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"The Tree and the Rock" - An Easter play for young people

Updated on October 31, 2014

A religious Easter play that you can do with only a few people.

This is a nice Easter play to use if you need something simple. No props, unless you want to use a little fake greenery for the Tree, and no set design needed (I think a bare stage complements the emotional tenor of the play).

If you're not looking for a play to perform, I think you'll still enjoy reading "The Tree and the Rock."

"I need an Easter play for just two kids!"

That is the request that was put to me by a Sunday School teacher at our church one year.

I am called on sometimes to write Christmas or Easter plays for the church, and sometimes I have to write to a very particular specification. This teacher needed an Easter play that would use only two children (they were pre-teens). The result was "The Tree and the Rock." An adult helped out and played the part of the Human.

Cast of characters




Scene I

Center stage

(The ROCK and the TREE are at center stage, in the spots where they have been forever. The TREE is standing with its arms raised upward, holding some greenery. The ROCK is sitting on the ground.)

TREE: Good morning, Rock.

ROCK: Good morning, Tree.

TREE: I guess every morning is a good morning when it's a day that the Lord made.

ROCK: I agree. Praise God.

TREE: Wasn't it exciting for Jesus to have come here to our garden last night?

ROCK: I'll never forget it! What an honor it was for Jesus to kneel over me as He was praying. Remember those words He said? "Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from Me." I wonder what He meant by that?

TREE: Maybe it has something to do with His mission here on earth.

ROCK: Mission? What mission?

TREE: He came to earth to save the humans!

ROCK: I didn't know that. Boy, if there's anything that needs saving, it's the humans. It's so easy for me, giving God glory and being subject to Him. But the humans have so much trouble with it. You would almost think they were under a curse or something.

TREE (whispering): Quiet! Here comes a human now!

(The HUMAN, carrying an axe (maybe just an imaginary one), walks onstage and looks at the TREE.)

HUMAN: I think this one will do fine.

(The HUMAN starts chopping down the TREE, chopping at its ankles)

TREE: Hey! What are you doing to me?

HUMAN: You'll see. Let's go.

(The HUMAN takes the tree by the hand and starts leading it offstage.)

TREE: Where are you taking me? HELP!

ROCK: Maybe it's your time to be of service, Tree! Good luck!

TREE: Bye, Rock!

(The HUMAN and the TREE exit the stage)


Scene II

(The ROCK is at the same place where it was before. The TREE is at the far end of the stage, with its arms stretched out like a cross, not holding the greenery any more.)

TREE (talking to itself, but out loud): How could they do this to me? They made me into a cross! And worst of all, they nailed Jesus to my limbs! The very God who created me, and I had to be a part of his suffering and death! This is the worst thing the humans have ever done! (The TREE turns it head and looks toward the ROCK) Rock! Did you see what happened?

ROCK: I saw the whole thing, Tree. All those humans, beating Him, taunting Him, blaspheming His holy name. I could hardly stand it. When they carried His body away, I felt like a part of me had died, too. I'm just as heartbroken as you are, Tree.

(The HUMAN walks onstage, walks up to the ROCK, and takes it by the hand.)

HUMAN: Come with me. You've got work to do.

ROCK: You again! Where are you taking me? Does this have anything to do with Jesus?

HUMAN: Yeah. You're going to guard His tomb to make sure he stays in it.

ROCK: I have to go to His tomb? No! Every day I'll be thinking about how He suffered and died. I can't do it!

HUMAN: You don't have a choice. Let's go.

(The HUMAN starts leading the ROCK offstage, in the opposite direction from where the TREE is.)

ROCK: I'll never understand why the Lord gave you humans dominion over everything in nature.

TREE: Goodbye, Rock. Goodbye, my friend.

ROCK: Goodbye, Tree.

(The HUMAN and the ROCK exit the stage.)


Scene III

(The TREE is alone at the far end of the stage, just like before.)

TREE: For three days now, I've stood here, watching everything go by. Humans going about their business as if nothing had happened. Morning comes, night comes, but nothing means anything to me anymore, now that my Lord is gone.

(Suddenly, the ROCK comes running excitedly across the stage and lands on the ground near the TREE.)

ROCK: He's alive!

TREE: What are you talking about?

ROCK: Jesus is alive!

TREE: Alive?

ROCK: I was there at the tomb. And all of a sudden, there was thunder, and an earthquake, and a bright light! The earthquake shook me away from the tomb and rolled me all the way over here! But, while I was rolling, I saw Him! I saw Jesus alive!

TREE: Oh, my God! I wouldn't believe it if I heard it from anyone else but you, Rock.

ROCK: It's so good to know that God has power over everything, even death!

TREE: This must have something to do with his mission to save the humans! I don't understand it all, but it's wonderful!

ROCK: Oh, Tree. I'm so happy! I feel like shouting out and praising the Lord!

TREE: The humans are the ones who are supposed to do that!

ROCK: Well, if they don't do it, I will! Praise God!

TREE: Me, too! Praise God!

(The ROCK and the TREE begin to clap their hands.)

TREE and ROCK: Praise God! Praise God!


© 2009 Joan Hall

Peace be with you - Your comments are welcome

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    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 6 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      This is great! Praise God!

    • joanhall profile image

      Joan Hall 7 years ago from Los Angeles

      @Sylvestermouse: (smile) You're right, actually. I did have a feeling that I would be seeing you here. This one has a special place in my heart, too.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      You knew I would get back to this one! Angel Blessed!!!

    • profile image

      GrowWear 8 years ago

      Love it!

    • jptanabe profile image

      Jennifer P Tanabe 8 years ago from Red Hook, NY

      Yes, awesome! Can we give more than 5*s!!!

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 8 years ago from United States

      Totally awesome play! Now you know this gets my "Most Excellent" stamp.