There are countless hardcore Legend of Zelda fans out there and they love to show it. Fans love wearing the costumes and even making their own movies. Be sure and catch up on anything Hyrulian on Youtube - whether you're familiar with it all, or not at all, you might just like it!

Super Mario Bros. Costumes

Another hugely successful game that I remember from my youth....... Super Mario Bros! Those Italian plumbers, cleaning the pipes and battling Bowser & his minions for the princess. Collecting coins, lives and running conquer flags up their poles. Swimming with squids, dodging smiling bullets & watching your step so you don't fall down the empty pits of death, as well as lava!

Put on your plumber outfits, don't forget your mustache, or your little mushroom friend and let's get some candy!

You can't go wrong with a Mario costume! The reviews and ratings for this one are really good! I personally don't own this one but I'm not a big fan of the moustache size. I'd probably buy a separate moustache on Amazon to go with this outfit. Either way, it's an excellent costume idea!

*They also sell a kit on Amazon, of just a Mario moustache and hat, in case you don't want to buy this complete outfit or maybe even have one already?

They sell all the different character's costumes and in all sizes - children and adult sizes.

1 Up!


This is a child's size costume for being Princess Peach!(They're also available in adult size) That damsel in distress, who, you know, can give Bowser a whopping knuckle sandwich! but would rather wait for Mario to save the day, maybe for his pride/ego but also so she can have a happily ever after story book ending, oh and also because Bowser can be stronger and likes to tie her up so she can't fight back too much!

How's about some zombie themed video game/cosplay costume ideas? Get one of these costumes and make it into a zombie costume with some fake blood, ripped clothes and zombie makeup & prosthetics! Zombie Mario & Pals! I bet Wario! would look pretty scary all zombified!

Super Mario Princess Peach Child Costume Size: Medium
Super Mario Princess Peach Child Costume Size: Medium

This is a child's costume but they also sell adult ones. I thought I'd mix and match the different age ones in case a father and daughter wanted to go trick or treating dressed up in the classic nostalgia.


Super Mario - Who do You Like Better?

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Super Mario On eBay

There are collectibles O'Plenty on Ebay for you Mario worldly needs! They'll look great on your shelf or desk to get you through the work day, dreaming of everything Mario - imagining your boss as Bowser and the cute girl from accounting as the Princess. You and your best cubicle buddy saving the day with your paper fireballs and paper wings!

Angry Birds Costumes

Angry Birds - The games a hit! Slingshotting those crazy birds into those pigs and monkeys is definitely a good time! That game is addicting! Break the wood, the glass and stone to get to the candy. Knock out them piggies and crash bang the monkeys this Halloween season.

It's a bird revolution! So do your part!

Birds or Pigs?

There are many Angry Birds characters to choose from, like the main red ones who can crash it anything with power. Or you could be one of the bad guy evil pigs who wants to enslave the birds and rule the world of wood, glass & stones! They have every one of the different characters from the Angry Birds games on Amazon.

Paper Magic Group Angry Birds Red Bird Costume
Paper Magic Group Angry Birds Red Bird Costume

Amazon sells every different bird from the Angry Birds game. Crash! Bang! Oink! Oink! We will fly and soar across the sky, fresh from sling and into your buildings of wood, glass & speculum. You won't destroy our lands, imprison our tenement. Sacré Bleu!


Assassin's Creed

I've never actually played the games yet but they look awesome! The costumes look equally as awesome. There are a lot of different character's costumes available on Amazon. They also make custom tailored ones. If you choose one of those(custom tailored).... what you do is, you order it then send your measurements to the seller, they make it and then you wait until it gets delivered. You'd have to hurry if you want a tailored outfit in time for Halloween though, it can take time(Chances are it's too late once it gets to the middle of October). A lot of the Assassin's Creed Costumes are pricey. This coat/jacket up above is really cool! You don't even have to just wear it for Halloween, you can wear it anytime you need a jacket. It comes in 6 dual-colored options to choose from - take a look by following that link under the picture.

There are so many tailored costumes to choose from, for more than just this game - they also have Link from the Legend of Zelda games costumes, and even the Final Fantasy ones that are next....

Leg Avenue Men's Assassin's Creed 8 Piece Ezio Deluxe Deluxe Costume Cosplay, Grey, Medium/Large
Leg Avenue Men's Assassin's Creed 8 Piece Ezio Deluxe Deluxe Costume Cosplay, Grey, Medium/Large

Assassin's Creed outfits are pretty sweet! They sell all the toy weapons too, like gauntlets and the like. Hidden arm weapons to boom your enemies or party-goers this Halloween.

Check out all the swag and the fanfare!

They also sell the same designs and awesomeness for women's costumes too!


