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The Lone Ranger Party Supplies

Updated on February 15, 2018

Lone Ranger Party Pack - Invitations, Balloons, Cups, Plates, Napkins, Cutlery, Table Cloths and Streamers All Included

Trying to organize a party can be stressful enough. Add in a theme to the party and it can quickly grow and take on a life of it's own. You can cut out most of the stress with the following party pack. This pack is most suitable for parties of 16 people or less. If you have more than that number of guests then you could easily add the Little Cowboy Bundle to double the dinnerware.

Then all you have to decide is what finishing touches you want to add to your theme, along with the food and games and of course the gift bags and party favors.

As you scroll down the page, you'll see more Little Cowboy stuff that will allow you continue your theme through things like the cake, so keep an eye out below.

Western Wanted Sign (slotted to hold 8 x10 photo) Party Accessory  (1 count)
Western Wanted Sign (slotted to hold 8 x10 photo) Party Accessory (1 count)

Add the birthday boys picture here and set a reward for his safe return. This picture of the birthday boy will fit superbly with the cowboy theme.


The Lone Ranger Party Ideas and Party Favors

Boys are going to love these Lone Ranger party supplies, ideas, activities and favors. What could be more exciting at that age than a cowboy on a white horse and a gun in his holster. Isn't that why Woody from Toy Story is so popular? Woody knew to do the right things and so does The Lone Ranger.

This year The Lone Ranger is getting a face lift in the form of Armie Hammer. Tonto is also a little different this time around, but is to be expected when Johnny Depp takes on a role.

There are so many options for this type of party that you'll wonder why you never thought to have a Cowboys and Indians themed birthday party before.

Theme Party Supplies Needed

Here's a brief list of some of the things you'll probably need to put your Lone Ranger themed party together. If you cover all these bases then your party should go off without a hitch. You'll need to wrangle everything together for the big day!

  1. Invitations are a must. You'll need to know how many people are coming.
  2. Decorations will make the place seem less like home and more like the Wild West.
  3. Tableware can bring the theme together while everyone sits round a table and gets something to eat.
  4. Menu - What kind of food will you serve? What about the birthday cake?
  5. Activities will make the day go faster and make it easier to keep an eye on everyone.
  6. Gift Bags and Party Favors so everyone can take a piece of cake and something that will last longer, as a reminder of the awesome time they had at the birthday party.

Party Invitations

The Lone Ranger Invitations
The Lone Ranger Invitations

The Lone Ranger Themed Birthday Invitations

Tell Everyone the Sheriff is Having a Birthday

A really great option for a Lone Ranger birthday invitation are these cards I was able to find with lots of images from the movie. There are so many to choose from and you could also choose a particular Lone Ranger party theme just based on these cards.

You could decide to have a party that focuses more on Tonto than the actual Lone Ranger for instance. The choice is completely up to you.

From these cards and the movie posters for the movie, I'd say the common colors of this birthday theme are going to be red, yellow, black and silver.

These could also be used as thank you cards instead, thanking your guests for coming and for the presents they gave.

There are even a number of Lone Ranger themed stamps that you can use on the envelope. these are real stamps that will be recognized by the postage service.

Party Decorations

The Lone Ranger Balloons

When it comes to finding balloons to continue your themed party idea, here are some of my favorite ones. There are so many choose from and they vary from pictures of the movie characters to balloons in the shape of the sheriffs badge and also in the shape of The Lone Rangers horse - Silver!

And whatever you do - Don't forget the Helium to blow the balloons up.

Strike a Pose

Tonto or The Lone Ranger?

Can't decide between Tonto and The Lone Ranger? Well maybe these lifesized cardboard standee's will help you decide.

They look just like the characters from the movie and will be great fun to take pictures with at the party. If people have dressed up for the party they can have their picture taken with their favorite characters and it will look like they were in the movie too!

Afterwards, the birthday person or the guests can take them home and keep them in their room. They can do this with the posters above as well.

There's also a Tonto life size standee.

Cowboys Versus Indians

Who's Cooler?

See results
Beistle 57127 Saloon Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-Feet
Beistle 57127 Saloon Door Cover, 30-Inch by 5-Feet

You can start with this saloon door cover making it look like guests are entering a saloon when they come to your house.

A little taster of what is to come once they step inside for the party.


A Venue With a Wild West Theme

If you want to transform your house or party venue to have a more authentic Wild West feel then you can make the place look like it would in those type of days.


Party Cups, Napkins and Plates

This theme is so versatile that you could dress your table up in a number of ways.

Cowboy Western Tableware Set (32pc)
Cowboy Western Tableware Set (32pc)

Perfect for a cowboy party and you'll just need to order in multiples of 8 to make sure you have enough for all your guests.



What Would The Lone Ranger Eat?

Dare We Ask What Tonto Ate...

When I think of a Wild West themed party, or a Cowboy party, I instantly think of a BBQ or something meaty like hamburgers or sliders. And this doesn't have to be just at summer time either. It's great to eat food you'd normally associate with summer at other times of the year.

If this is a Lone Ranger theme for adults or teens then a BBQ would be an awesome idea. Steak, burgers, sliders, onions, BBQ sauce, hot sauce and so much more. Anything grilled is perfect for this kind of theme.

For a kids party you might want to go with the sliders as they'll be easier for them to hold. Some wedges would go perfectly with those burgers too. And you could use some of the themed cups to hold people's wedges, so could order extra if you wanted to go that route. It will look really authentic like that too and less likely for them to fall off kids plates.

