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The Most Incredible Nativity You'd Never Find

Updated on December 15, 2013

El Peña Belén La Mosca



Belen is the name given to the many nativity scenes that spring up all over Spain at this festive time of year. I have, during my life here, adopted the habit of visiting as many of these that I Stumble upon. I'm invariably en-awed at the dedication and labour that is expended over several months to craft these magnificent works. None, however, have inspired the emotions more that the minor masterpiece that has been created by the community in the small village of La Mosca on the outskirts of Málaga. Over the last twenty two years the neighborhood has worked in unison to recreate the Christmas story on the side of the mountain at the edge of the village. The Belen has bloomed from a small shoe box sized Nativity to the thirty square meters that it occupies today.

A small section of the Nativity


The Birth of A Belén

I was joined by Francisco Dueñas, Secretary of the 'Peña Belén' who was more than happy to recount the unusual history;

It all started in 1991 when the locals were protesting the presence of a large rock of many tons that was perched precariously above the village threatening to plunge devastation on the populous. As is common In Andalucia the protest was accompanied by singing, dancing and the cooking of a paella. To further entertain themselves some of the participants, noting that the mountainside resembled a rugged country side in miniature, decided to make a small nativity amongst the rocks

The Angel Gabrial

Before long every one had become involved; collecting plants, carving and dressing figures and building a stable. The small nativity was illuminated by candles and guarded around the clock.

All figures are handmade and dressed


This proved so popular with people visiting from all over the province as word of mouth spread that it was decided to repeat the project every year

The Egyptian section

The Market Place

Useful info

Opening times

Weekdays 10-14.........17-22

Weekends/fiestas 10-22

Bus No34 will take you from the center of Malaga to right outside the door(last stop)

Christmas Day is a huge fiesta with music, carols and Malaga wine

A markerla mosca malaga spain -
La Mosca, Málaga, Spain
get directions


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