Final Fantasy Costumes

By far, without a doubt, one of my favorite series of games are the Final Fantasy ones. I've played just about all of them. Those games will be with me, in my mind, body & soul until I die!

Image Source

My love for them are undying and they will always have a special place in my heart! It's so easy to see why the games have countless fans. Why the fans also wear their costumes, not just on Halloween, but for their own enjoyment and for conventions like E3 and Comic Con, as well as others. I've still yet to buy one but I will! that's pretty much a guarantee. I've made my own duct tape dragon costume that could easily be a Bahamut or etc. I even made my own cardboard armor and sword. But maybe instead of making your own full on costume from scratch, you want to see about buying one....... here are some ideas for ones to check out......

Save the day with this 5 Star Amazon rated & reviewed Cloud Strife costume. We have to stop that Meteor & Sephiroth's plan on making this world a dark vessel to travel the many universes as a harbinger of death!

Sephiroth! the ultimate bad guy from Final Fantasy, not discounting Kefka of course! If you really want to look the part with an authentic costume, then this is right up your alley. It's costly but it's under $100.

Sephiroth, the bringer of destruction. Do you want to turn the planet into a dark vessel to travel the depths of space an conquer each world? Well, that's what he wants to do lol

CosplaySky Final Fantasy Costume ff VII 7 Sephiroth Cosplay Halloween Coat XX-Large
CosplaySky Final Fantasy Costume ff VII 7 Sephiroth Cosplay Halloween Coat XX-Large

I won't let you destroy this world with your poison. I won't allow you to turn the planet into a dark vessel so you can traverse the galaxies and consume all matter. I, we, will fight you with our lasting breath, love in our hearts, love in our lungs. You will curse the day you tried to curse us all. You will rest in peace, or pieces, it's your call!


You Learned A New Spell!

Tifa! That beautiful boxing brunette that loves Cloud! I'm in love with Tifa! But she's taken and that makes me sad! I want to live in the slums of the reactor city, Midgar, with her and fight Shinra!

She's busy taking care of important stuff but still finds time to kick some butt with her friends by her side!

Which Final Fantasy Is Your Favorite

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Final Fantasy On eBay

I have bought and sold a lot of Final Fantasy goodies on Ebay throughout my life! Have you?

Have You Ever Worn A Video Game Character Costume?

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Pac-man Costumes

Quite easily, the most famously recognized arcade game is Pac-Man. As time goes on though, the newer generations probably won't remember the little yellow guy chasing after points and running from ghosts until he got enough power to chase after them and eat them. What a fun game! You should pass on the joy of the game to your kids so they can play it.

So chase after the ghosts and ghouls this Halloween with a Pacman costume....

This is a Pac-man costume for adults, there is also a child's costume, it's the same exact looking costume, just smaller.

So, eat your dots of energy and cheese but look out for the ghosts and ghouls!

Speaking of the ghosts, they also sell all the costumes for each of the characters, inky, blinky, etc.

Be sure and check out the Ms. Pacman costume!

Energy Boost!

Have You Ever Played Pac-Man?

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Sonic The Hedgehog Costumes

You know him, it's Sonic The Hedgehog! That super fast, blue furry critter running through the loopty loos, collecting coins and battling Doctor Eggman, Dr. Robotnik. I love that game! It's like pinball coolness. Dodging spikes and all those hazardous objects to finish each level. Hit the spikes, lose your coins! The Sega logo and it's awesome soundbite.

Slip on this costume and really wow everyone with a really well done Sonic costume! Spin your way through the crowds........zooommmm

Professional Hedgehog Sonic Mascot Costume Adult Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Outfit
Professional Hedgehog Sonic Mascot Costume Adult Halloween Costume Fancy Dress Outfit

I'm sure this one'll get hot, you might want to buy a professional ice cooling thing if you go with it. It's mascot type one. I'm sure when you're hanging out, you'll prolly be holding the head in your hands to chat and drink a brewskie!


I wish they made a Sonic costume kind of like this one, for adults. I wouldn't paint my eyes like that though, but that's just me! The only adult sized costume they seem to have is a mascot one - I guess that's still a novel idea but those are expensive.

Time AD 211596 Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Child Costume - Small - Blue
Time AD 211596 Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic Child Costume - Small - Blue

This is a child's Sonic The Hedgehog costume, but they finally sell an adult one! It's not that highly rated but still works. This is the best kids one there is, as you can see by the ratings and reviews. There is another one that has different colors to it.


All About Hedgehogs: What Are Hedgehogs?

Have You Ever Seen A Hedgehog?

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Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic Face Fleece Cap

I like this fleece cap idea! I just love Sonic! This is a very highly rated hat on Amazon.

I like that it has his face on it, unlike the next one.

Sonic The Hedgehog Fleece Hat

The material they use for the Sonic costumes or clothing is great, that fleece type material. It's fantastic and I want to get this hat so badly! I like this one better than the face of Sonic but at the same time I think they're both awesome!