Looking for a vintage drink such as a Sarsaparilla or a cocktail then you should check out some cowboy cocktail recipes. Kids will love to feel like a cowboy by drinking a root beer. We won't tell them it doesn't have any alcohol in it if you don't. Wink.

Here's Some Great Party Food For Meat Eaters

These videos really made me want to host a BBQ party. Oh these look so tasty! I especially love the look of these bacon burger sliders. I bet they taste amazing with the bacon wrapped on the outside like that and the smokey flavor from the coals. Yummy!

Quick Food Questions

Do you prefer hamburgers or sliders at a birthday party/bbq?

See results

Birthday Cake

The Lone Ranger Birthday Cake Ideas

If you are a dab hand in the kitchen and know how to make cakes then here are some great Lone Ranger birthday cake ideas for you. Popular cake shapes include a cowboy hat and boots. You could go with a train, as it features heavily in the movie.

You could also make a cake in the shape of a horse in honor of Silver. Or you could be a fan of Tonto and make a cake in the shape of a Tipi.

Easy Birthday Cake Solutions

If you are like me and can bake a cake but don't have the patience or the skill to decorate it, unlike the women in the videos above, then you can borrow my solution. If I have time I will bake the birthday persons favorite type of cake and then stick an edible cake topper of the appropriate theme on top.

If you can't, don't or won't cook, then you can skip baking the cake and just buy one at the store. Then stick the edible cake topper on and tell everyone you made it. How will they ever know you didn't?

Prefer Themed Cupcakes?

Maybe you want cupcakes and birthday cake or even just cupcakes instead of the birthday cake.

Almost anything goes these days and everyone will be bursting at the seams after that meat feast earlier in the day!

Little Cowboy - Western Cupcake Picks with Stickers - Baby Shower or Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers - 12 Count
Little Cowboy - Western Cupcake Picks with Stickers - Baby Shower or Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers - 12 Count

Continue the Little Cowboy theme with these cupcake toppers you stick in the top of the cakes! These can also double as party favors.


Fun & Games

There come a time when good man must wear mask

— Tonto
Kids Line Dancing Party Music
Kids Line Dancing Party Music

Fun Activities at a Cowboy Party

Cowboys know how to have fun and they have a close relationship with animals.

If you are planning a Lone Ranger party for kids then you could take them to a ranch or a farm. You could even hire a petting zoo to come to your house. Kids will love being able to see and touch animals that they don't normally see on a daily basis.

Horse riding would be a popular birthday activity with this theme too.

A traditional party that is perfect for this kind of birthday theme would also be pin the tail on the donkey.

If the kids are a little older with good hand eye co-ordination skills (this could also be good for adults too) then you could try to get them to try their hand with a rope. Wouldn't it be fun watching them trying to lasso the statue, giant cardboard cutout or even a person in the garden? If you really want to push the boat out, you could get a steer head for them to practice on. Drunk adults will be hilarious to watch trying to wrangle this one.

Archery would also be a good idea for a party activity. It became popular after The Hunger Games and Tonto is about to make it popular once again.

Line dancing is also a popular activity at a western themed party. This could work for all age ranges and abilities because even if some people can't get the hang of the moves, it's still really funny watching how uncoordinated some people can be!

You could even get some of the parents to dress up as Cowboys and Indian's to teach the kids the dance moves and to make it more fun.

And there's always the option of going to ride the crazy mechanical bull!

Tips and Tricks to Lasso the Bull

Check out these tips from an experienced ranch hand on how to lasso that bull.

Or you could try and ride the mechancal bull like these people.

Check out the third video below because most people do not ride the bull like this girl!

Pinata Time - Get That Candy Out

When I was a kid, the best part of the party was when you got a chance to hit the pinata. Even if I didn't manage to crack it open someone would and then there would be the mad scramble to get to the candy underneath. What kid doesn't enjoy the pinata?

The great thing about a Lone Ranger themed birthday party is there are a number of appropriate pinata options. You can choose from a cowboy boot, a horse, a sheriff or even a cowboy hat.

Party Favors and Gift Bags

Gift boxes
Gift boxes

A Memento of The Party

The party is winding down and people are starting to leave. Don't forget to give them a goody bag and a few things inside.

A few ideas could include a sheriff's badge, a little cowboy toy, or toy horse. You might put an Indian feather in there along with The Lone Ranger themed stationery, pencils, erasers or even his mask.

There are so many choices and it doesn't need to break the bank.

You might be able to save yourself some money and use the cupcake toppers or cupcake rings you used above!

After handing out the gift bags and bidding your guests goodbye take some time to sit back and relax, before starting the clean up.

The Lone Ranger Movie Trailer

Take inspiration from the movie.

The Lone Ranger Party Posse - Tell Us About Your Party!

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      tophatpro 4 years ago

      @alex wolstencro: But those burgers look awesome! I am waiting for the sun to come out and I am gonna try to make those burgers myself. That's how good they look!

    • alex wolstencro profile image

      alex wolstencro 4 years ago

      very cool, "this town ain't big enough for the both of us" I'm sure that probably wasn't lone ranger, but I'm a TX resident so this is all close to home. But why'd you have to go and get me all hungry with the bacon burgers and cupcakes?

    • tophatpro profile image

      tophatpro 5 years ago

      @Erin Mellor: Yeah me too!

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      Erin Mellor 5 years ago from Europe

      I love the saloon door.


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