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The One Direction Shop for One Direction Fans

Updated on August 30, 2017

The One Direction Store - Everything One Direction to Shop for!

Welcome to my One Direction Store! Full of great One Direction items that are available from Amazon and eBay!

Who would have thought a couple of years ago, that we would have a new boyband that is taking the world by storm! not only do they have music out, but also films too! 1D fans have so much choices when it comes to how they want to celebrate their support and loyalty for one of the greatest boybands to come along in years!

Everything from Jewelry to Bedding, to link to the infamous One Direction Paper Dolls. If you're a One Direction fan, or buying a gift for a One Direction fan, then woooohooooooo for you, because you're in a great place!

To go straight to One Direction's American Amazon store, go here now

Or to go straight to the UK One Direction Amazon store, go here now

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1D One Direction Jewelry

If somewhere deep inside of you, you believe you have a strong connection to the One Direction boys, and inparticular one Mr.Harry Styles - then maybe you should think about sharing a common item with him.

By this, of course I mean his fantastic jewelry. Harry Styles is famous for his look and style, and none more so than his gorgeous silver paper plane necklace.

You can one for yourself at a great price using the links on this page too! That's what makes you beautiful!

1D One Direction Music

One Direction Music!

Of course, as an avid One Directioner, I'm sure you have all the music you could possibly cram into your ears...but you never know, there might be something you're missing out on.

From rare CDs, to popular album tracks, the links below will take you to the heart of the 1D boys - by this I mean, their music! Go crazy and explore all there is to see in their music collection.

1D One Direction Necklace

There are some very clever jewelry designers around, aren't there?

As you've probably signed signed over and over again, the One Direction boys have very distinctive signatures, and here they are etched into beautiful heart pendants! Aren't they gorgeous?

Niall has a lovely signature, and here it is, forever for you own close to your heart.

I'm sure Liam's signature is very popular amongst 1D autograph hunters.

It's a nice simple motif, and would look great whether or not you want to dress up, or simply wear it with your day to day clothes. The beauty of silver is it goes with anything!

Zayn is one of the most popular boys in the band, as well as fans of Little Mix, who see their star crossed lovers together!

Here is Zayn's signature printed into the heart pendant using state of the art technology, so Zayn's legacy will be with his fans forever more.

If Louis's your man, then this is the necklace for you!

Mr.Harry Styles! I love this guy's signature, it's so arty and creative. I love the curly H, and the curly Y. Very nice.

If you're all about Harry Styles, then take a look at the prices to get your hands on this fantastic piece of Harry memorabilia. His signature forever close to your heart!

One Direction Crystal Charm Bracelet

More silver jewelry items!

One Direction Crystal Charm Bracelet
One Direction Crystal Charm Bracelet

If a necklace isn't your thing - then this charm bracelet is the one.

Made up of hanging little letters to read the infamous boyband's name, this little charm bracelet is delicate, yet robust enough to stand out to support the boys when you see them on their next tour!


One Direction Charm Bracelet

One Direction Charm Bracelet
One Direction Charm Bracelet

If the letters of the band aren't enough, then you need this one! Have the 1D faces with you where ever you go, hanging from this gorgeous little pendant charm bracelet.


1D One Direction Bedding

One Direction Bedding on

You may or may not know, but there is a LOT of One Direction goods out there. You can get anything with the awesome boys on, including bedding.

Now whether you're a child, a teenager or an adult - you will want to have you favourite Directioner forever etched onto the very fabric from where you sleep - so what this means is you need some 1D bedding!

There is SOOOOO much to choose from - can you believe the amount of quilt covers and pillow cases you can get? Either with just your favourite member on, or all five forever, together, printed onto your most snuggly sleep apparel.

1D One Direction in the Bathroom

One Direction items for you Bathroom!

Yes! So, you have 1D in the bedroom, all over your quilt cover and pillowcases, but now you can have the boys in the bathroom with you too!

From toothbrushes, to toothpastes, to bins and allsorts! There is something to kit your bathroom out in full 1D glory.

Colgate One Direction MaxFresh Toothbrush & Toothpaste Limited Edition Combo Pack 1D
Colgate One Direction MaxFresh Toothbrush & Toothpaste Limited Edition Combo Pack 1D

Get 1D in your mouth, to keep you fresh and orally healthy...perfect!

One Direction 'Harry Styles' 17oz Reusable Keepsake Cups (2ct)
One Direction 'Harry Styles' 17oz Reusable Keepsake Cups (2ct)

Just used your 1D toothbrush, then you'll want to swill your mouth with this very cool Harry Styles cup!

It's plastic so it won't break if you drop it. Ideal.

1D One Direction Plastic Collectors Party Cup 16 oz Set of 7
1D One Direction Plastic Collectors Party Cup 16 oz Set of 7

You don't just have to have 1 cup, you have many!

Colgate Maxfresh Limited Edition 1D 1 Direction Manual Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set
Colgate Maxfresh Limited Edition 1D 1 Direction Manual Toothbrush and Toothpaste Set

Oral hygiene has never been more complete, than when you are using One Direction to help you!


1D One Direction Bracelets

More Jewelry...

The 1D phenomenon has really swept across the world. Fans want a piece of them, and the media want to hear everything from them. As a fan, you're probably on the look out for something you can treasure forever, as your momento for your favourite boyband.

One of the most fashionable ways to do this, is through jewelry. Jewelry can be discrete or loud. Personally, I think discrete and small looks more beautiful, but it's a question of taste, isn't it?

If you love the One Direction boys, then maybe you should consider putting a very small investment together (we're only talking around $10) to purchase a gorgeous piece of 1D jewelry. It should be a bracelet or a necklace, and as you've probably already seen on this page, there is so much to choose from. So what's it going to be? Exciting!!

How do the boys make you feel?

I was talking to a One Direction fan last month, who showered me with superlatives they had for the band. They couldn't praise them enough - their love for the band was big. They are one lucky band! But of course, there are hundreds, upon thousands of included!

It was wonderful to see someone get so much joy from the work of an artist - or rather 5 artists in this case. But what I want to know is, how does One Direction make you feel? Do you have love for other bands too, or are you faithful to the 1D boys only.

Is your love exclusive for the 1D boys only?

Show me some One Direction love before you go...

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