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The Lorax Theme Party Ideas and Supplies - Birthday Themes

Updated on June 26, 2013

The Lorax Party Ideas and Supplies!

Want to plan The Lorax Theme party or a birthday and are searching for ideas, supplies or favours? You are at the right place! Ideas on The Lorax Theme party food, décor and activities.

Not only is this a fun party theme, you can also take the advantage of this lovable character and teach the children something about environment. Official party supplies are still not available so some improvisation is needed.

I enjoyed this book as a kid and was really happy to see they finally made an animated movie about it. There is a lot you can teach a kid with this one so be sure to have this in mind when having this party and try to be eco friendly (do recycled crafts, plant a tree...)

Enjoy the ideas and do leave a comment :)

Photo © Malina

Lorax Party Drinks

Add fun moustaches to cups

Drinks should be as colourful as possible, smoothies are a good way to serve healthy party drinks. I love them and kids are quite fond of them too as they can be sweet (be sure to put in bananas).

You can serve them in a see through glasses and decorate them with colourful straws (truffula trees).

Alternatively you could serve orange drinks and decorate the glasses with Lorax moustaches as I did - you can take the advantage of the official Lorax Pumpkin Carving template (moustache pattern) to have them looking as the real deal or just go freehand, I mean it's just moustache in the end. Kids will be loving this. You can also draw the eyes on the cup, especially if you will be using plastic ones. I made these and the kids were loving them!

Try to serve up as much healthy food as possible.

Photo Credit: Photo 1 Public Domain, Photo 2 Myself

Do you know Lorax stories or do you only know about the movie?

See results

Lorax Party Supplies

Party with Dr.Seuss

There are no party supplies designed especially for Lorax but you can get Dr. Seuss (Lorax creator) party supplies featuring some of the most popular characters.

I was hoping they will be releasing them specially for Lorax but I guess this had something to do with the message the story is sending out - save the trees. Can't do that with paper plates now can we.

Cotton Candy Truffulla Trees

Kids will go crazy about this one

You can serve cotton candy on your Lorax Themed party, it will look great since cotton candy pretty much looks like Trufulla trees and kids will love it!

If you have a cotton candy machine you can also let the children pick which color their truffulla tree should be!

Fun, fun,fun!

Check Cotton Candy Makers - Sweet delights

Do you like cotton candy? I am not much a fan now but when I was a kid I would kill for it, especially if it was pink. There wasn't a carnival where I wouldn't be annoying my parents to buy me cotton candy. I couldn't dream of having a cotton candy machine at home when I was a kid (well I did dream about it) but affording it would be a problem. But now? Small cotton candy machines are really affordable and will add that something special to the party.

Lorax cupcake
Lorax cupcake

Party Food Ideas

Cupkakes are a very popular food for any theme party since you can easily decorate them to match your theme.

*cupcakes with colorful toppings,

*cupcakes with trufulla trees decorations on them,

*cupcakes with Lorax cutout decoration on them or a printout from any move scene will look great.

Eco advice: use silicon cupcake baking cups - they look great, cupcakes bake well in them and they are reusable!

Photo © Malina

Food Markers - These Will Help You Create Masterpieces

I used to pipe small details both on cakes and cakepops but no more, everything is a lot easier with a pack of edible pens. I have a basic pack of 5 colors from Wilton but am considering to get more colors as this allows for more detailed work.

Cake Pops!

One of the most fun party food ideas that I have came across are certainly The Lorax Cake pops. They look super delicious and kids will just love them!

A step by step instructions on how to make The Lorax Cake pops can be fount at . You will be surprised to see how easy (well at least some) of them are to make even if you are not a master chef.

You can use these as finger foods or you can use them to decorate other foods - cupcakes or as cake toppings. With these you will be sure to impress all the guests.

Lorax Cake

Super Cake Idea

Over at you will find a tutorial on how to make this stunning sitting Lorax cake. And trust me it isn't as complicated as you might have thought.

