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The Secret of Collecting Girls' Series Books

Updated on October 28, 2012

Featuring Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, Kay Tracey, Beverly Gray, Penny Parker and Ruth Fielding

Fifty years ago, long before computer and video games, pre-teen and teenage girls discovered adventure and intrigue through the pages of popular series books.

Some of my favorites included Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, and Penny Parker. More recently I have enjoyed rediscovering the same books while thrifting at charity shops and through local church rummage sales. I am carefully putting them on my bookshelf to share with my grand daughters in a few years.

As I find value in the enjoyment of reading and looking forward to sharing these books, other collectors find value in acquiring the books as collectibles.

The Secret of Collecting Girls' Series Books provides the best of both worlds for collectors of the books. Providing information and resources about the books and authors to help readers get the most from their series books, a value guide complete with color illustrations is included for the serious collector. Learn which books are rare and which are easy to find. Discover how to grade your collection and the titles you need to complete a series.

What Are Girls' Series Books?

Girls' Series Books are sets of books where more than a single volumn featuring the same characters. Created to appeal to tweens and teens, ages ten to fifteen years, the books contain at least two volumes. Some series have more than 100 volumes!

The first very successful series was about the mystery solver Ruth Fielding. In fact, the most important series books involved girl detectives. Romance, adventure and mystery was often woven into the stories as the mystery or crime was solved.


The Secret of Collecting Girls' Series Books is divided into seven chapters.

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction - Includes Values, Grading the Condition of Books, Cleaning Collectible Books, Common abbreviations and Terms, What Are Girls' Series Books, and Formats.
  • Chapter 2 - Ruth Fielding Books, Volumes 1 to 30 - Information about the series, author, ghost writers, illustrators, books, book formats, values.
  • Chapter 3 - Nancy Drew Books, Volumes 1 to 56 - Resources about the mystery stories, books, and series including publisher, special and foreign editions, covers and values.
  • Chapter 4 - Judy Bolton - Judy Bolton Mystery Stories, books, book formats, values for Volumes 1 to 38. Also profiles author Margaret Sutton and illustrator Pelagie Doane.
  • Chapter 5 - Beverly Gray - Learn about the mystery series and author Clair Blank. Includes books, formats, and values for volumes 1 to 25.
  • Chapter 6 - Kay Tracey - Featuring Kay Tracey Mystery Stories, The Kay Tracey books, book formats, and values for volumes 1 to 17.

About the Author

John Axe

John has written hundreds of articles and many books about collectibles.

John has read and collected series books for more than fifty years. His collection of many hundreds of books includes every series book he ever had as a child.

The Secret of Collecting Girls' Series Books, Featuring Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton, Kay Tracey, Beverly Gray, Penny Parker and Ruth Fielding is John Axe's 23rd book published by Hobby House Press.

Nancy Drew at eBay

A selection of items for sale at eBay about the famous girl dete4ctive, Nancy Drew.

Resources Consulted

Media resources courtesy of Hobby House Press.

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    • profile image

      bossypants 5 years ago

      I don't believe I ever read Nancy Drew, but I do remember Anne of Green Gables, which I think was a series of at least a few books.

      This sounds like a wonderful volume for those who collect for sentiment or for profit! Your comprehensive review should help gift buyers make a good choice.