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the real santa and christmas

Updated on December 6, 2010

Santa Claus, Odin or Nikel (Nickel)

real story of ol' St. Nick

Most folks don't know that there are 2 Santa Claus', one is myth from the Norse and the other is real but not from the north but Turkey. Now which one does everyone who celebrates Christmas go for? The Norse one. His name is Odin, other name is Nikkel (or Nickel, Nikel, etc.) and his story is where the Santa Claus story comes from. He rides through the air by horse, some pictures have him on horse-dragon hybrid, but it was changed to a reindeer of today. Next, he likes to talk to children, he figures whether they were good or bad. The good will receive a reward and the bad he kidnaps. Now i figured out that big red bag he carries around. The bad children will become his slaves, today we sugar coat it to be elves that's why they are short. But elves originally were not short, they were regular height and is similar to the myth of dwarves, like dwarves these children did craftwork for Santa. It mirrors Satan's way with his demons.

Description of Santa/Odin is an old man with white hair and beard or very pale blond or platinum blond hairs. He wears red fur (reddish brown), but today it is absolute red color suit. He also wears a belt, why i mention this? Reason is that people according to the myth of Odin, hanged themselves for him and they wore thick belt around their waist doing so. Is he similar to Satan? yes indeed. They both look similar, wear red, like interacting with children, give promises and live in the far north. the far north part I'll do separate. names like Old Nick, Pumpernickel (wind of devil) and Nickel (Odin's nickname, makes gold go sour) are translated to Devil. also Santa Claus is cloven hooves. Last thing is this cultural combo of Saturn, Roman sky god who hid things, Santa  says "Ho Ho Ho" which originally "Lo Lo Lo Saturnalia" or "hail (praise) 3X Saturn" which was celebrated winter solstice Dec. 17-23. So they combined it. 

hollow earth

Santa cover story

They killed 2 or more birds with one stone it seems. The use of Santa living on North Pole it just being snow is a lie for the fact in science class they don't tell you all planets are hollow. Just like the North Pole is, South is cover in ice. called "hollow earth theory" and if one reads the Scriptures its were Satan and his loyal followers live, called the "bottomless pit" and reason it tell not to go too far north. The ideal place for Odin was Nickel, Norway and its very north of Norway. There are stories of Scandinavian boat travelers/fishermen who went too far north and literally fell into the earth and ended up in a hotter tropical place where giants (humans) live plus the neo technology. These giant humans (Magog) help them out so they can get back home.

Chronos/Chronus "father time"

True Christmas meaning

The 2 photos above is the concept of Greek god Chronos, which in greek can mean year. Why is it celebrated December 25th? Because that's when Chronos (known as Saturn for Roman) was born. It was a time when slaves switched place with masters, had gifts, nice things and things were happy and joyful a.k.a. merry. And there was child sacrifice by fire, thus why the tree, Yule a Germanic custom, was important to perform this. Chronos would then eat his children afterwards. Other names equal to him besides Saturn were Vulcan, Baal, Nimrod, Mithra and Tammuz. Plus fixing up a tree is pagan tradition as well originally from Babylon, evergreen tree was their choice. modern style comes from Germanic elements. Last is the poisonous mistletoe, this was for friendship and fertility and people had drunken orgies to give them some type of energy when under it, sugar coated to "kissing under the mistletoe." 

It was most likely Yeshua Ben Yosef/joshua son of Josef/Isa or Jesus was not born in the winter or heart of winter. He was born in Palestine which is about equal to around Washington, DC in latitude which can be very cold in the winter time. But in the Scriptures the date plants were ripe and people tended to their flocks even at night so this means it couldn't been too cold. Luke 2:8 gives it away saying "shepherds managed their sheep at night. He was born before or during the ending of winter.


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