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The Mortal Instruments Costumes - Become a ShadowHunter

Updated on September 12, 2014

Dress up as Jace, Clary or any other ShadowHunter

Why not dress up as a shadow hunter for Halloween? I think Mortal Instrument costumes will be hot this year as we see the first of the highly anticipated movies hit the screens! As I have a soft spot for supernatural (with a dash of romance that is) genre this is a series of movies I am really looking forward too (loved the books!).

So how to dress like a shadow hunter? Well first and foremost be sure to mark yourself with all the appropriate runes, can't have you running around without those can we... That said I have gathered a few pieces of clothing that would work great for Jace Wayland and a few for Clary Fray as well as some your every day shadow hunter dresses. You will also find a selection of weapons which I think would work with the costume as there aren't any official props released (yet! Hopefully they will be before Halloween).

So enjoy picking out your perfect shadow hunter outfit.

Jace Wayland Costume - The sexy shadow hunter

Affiliate Link: (12x18) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) Movie Poster

Now ain't he something? I was really happy when I found out Jamie Campbell Bower will be playing Jace. There's just something about his guy, I don't know he has a special face features that really make him stand out (in a good way that is). I first noticed him in Sweeney Todd where he also showcased his singing talent. He also appears in Twilight and I am sure Twilight fans will be enjoying his performance in City of Bones too.

Everything you need to dress up as Jace Wayland - From the Leather Jacket to Jace's Rune Necklace

His signature look is without a doubt him wearing dark leather clothes. Leather does have a way of making you look, darker, cooler and even sexier.

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Jace Rune Necklace
The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones Jace Rune Necklace

A small but important detail, his rune necklace.

City of Bones 8 Transfer Tattoos - The Mortal Instruments
City of Bones 8 Transfer Tattoos - The Mortal Instruments

Transfer Tattoos will take care of the runes.


Everythng you need to dress up as Clary Fray - From the wig to the leather pants

While you could dress as a "casual" Clary, wearing checkered shirts, denim vest and jeans I much more prefer the combat ready Clary.

Seductress Wig Costume Accessory
Seductress Wig Costume Accessory

If you don't have hair to match Clary's you can always use the wig. I think this one resembles her hair (as seen in the movie) quite a lot.

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Miniature Editions)
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Miniature Editions)

This isn't necessary but I think the angel necklace would be a nice touch and you can get it as part of promotional pack for the movie.

Dona Michi Women's Black Collar Less Genuine Leather Jacket Short Zipper-319
Dona Michi Women's Black Collar Less Genuine Leather Jacket Short Zipper-319

She looks.. Different! And so will you once you put on a leather jacket (or a faux leather one if you are not a fan of leather - to each his or her own).


The Mortal Instruments ShadowHunters Costumes

Photo credit: Capture from the movie trailer

Why limit yourself with Jace and Clary when there are lot's of other ShadowHunters?

Shadow Hunter Outfits - Few clothing pieces and shoes that will help you out

I think Mortal Instruments are perfect for group costumes as options are virtually limitless. You could also have a werewolf or a demon or two in the gang. But I imagine most of you still would like to be shadow hunters so here are some additional clothes which I think would work perfectly.

New Men's Armor Biker Motorcycle Leather Adjustable Vest Stylish Black
New Men's Armor Biker Motorcycle Leather Adjustable Vest Stylish Black

What I like the most about this motorcycle vest is the reinforced details on the sides. I think they are great and would be more than perfect for a shadow hunter. Some of them wear tee's under the vest, then again some don't. It's up to you to choose.

uxcell Men Sleeveless Hooded Shirts Racerback Tank Hoodies
uxcell Men Sleeveless Hooded Shirts Racerback Tank Hoodies

This sleeveless hooded t-shirt will look awesome under a leather jacket or a vest.


Mortal Instruments Shadow Hunters Runes

The most important part of the costume!

Well you have to draw on those as there aren't (yet) any temporary tattoos available.

You can get the stencils though (free!) and they will help you out in drawing your own runes.

Here are the stencils of the most mentioned runes at is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Share your words of wisdom? - Like the ideas? Have one of your own? Just want to talk about the movie? Be my guest!

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