When there I really recommend browsing through Thatreallyfrostsme creations as there are a lot of beautiful cakes to go through

Photo used with permission

Tree seeds as a party favour - Plant a tree

Why not give tree seeds as a party favour! Choose the colourful ones and pack them in small gift bags with a picture of how the tree will look and instructions on how to grow it. You can choose small trees that your invitees will be able to plant in pots.

I think this is a great idea for a party favor!

There are a lot of different tree seeds available to choose from but these two are my favourite.

Blue Japanese Wisteria Vine 5 Seeds - Hard to Find!
Blue Japanese Wisteria Vine 5 Seeds - Hard to Find!

Although I do like big trees a bit more, giving out seeds from smaller (bonsai) trees might be a better idea - since not all have a place to plant a large tree but a small one can grow in a pot.

25 SCARLET / CAROLINA RED MAPLE TREE Acer Rubrum Seeds by Seedville
25 SCARLET / CAROLINA RED MAPLE TREE Acer Rubrum Seeds by Seedville

I love red and I do think maple trees have really nice looking leaves.


Decoratins for The Lorax Theme Party

Truffula tree is a good starting point for decorations!

The easiest way to "make" truffula trees decorations is to have some colourful balloons filled with helium tied on a yellow string.

Cups and plates (if not official The Lorax products) can be orange. It is a good idea to have a green tablecloth (meadow).

Party supplies on eBay! - Get something unique

I love to browse eBay for party supplies as people can be quite creative with them.

Party Favours Ideas - Doodle dee doo!

With a Lorax doodle (colouring and activity book) you will make every young attendant really happy!


This book has coloring pages and stickers so what's not to love.

Coloring books aren't only fun but they also help your kids relax and train their motor skills.


Party activities!

A few ideas to keep them busy

As it is all about the environment the best activities for a Lorax party are the green ones!

*kids can do recycled crafts, this is both fun and educational - make them use old boxes to create something new

*you can plant a tree (or a flower)

*pin the moustache

You can make The Lorax mask for all who are invited or you can have an activity where your guests make their own Lorax masks.

Click here for a lorax mask tutorial

You could also print out some Lorax coloring pages for the kids to color but remember to recycle the paper :).

Thanks for the read! Do leave a comment.

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    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

      We each have something that the other may want. On your side the t-shirt may need to be added to my collection. On my side I have a stuffed Lorax complete with the Truffula Tree in hand.

    • VspaBotanicals profile image

      VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

      I love these ideas.

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      Takkhis 4 years ago

      Wow! Very lovely lens.

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      WriterJanis2 4 years ago

      Very fun ideas.

    • benny77 profile image

      benny77 4 years ago

      I'm getting a lorax cake for my little princess's 2nd birthday :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      thanks for the great idea.I like Lorax

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      What a fun theme for a party, I like Lorax! Blessed!

    • top101 profile image

      top101 5 years ago

      This is such a great idea!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I love the Lorax cake and the Lorax cake pops. Very creative!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Great lens full of ideas. I think The Lorax is important story that can be used to teach kids about our environment. One way to teach children to be more sensitive to plants and nature is to have them grow the most sensitive plant of all - the TickleMe Plant. Though its not a Truffula tree, what makes the pet TickleMe Plant so magical is that it reacts as if it were being tickled when you Tickle It! The leaves fold and the branches droop! Just search TickleMe Plant to see a live one in action and to get your own little greenhouse kit to grow one. Every Lorax fan can grow a TickleMe Plant. We have used TickleMe Plants for Dr. Seuss themed parties.

    • goo2eyes lm profile image

      goo2eyes lm 5 years ago

      the lorax is really cute and the cake pops are interesting. blessings for inviting me to your lorax party.

    • MelonyVaughan profile image

      MelonyVaughan 5 years ago

      Beautiful and fun lens! Thanks for sharing!

    • Two Crafty Paws profile image

      Two Crafty Paws 5 years ago

      @JoyfulReviewer: I am glad you liked it. Thanks for your comment!

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      Two Crafty Paws 5 years ago

      @Close2Art LM: Thank you =) I am flattered.

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      Close2Art LM 5 years ago

      Great lens, Blessed!!!

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      Cute lens ... thanks for sharing your neat ideas.

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      Great lens! :)