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Give the Gift of Reading This Christmas (Gift Guide)

Updated on December 3, 2019

Welcome to my Holiday Gift Guide!

Yes, it's that time again--the holidays are just around the corner again. No matter what you gave last year, why not consider giving something really helpful this year? Instead of giving your teenagers mindless video games which have been proven to have dangerous effects or even movie DVDs which involve passive watching to turn the brain to jello, why not give the gift of reading? Yes, give them a good book to read. They may not get as excited about it at first, but they'll thank you in the future.

You can also give the gift of reading to those adults on your list. Instead of giving uncle Joe a tie or pair of socks of which he probably has enough already, why not give him an exciting adult novel or interesting non-fiction book to read?

You can even give the gift of reading to children. Instead of a toy of doll which will be broken in a few weeks give them children's books which they can read again and again and cherish forever.

Giving a book
Giving a book

Opening poll:

Have you ever given or thought about giving books as holiday gifts?

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Is reading a lost or dying art? - Don't let this happen!-->

The death of reading
The death of reading

With all our fancy devices (iPods, Xboxes, blackberries, Nintendo's, DVD's etc.) How many us take the time these days to curl up with a good book? How many books have your read lately? How many do you think your friends or family have read? Maybe it's time to revive the art before it's too late.

David Ulin, former book review editor of the Los Angeles Times, discusses the act of reading and its place in our information overloaded age in his book "The Lost Art of Reading: Why Books Matter in a Distracted Time.".

"The Gift of Reading" book
"The Gift of Reading" book

More on the gift of reading:

Although you could give the above-mentioned book, or one like it, or even the one pictured above ,-- although an excellent suggestion for parents and caregivers -- these are here mainly to support my thesis and plea: Give the gift of reading this year! So, I'll put it like this: not considering the one mentioned or the one pictured above, my serious gift book Suggestions begin with the next one (below).

My first choice: The Biblical novel, "Of Such Is The Kingdom." I'd sincerely recommed it even if haden't written it.

MY first choice for anyone from pre-teen through adult would be the unique historical, Biblical novel "Of Such Is The Kingdom." It makes an excellent Christmas gift, especially since Chapter 3 is a flashback to the coming of the Magi and the slaughter of the innocents.

It has everything: Intrigue, suspense, mystery, romance, family living, conversation, poetry, stream-of -consciousness, searching and fulfillment, it has it all!

From the synopsis:

Step back into New Testament times--to Ancient Jerusalem at the time of Christ and of the historical Roman Empire, and ask: What could a cynical, non-conformist dry-goods salesman, a disgruntled blacksmith, and a musing mendicant all have in common? The answer: Down deep, they all seek something better. But will they find the true fulfillment they are seeking?

Note: The Biblical novel, "Of Such Is The Kingdom," has recently been revised, expanded and re-published in 4 volumes (PART I, PART II, & PART III each separately, and all 3 parts together. For gift giving, I recommend giving either the entire 3-part edition (pictured above) or the first 2 volumes as the story does come to a conclusion of sorts, as well as a message, at the end of Part II, and that's the logical place to start. Plus as I mentioned, due to the extended flashback in Chapter 3 to the slaughter of the innocents (See photo below), PART I makes a perfect post-Christmas read, and thus a perfect Christmas gift. So you could just give PART I by itself and trust that they will get the 2nd volume on their own. But I really recommend giving the entire 3-part edition also because the cover has a better look to it

The Slaughtor of the Innocents described in Chapter 3

Slaughter of the innocents
Slaughter of the innocents | Source

My 2nd choice: The Gift Edition of "The Christmas Victory"

I'd recommend this one even if I didn't write it.

I recommend this book for any reader, but especially for anyone who has suffered a loss of any kind, particularly a tragic loss of a loved one. It can serve as a means of encouragement and hope to such, or to all of us, who might happen to do so in the future

The full-color gift edition of this powerful American historical fiction novel, with red ribbons at every heading and 16 beautiful relevant pictures at important points throughout, makes a great Christmas gift to give.

