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The Jolly Green Giant Costume

Updated on January 2, 2016

The Jolly Green Giant Adult Costume For Halloween - And Sprout Too!

Straight from the Valley of the Jolly Green Giant comes this very green adult Halloween costume, and there's one for kids too. Find the Jolly Green Giant Adult Costume and the kid's version, Sprout, plus learn a lot about this green mascot you've seen since you were a kid. If you are looking for a green and unique costume idea for this Halloween, the Green Giant might interest you. You can also see some of the old Green Giant TV commercials and a picture of a Green Giant statue that is over 55 feet tall. You can laugh at the Green Giant vs Santa Ho, Ho, Ho contest and listen to the Kingman's sings their song, The Green Giant, from 1965.

The Green Giant is a famous advertising logo, or mascot, for the General Mills company and he represents their line of vegetables that include:

  • Peas
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Corn
  • Green Beans
  • Spinach
The Jolly Green Giant was "born" in 1925 to the Minnesota Valley Canning Co. of Le Sueur, as a logo for the company's canned peas. In the beginning, this big guy was scary. He wasn't the tall, strong, sunny, smiling giant we know today. He was hunched over and wore a's said that he resembled the Giant Hulk wearing an ugly outfit that looked like bearskin. I don't think that scary image would sell many peas, do you? I always wondered why they were called Le Sueur Peas and now I know!

The image is from Amazon and you can find it for sale on this page.

Jolly Green Giant Adult Costumes - And Sprout Costumes For Kids

Here's a Jolly Green Giant adult costume and a Sprout costume for kids in toddler sizes. Great costume ideas for the family who loves their vegetables and wants to "Go Green" this year for Halloween!

The First Jolly Green Giant TV Commercials

Who Is That Scary Big Green Guy?

With TV advertising becoming popular and profitable, the Green Giant company started to film commercials. Unfortunately, just as in the beginning years of the design, the logo looked frightening on TV. The advertising agency used men who were painted in shades of green and then animated designs and even puppets, but these figures all looked like monsters on the TV screen. No one wanted to eat vegetables grown by a terrifying Green Giant.

Run! It's A Scary Green Giant - Are Scary TV Commercials Good For Vegetable Sales?

I see why the original TV commercials were not a hit! This animated version of the Green Giant isn't jolly at all, in fact, I think he looks like an evil djinni who wants to put a spell on everyone! This TV commercial aired during the Mickey Rooney Show and that was on during the 1954-1955 television season.

All I Can Say IS "RUN"!

How To Show Everyone How Friendly The Green Giant Really Is

Give Him A Catchy Tune

The advertising marketers found that if they only showed a little bit of the Green Giant, he wasn't intimidating or scary to the TV audience. They began to show only glimpses of the big guy and they added a catchy tune with the words "HO, HO, HO, in it. Now that reminds me, right away, of Santa Claus and that's a much friendlier image to be connected to than the original scowling, scary looking angry giant from 1928.

Do You Know The Jingle From The Jolly Green Giant Commercials?

Can You Sing The Jingle From The Jolly Green Giant Commercials?

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The Jolly Green Giant And Santa - HO, HO, HO - It's a HO, HO, HO Off!

Do You Think The Green Giant Is Still Scary?

The Green Giant is a well known brand and most of us know this giant on sight...but do you think he is still scary looking?

Is The Green Giant Friendly Or Scary?

The Jolly Green Giant TV Commercial From The 1960's - This Is Just The First New And Improved Look For The Green Giant!

Oh... when you see this commercial the Jolly Green Giant does look much scarier than the friendly guy I recognize from vegetables today. The Green Giant Gets A New Look...

Thanks to the additional design work of Leo Burnett this tall, intimidating green guy was transformed into a friendly, leaf clad version very similar to the Jolly Green Giant we all know and recognize today. Burnett also put the giant in a green, over grown field full of healthy, delicious vegetable plants. It wasn't until years later that the word Jolly was added to the giant's name. Eventually the Minnesota Valley Canning Co. name was even changed to Green Giant after the popular and jolly mascot. Now the logo and the name of the company were immediately recognized and through the years have become a household word and a trusted product.

Who Do You Want To Dress Up As?

Are You Going To Dress Up As The Green Giant Or Sprout?

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The Jolly Green Giant Le Sueur Peas Commercial From The 1970's - Sprout Is In This Commercial!

Introducing Sprout! Green Giant Commercial 1972 - 1973 - From The Valley Of The, HO, HO, HO, Green Giant

This video with Sprout is labeled as 1972 but the Green Giant company says that Sprout was introduced in 1973.

The Jolly Green Giant Statue Is In Blue Earth, Minnesota

The Jolly Green Giant Statue Is In Blue Earth, Minnesota
The Jolly Green Giant Statue Is In Blue Earth, Minnesota

Green Giant TV Commercial 1972 - Sprout Is The Star Here

Many Versions Of The Jolly Green Giant - Check Out The Halloween Costume In This One!

Hot Links For More Jolly Green Giant And Sprout Info - Okay, I Really Don't Know How Hot These Links Are

I don't know if these links are hot or not, but they will connect you with all the Jolly Green Giant And Sprout stuff you could want.

The Green Giant Canned Vegetables

Here are some fun ideas for a costume this year. Try a carrot, some peas or a tomato!

Give me a BIG GREEN COMMENT if you are a fan of the Jolly Green Guy...and Sprout too!

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