There's nothing cooler to me in a costume than a pair of white gloves! I've always had a fascination towards white gloves, all big and puffy, so cool! You could always gets regular white gloves.

GE Animation Great Eastern GE 8805 Sonic The Hedgehog Stuffed Plush Gloves, 11", White
GE Animation Great Eastern GE 8805 Sonic The Hedgehog Stuffed Plush Gloves, 11", White

Hits the blue curve slappy! We gotta take out the baddies and collect the rings. Catapult! Brrrriiiiiinnnkkkk Watch out for the spikes! Supercharge that wheel and we'll blast through the course. Water won't slow me down! I'm after that finish flag and bosses brilliant!


Health Low!

Mega Man Costumes

Another blue character from an amazing game is Mega Man. He's a runner and a jumper too. Battling many different elemental type bosses, on their own turfs. He uses his arm gun and his abilities he acquires from the bosses he beats to keep fighting other bosses in their arenas that require special skill. Collecting batteries and dodging the gauntlets of the bad guys homelands. It's a great game and my brother and I are big fans of the games.

Mega Man is a rare costume idea! Who knew they made some cool stuff! Put on your helmet, get your battery energy cravings and check out this next accessory to compliment your MegaMan costume.....

*Also, if you happen to know the Mega Man games then you'll also know who Protoman is, if you follow the helmet link to amazon you'll find the cool Protoman Helmet, maybe you'd rather go with that sharp looking one, or buy both and switch into it later in the night.

How do you expect to blast away the enemies and harness their skills if you don't have a blaster! Now you can blast them and take their battery bar leftovers and work your way towards that evil Dr. Wily!

*Just like the helmet before and even for this buster glove, they sell one for Protoman if you want to buy his arm too! Cool Stuff! It comes in red just like Protoman's red helmet. You just have to search Amazon for it, or follow the links to these items and sometimes they're listed in the recommendations section, or you can just type it in the search bar at the top of the Amazon page.

GE Animation GE-8187 Mega Man 10 - MegaMan's Helmet Cosplay Hat
GE Animation GE-8187 Mega Man 10 - MegaMan's Helmet Cosplay Hat

Megaman, the other blue meat! I've got your batteries, your powers and soon I'll have the map! Give me whatcha got and I won't stop until I'm wiley!

GE Animation GE-8186 Mega Man 10 - Mega Buster 17" Plush Glove
GE Animation GE-8186 Mega Man 10 - Mega Buster 17" Plush Glove

MegaMan doesn't get his props! Wear this Booster gun and let them know who you are! Oh, and they also sell a Proto Man helmet


Mega Man On eBay

Ebay has everything MegaMan. Soon I'm going to re-sell my Mega Man X SNES game, seeing as how I have to relist it because the buyer didn't pay. That person is getting a negative review chalked onto them, for not even responding to any messages either!

A fantastic Orc mask, costume idea! How much do you love WOW!

It would be fun to try to build a costume around this mask. Ripped clothes, green body paint, some sort of cool clobbering weapon and then an accent, spouting out words from the first WOW games....Zug Zug! Dahmu!

Power Up!

World of Warcraft Costumes

Without a doubt, one of the top, biggest, most popular MMORPG's (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) around. I can still remember the first PC game version for World of Warcraft. You could play as either Orcs or Humans and battle the other race. You had to make soldiers, construct buildings, weapons, boats, food, pretty much everything that is needed for a living being to consume, to procreate it's offsprings and wage war against it's mortal enemy who wishes to end you! That game was epic! It's no far jump that the creators would come up with even more treats for gamers to sink their teeth into. The World of Warcraft shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

To Warcraft or Not To Warcraft?

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You've Unlocked A Secret Level!

Were You Able To Find A Costume You Liked?

If you weren't able to find a costume that you wanted or you want some more ideas then check out these other pages of ones I put together:

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If you haven't decorated for Halloween & Fall yet, here is a helpful article full of decorating ideas, it even has some ideas for Thanksgiving: Halloween & Fall Decorating Ideas For 2015

Which video game costume looks the coolest, or is your favorite?

What's the last video game you've played if you play video games?

Speak your mind.......

Have you ever been to comicon or any costume or cosplay type convention?

© 2012 MarcStorm LM

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      Donnette Davis 5 years ago from South Africa

      Interesting lens, a fair amount of research went into making this. Well done. Blessed

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      Pacman was more my kind of game.....loved the costumes

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      MarcStorm LM 5 years ago

      @banapple: I know right, I love those! I love Sonic! The whole feel of the games are great.

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      Love the sonic the hedgehog costumes! My all time favorite game from back in the day :)

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      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great costumes you have displayed in this lens. Kudos. Awesome Orcs!