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Give The Gift of Massage

Updated on January 15, 2015

On Valentine's Day My Ideal Gift is a Massage!

One of my favorite gifts to receive is a massage....I'll accept them for birthdays, Christmas, anytime really. With Valentine's Day on its way this is an ideal gift.

Many others enjoy this gift and a massage makes a wonderful present idea. If the recipient is a loved one then you can do the honors and enjoy the process too! Otherwise a gift certificate is perfectly acceptable.

Here I will share with you my point of view on massage as a gift.

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My Ideal Massage

My ideal massage is a relaxing one with lovely calming fragrant oils and having beautiful music is a plus.

Personally I'm not into deep tissue massages. What I want to experience is relaxation and de-stressing. I know that one of the benefits is that it also relieves pain so this is a definite bonus.

Relaxing massages are probably one of the easiest to try for those who don't really know the process as you don't need to be an expert at all.

On occasion I have drifted off to sleep...I guess not the sort you want if you are expecting a romantic evening!

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Relaxation Music

Although it's not absolutely necessary relaxation music aids the senses.

Think of nature: bird song, the sound of the sea, the sound of rain.

aromatherapy oils
aromatherapy oils

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils help the hands run smoothly over the body and help intensify the massage experience. Different fragrances affect the mood in different ways.

You should read the instructions first as the oils may need diluting. Warm a small amount in the palm of your hands before applying to the body.

Smooth and not sticky...

Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oil- 3 Pack
Plantlife Aromatherapy Massage Oil- 3 Pack

This three pack includes the top sellers of Lavender, Sore Muscle & Relax with each bottle containing 4 oz. This light oil provides great lubrication and a smooth glide for your massage. The pleasant fragrances are subtle and not overpowering.

It's a set to create different moods.


Don't mix a whole lot of different fragrances, try to match them. For example a sea theme, a particular type of herb.

Coupon Books

A voucher for your massage!

These are a great idea. It's a promise of what's to come...and it's a voucher that will never expire!

Most Popular Types of Massage

  1. Swedish massage is the most popular massage technique. It can be slow and gentle or strong and bracing. A hands on technique with long strokes.
  2. Heated Stone massage -- heated stones are applied along the spine following a Swedish massage.
  3. Oriental massage is applied with the use of thumbs, fingers and palms to tender spots of acupressure points. Similar to ancient Chinese acupuncture but with the use of fingers rather than needles.
  4. Sports massage concentrates of problem areas or areas of injury.
  5. Aromatherapy promotes healing and feelings of well-being and relaxation. It uses essential oils which are extracted from herbs and plants.

love roses
love roses

Gift Basket

Make up a Romantic gift basket. Include such things as massage oil, an acrylic massager, a massage booklet and a romantic relaxing CD. Perhaps a pair of slippers too! Add a voucher to be redeemed for an evening of pampering.

And add plenty of chocolate to say I love you in good taste!

Or of course you can get a basket already made up....just add the expertise of your hands to the mix.

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The Jacknobber

This handy gadget can give a relaxation massage as well as concentrating on knotted areas to give a deeper massage where needed. Also if your hands, as the masseur, tire, this tool is handy to continue without hurting your hand.

It is even possible to massage yourself when needed.

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If you are unsure that the person you are buying the massage gift for actually enjoys massage, give them a gift voucher that can be used for other beauty treatments.

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    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 4 years ago

      Great gift idea, though I have never received this yet :)

    • profile image

      MiaMusement 5 years ago

      I agree 100%: a massage is a prefect gift!