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The Encyclopedia of British Columbia

Updated on November 8, 2012

An amazing collection about everything B.C.

Between the covers of The Encyclopedia of British Columbia you will find everything you have always wanted to know about B.C. and then some! This most comprehensive reference work on British Columbia ever published contains a million words of essential B.C. knowledge beautifully illustrated in full color and on multimedia CD-ROM.

This fascinating reference work includes:

* More than 4,000 articles by leading B.C. authorities

* Over 1,000 historic and color photographs

* Hundreds of maps, charts and diagrams

* Informational and useful statistics

* Cross-referenced and indexed

* Full-feature multimedia CD-Rom edition is included

Everything You Need to Know

The EBC is on the one hand a celebration of all things about British Columbia, and on the other a response to the ever-increasing pressure of globalization. Publisher Howard White comments, "As communications become more and more globalized, there is less and less place for local knowledge. Our hope is that by placing the essentials of the BC story in this concise, accessible form and by making it available not just in one handy volume but also in electronic media, we will provide basic BC knowledge with the kind of state-of-the-art vehicle it needs to keep pace on the information highway."

The EBC touches every facet of British Columbia, from the formation of the Coast Mountains to the evolution of aboriginal art to the development of the Ballard fuel cell. Covering all major subject areas from history to science to the economy to politics to sport and the arts The Encyclopedia of British Columbia is an amazing collaboration of everything British Columbian by scholars, writers, experts, artists and interested citizens from every corner of the province.

In addition to hundreds of British Columbians who have researched, written and reviewed articles, some of B.C.'s leading corporations have provided strong support for the encyclopedia. In particular, BC Hydro and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia have been early and enthusiastic supporters. The interactive edition of the EBC would not have been possible without the support of both Telus and Telefilm Canada. Many other organizations, including CBC Television and the Province of British Columbia helped to realize the dream of the British Columbia Encyclopedia.

The EBC is available in stores, libraries and schools throughout Canada.

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