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The Halloween Hearse

Updated on April 8, 2016
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat loves everything about Halloween! She’s pretty sure it is a national holiday and if it isn’t it should be.

It was the witching hour on Halloween night and Jenny shivered in a chill wind that blew the autumn leaves past her and wrapped her jean jacket closer around her. Maybe Trick or Treating alone in the country hadn't been such a hot idea. The houses were so far apart and the moonlit dirt road was just plain spooky! She started walking again, trying hard not to think of all the ghost stories she'd heard that night. Tried not to think of how the bare trees looked like the fingers of a skeleton and the skittering leaves sounded like fingernails on a coffin lid. As she walked along she thought she heard horses and an ominous creaking sound, like the wagon from a haunted hay ride. Or a dead body swinging on the gallows. Oh, why did she have to attend that party and listen to all those spooky stories? Jenny shook herself and looked up to see twin lanterns bobbing above the road in the distance.

Lanterns? Yes, lanterns and they seemed to be on some sort of wagon. Maybe some kids were going for a hay ride like she had. Jenny felt relief flood through her and chided herself for being scared. But as the wagon drew closer Jenny stood still, too frightened to run. It was no wagon coming towards her on that country lane. It was an old-fashioned hearse! Pulled by two black horses it came ever closer, the hooded driver holding the reins in skeletal hands that glowed like bones in the moonlight. Oh no, they were bones! It was the Grim Reaper driving, and he flashed Jenny a skeletal grin as his hearse drew abreast of her.

He beckoned with a crooked finger but Jenny shook her head no. Her grandparents had warned her so she wasn't about to ride in a hearse driven by Death. Jenny stared into eye sockets then let her gaze drag away and looked into the glass covered back of the hearse where a skeleton was laid in an open coffin, all ready to go to the graveyard. He sat up and grinned at her and the hearse rolled on by, still creaking ominously. The hearse stopped and Death looked over his shoulder at her. He seemed lonely, and harmless.

Jenny walked up to him and he silently held out a hand, then tilted his skull back towards her grandparent's house. He was offering her a ride. She smiled and took the bony hand and he pulled her aboard with surprising strength, then turned the carriage. They rolled along in grand style, Death even letting Jenny take the reins at one point. Soon enough they were stopped at the lane leading to her grandparents farm. Death ruffled her hair fondly, then Jenny found herself standing alone the hearse having vanished. Had the thrilling rise only been a moonlit fancy? Jenny ran the rest of the way home, thrilled over her exciting Halloween encounter.

Ever since I saw this inflatable hearse years ago, or one just like it, it has been my Dream Prop. The one that I will have at long last some most happy Halloween and I fully intend to park it in the driveway to the utter delight of Trick or Treaters. I adore it since it has everything I could possibly wish for.

The lanterns light up, but so do the horse heads and the interior of the hearse. There is even a strobe light, and frankly I think they are essential to Halloween. There are no words to describe how wonderful my dream piece is to me or how it would be my star attraction. Some day, on Halloween my neighbors will be in for a great surprise as all twelve feet of this glorious inflatable dominate my driveway. But perhaps this Halloween this fabulous showpiece is destined to be yours.

Because let's admit it, Halloween is the one time of year it is OK to go over the top. In fact you are expected to, and decorating is part of showing your community there's a reason to celebrate, To be happy and carefree for at least one day and night out of the year. It is Mardi Gras meets Samhain, and that is the wonderful thing about it. Adults can be children again and what child wouldn't adore this inflatable?

If you've ever been in stores where these inflatables are sold you know they are always the star attraction. They bring oohs and ahhs and open people up to talking with total strangers. They bring fun into Halloween and excitement too. And that is part of the magic of this hearse.

Sure the real thing would be a terrifying or thrilling encounter, something out of the Old Country to scare the daylights out of young folks. But this friendlier version will be the hit of any Halloween display and your crown jewel for years to come.

Airblown Reaper Carriage Adult
Airblown Reaper Carriage Adult

A gigantic midnight black horse rears high as the grim reaper drives this pumpkin carriage. Inside a happy skeleton is enjoying the unique ride. This spooky inflatable includes such details as light up lanterns and the horse's red eyes give it a more mature feel.

Halloween Inflatable Horse Drawn Hearse 106" Airblown Decoration
Halloween Inflatable Horse Drawn Hearse 106" Airblown Decoration

A rather dapper skeleton drives an elegant coach hearse loaded down with the bones of the dead. This inflatable is the prefect blend of spooky and fun.


See the hearses.

See the hearses.


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    • Nightcat profile image

      Nightcat 3 years ago

      @Anita Jayne Dale: Thank you, 2enjoylife8. If you mean in my story there aren't enough strong young girl leads for young ladies in Halloween stories, so I do what I can. Glad you enjoyed the lens!

    • Anita Jayne Dale profile image

      Anita Jayne Dale 3 years ago

      Love the creepy story! I think hearses like on the GhoastBusters are pretty cool, but I have to admidt there's nothing like a horse drawn hearse! Now what about the small boy leading like in "Oliver"?