Here's one of the pictures:

From a 5 Star review by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite :

a delightful gift edition of an uplifting story of Christmas and faith, …. James M. Becher's story is light and uplifting, …centered on two well-known writers who pull themselves out of tragedy and bleakness to find their faith. These known figures' stories are taken from biographical information but the story is fitted around Christmas. The story weaves between Henry [W.Longfellow] and his son Charles, Mark Twain, and Jim Berk. T.,,, They influence each other as their stories link together through their struggles and how they come to discover their faith in God. Becher centers on tragedies and uses the darkest moments in Mark's and Henry's lives to explore how to not give up on happiness and turn to their faith [,]…capturing cheer and melancholy in the tone. Becher also includes a variety of colorful images throughout that add to the Christmas spirit, which is captured in the very meaning of Christmas found in the characters' struggles. [This book] would make the perfect gift to share with loved ones and is a story to enjoy as a family with its poignant themes of faith, family, and reconnection.”

Historical fiction or alternative history?:

This novel is about one little sermon called “The Christmas Victory,” and one, even littler poem, called “Christmas Bells,” and how, fictionally, they both MAY have influenced and given hope to, not only the author of the poem, Henry W. Longfellow, but also his son, Charles, and Mark Twain, whom Charles meets.

My 3rd choice: The one I wish I had written (The Shack) :

The Shack by Wm Paul Young
The Shack by Wm Paul Young | Source

Someone gave a copy of "The Shack" for Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a well written fantasy which raises some theological questions. It stars out like a mystery about the death of the main character's daughter and then goes into a metaphorical fantasy as he is called to a vacant shack where he meets personifications of the members of the trinity. But, this novel is controversial, so you will surely want to check out the link below before deciding to buy it. Yet, despite what some may call a questionable presentation of the trinity it does manage to present nuggets of truth throughout and certainly causes the reader to think about God and truth. So. because of that it also would make a fine gift and in-spite of the controversy surrounding it, I offer it as my second choice for a gift book. However, you may want to look into it yourself to see why it is controversial and form your own opinion before purchasing. Thus, follow the link below.

My choice for Sci-fi fans.

Impossible Journey, A Tale Of Times And Truth
Impossible Journey, A Tale Of Times And Truth

I would also recommend this book, even if I hadn't written it.

It's Sci-fi (time-travel) with a purpose. It's perfect for the sci-fi fan on your list.

"Impossible Journey is reminiscent of The Time Machine by H. G. Wells with a unique twist."--- Tami Brady.

Future scientists plan to time-travel to Eden to prevent the fall and thus put an end to all evil and disease in the world. But they can only travel 200 years, more or less, at a time.

My choice for children: Narnia:

Narnia | Source

C.S. Lewis, author of the trilogy pictured above, is a great writer both for adults and children. The Narnia Chronicles are a fantasy series especially written for children, though they can be enjoyed by adults as well, and they are highly recommended especially because of Lewis' use of symbols to represent Spiritual truths. For example, in the first one, "The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe," the death and resurrection of Christ is depicted by the death and resurrection of the lion. Thus, the series can serve as a teaching tool to help present spiritual truths to your children.

My choice for non-fiction (For buisness prople or anyone seeking life-success:

Principles of the Kingdom (God's Success Principles)
Principles of the Kingdom (God's Success Principles)

Exit poll:

So, NOW will you give books this season?

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Comments? - Happy holidays!

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    • kehsiberry profile image


      6 years ago

      This a good idea, sometimes people forget that gift giving is not about the items, it's the thought that counts. i love to receive a book, I never have received one yet. Happy Holidays to you...

    • Sami4u LM profile image

      Sami4u LM 

      9 years ago


      A sprinkling of Angel Dust for Christmas :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Books are the only thing I ever ask for! Loving the lens, a lot of nice suggestions. :)

    • sponias lm profile image

      sponias lm 

      9 years ago

      I love reading! Thank you for your work!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Yes books should be given more often. Congrats on your new book link!! It looks fascinating!! I haven't read fiction in a long time and your inspiring me to begin again.

    • retta719 profile image


      9 years ago from United States

      Great job on this ~ I love the idea of reading being a gift, amazing and powerful.


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